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Best Bank in Nigeria – Is There Really The Best?

I just want to believe that one of the reasons you’re searching for the best bank in Nigeria is to be sure that your savings are safe. If my believe was right then you’re not alone. Before I go ahead to reveal to you the best bank in Nigeria I will like to tell you a short story.

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Some years ago, nobody cares to know about the healthiness of any financial institution in Nigeria. Nigerians just walk into banks and make deposit thinking that their money was safe. Ideally, it was supposed to be safe but opposite was the case.

In fact, so many banks folded with people money. One of the reasons they folded was political. The then heads of state can just decide to liquidate any bank of their choice more especially if the perceive the owners of the bank as enemies.

Today, thanks to democracy, where the opinion of the masses count. Therefore, banks cannot be liquidated easily. Apart from your saving being safe, there are other factors to consider before finally naming the best bank in Nigeria. The factors to consider are:

  • Account Balance
  • Charges
  • Customer relation
  • Loan accessibility
  • Technology advancement
  • Structure

After critical analysis, Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is the best bank in Nigeria 2018. Let me expatiate on the reason GT Bank top the list of best bank in Nigeria

Account Balance

Guarantee trust bank is the only bank in Nigeria that you can withdraw your last kobo from your account. Yes, even with ATM card you can withdraw every dime from your account. You don’t pay any account maintenance fee as other banks claim.


As at time of writing this post, GTbank does not charge COT. Yes, my current account does not attract any charge no matter the volume of transaction I do in it. Some banks charge N2 per N1000 but GTBank has zero COT on current account transactions.

Customer Relation

Talk of friendliness, then talk of GTbank customer relations. They employ the youngest blood you can think of, as such communicating and connecting with customers does not take any effort on their side. In fact, to make sure that you enjoy banking in the speed of light, they usually have more than 3 customer care personnel per branch.

Loan Accessibility

To be candid, accessing loan in any commercial bank in Nigeria is like cooking stone. Therefore, if we’re considering the best bank in Nigeria, we’ve to pay little attention to loan accessibility. Nonetheless, guarantee trust loan desk is usually bold and pronounced in all their branches. That means they are always open to educate you on how to access loan from their bank.

It is obvious that as long as you meet their requirement, you’ll definitely access their loan because it is meant for you.

Technological Advancement

Guarantee trust bank is one of the banks if not the first bank that came up with mobile app, internet and USSD banking. GT bank is really the best bank in Nigeria when it comes to tech because they have flat screen television in all their branches that teaches customers how to bank electronically.


When I’m talking of structure I don’t mean buildings. All am saying here is the evenly distribution of the bank. Guarantee trust bank is widely accepted all over the country. Hardly will you go to any state of the federation without finding a minimum of 2 branches of GT bank.

This means you can easily access your fund or have customer care at any point in time. This is really quality of the best bank in Nigeria

Best Bank In Nigeria – How Safe is Your Savings?

There are many reasons you should easily bank with guarantee trust bank. They have the basic financial muscle the apex bank of Nigeria requires of them. Yes, to the best of my knowledge, they have minimum of twenty five billion Naira as deposit with central bank of Nigeria. That means they have the financial strength to save your money safely

Also, they are insured by NDIC. NDIC stands to Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation. This means that any money you save with GT banks is insured, which means even if they liquidate the insurance company will pay all depositor.


Gtbank is the first Nigerian bank to be listed on London stock exchange. Yes, it gained international trust as a result of its financial performance over years. To buttress this fact, the volume of its traded share on the floor of Nigeria stock exchange is on the rise daily.

Also, guarantee trust bank share value has been steady over year, which means that the bank has been strong and stronger over years.

Best Bank in Nigeria – Conclusion

Please be aware that I placed guarantee trust bank as the best bank in Nigeria based on my personal experience. I am an entrepreneur and have transacted with a lot of banks in Nigeria, no one gave me the satisfaction Guarantee trust bank gives me.

I am not in any way condemning any Nigerian bank. After all, all the banks in Nigeria have minimum deposit of twenty five billion Naira with central bank of Nigeria. This means that all the banks in Nigeria have the financial strength to make your deposit safe.

Also, all the banks in Nigeria are insured under NDIC, which means that depositors’ money are always safe.

But the major difference in banking in Nigeria is the service you get. So, Guarantee trust bank has the best service value in Nigeria. Yes, I may sound bias, but the reality is that they offer the best.

Take note, I am not paid to write this, instead I am writing to help fellow Nigerian enjoy modern day banking. Also, I am writing out of many months of comparison of services among banks. You too can try it and please don’t hesitate to come back and tell fellow Nigerians searching for best bank in Nigeria, what your research or experience is.

Happy Banking.

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