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Aliexpress Nigeria – Is it Best Option For Mini Importation?

Hope you’re seeking for detailed info on how to buy products from Aliexpress Nigeria? If so, welcome to this Aliexpress Nigeria review. is a world online shop owned by alibaba, where millions of buyers meet millions of sellers.

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As at time of writing this report, Aliexpress is one of the sites that allow Nigerians to buy goods from China and ship it to Nigeria easily.

Therefore, if you’re considering buying products from China or if you’re considering going into mini importation then pay attention to this Aliexpress Nigeria review.

Why Buy From Aliexpress in Nigeria

There are two reasons why I usually recommend Aliexpress for my fellow Nigerians. Firstly, compared to other world online stores such as, and, Aliexpress sells at affordable price.

In other words, you stand the chance of buying goods at very cheap prices from Aliexpress than any other ecommerce site online.

Secondly, there is little or no stress buying from Aliexpress as a Nigerian. They accept almost all payment systems from Nigeria. Unlike Amazon and Ebay where you must maneuver your way to get your product shipped here in Nigeria.

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How to Buy From Aliexpress in Nigeria

Step 1

To buy from Aliexpress, you must visit the site. The main link or web address to the site is  Registration is free and you’ve an option of registering with your email or Facebook. Once you’re on the site, at the extreme top right you’ll see a join button. Click on it and a box will open suggesting you register with your email or Facebook.

I suggest you register with your email. Fill in your valid email address and also fill in your real name. Create password that is more than 6 characters, which you can easily remember.

I strongly advise you to use a valid email because they will send you a confirmation link through your email for final account verification.

Also, use your real name because that is the name you’ll use in all your transaction on

Step 2

At this stage I believe you’re redirected or login to your Aliexpress Nigeria account. The left side is the categories of products available on So, you can make choice from the categories.

There are 26 categories on Aliexpress and they are:

  • Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Men’s clothing and accessories
  • Cellphones and Telecommunications
  • Computer and office
  • Consumer electronics
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Home and Gardens
  • Luggage and Bags
  • Shoes
  • Mother and Kids

Click Here for more categories

In case you really know what you want to buy, then use the search bar at the top and search for it directly.

Step 3

At this stage I assumed you might have done a search of the particular product you wish to buy from Aliexpress. But the little challenge here is that you’ll be presented with multiple choices of the product you want to buy.

So, how do you make your final choice? This is where you’ll pay attention to ratings. Ratings are indication of customer satisfactions or dissatisfaction. Products with high rating show that buyers are happy with it. So, it is a good buy.


Never buy product that have no rating or poor rating. Ratings from 3.5 downward are sign of displeasure from the buyers.

Also, products with 1 or 2 orders with 5 star rating are not a good buy. Therefore, go for products with minimum of 10 orders with 4 to 5 star rating. In addition, hover your cursor on the product images to get a link to the main website, at the top take note of the percentage of the positive feedback from the buyers.

Step 4

At this stage, you might have made choice of the product to buy on Aliexpress Nigeria based on rating. It is time to make payment. To get to the payment page, you’ve to click on the product name directly below the product image.

On the payment page you’ve various payment options. accept Nigeria Visa card, Master card, western union, direct bank transfer, PayPal, web money and many more.

Make sure you read about sellers guarantee, feedback, shipping and payment detail found on the payment page. Once you’re okay with it then you can go ahead and hit the pay button to complete your order.

Aliexpress Nigeria -Shipping Options

There are basically two shipping options on Aliexpress. The paid shipping option and the free shipping options. During my early days of buying from Aliexpress, I usually go for free option in order to reduce cost.

But, I found out that it was a complete waste of time.  In some cases, it takes up to 60 days to get my product delivered to me here in Nigeria.  Some sellers tell me that free shipping option is for people in China.

Also, some sellers do not give you guarantee on delivery when you chose a free shipping option found on Aliexpress Nigeria. So, I suggest, you always go for paid shipping option because it is faster and secured

Aliexpress Nigeria- Refund Policy and Guarantee

I can boldly tell you that every buyer from Aliexpress is protected. In fact, buyers’ protection is one of the major reasons I prefer Aliexpress to other online stores. The refund policy is applicable in a situation where you did not receive your product at all or the product is significantly different from the description.

Also, guarantees that you get your product at the stipulated date. Aliexpress Nigeria on time delivery guarantee is the reason you should always buy with confidence.

For those buying electronics or phones, I strongly advise you to activate the two years warranty policy. Though, sometime it is automatic. But make sure it is included in your purchase.

Aliexpress Nigeria- Tracking Your Order

You can track your Aliexpress order (product) at any given time. To get to order page, go to the top right where your image is supposed to be. Place your cursor on it and a drop down menu will appear.

On the list of drop down there is an “Order” click on it and you’ll be taken to the order page, which contain every information concerning your order.

Aliexpress Nigeria – Wrap Up

Today, I’ve been enjoying my mini importation business through buying cheap from Aliexpress and selling with reasonable gain on most Nigeria online stores.

Aliexpress is Nigeria friendly, which means we have no restrictions buying from Aliexpress. It is platform where Nigerians can start mini importation business from today. So go ahead to make your first purchase today because you’ll always enjoy buyer’s protection on Aliexpress.

Above all, they have very responsive customer service. Hardly will you be in dark within 24 hours of making any enquiry on Aliexpress Nigeria.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Leave a comment below and share with friends and family.

For one on one consultation on mini importation business then contact me. Mini importation business is one of the most lucrative business Nigerians can do today.

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