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Best Online Business to Start with no Money
Best Online Business to Start with no Money

Best Online Business to Start with no Money


With the dwindling situation of our economy and the high rate of unemployment, the internet has become the best alternative to search for how to make some extra cash. So you are not wrong when you search for the best online business to start with no money.

There are several online business opportunities from home that anyone can start today and even make a fortune out of it.

Your time will replace the money you need to start an online business with no money. In other words, you must invest more of your time in the online business to make extra cash.

Let’s consider the best online business to start with no money today, without wasting much of your time.

Best Business to Start with No Money from Home

There are two established online businesses you can start today without investing a dime, which are:

  • Freelancing
  • Survey taking

Yes, you don’t need a dime to go into any of these online business opportunities from home. Let’s consider each of these opportunities.


As the name implies, it is the art of working or exchanging your skill, knowledge, education, and expertise for money without being committed to anybody.

It means you can work for as many persons as possible without being officially employed by any of your clients or placed on payroll.

You are “free” to work at your time or pace while meeting the job demand of your clients.

You might be reasoning what skill I have that I can exchange for money by now. Pause a bit, and go back to your inner self.

Let me reveal this top-secret, someone somewhere is ready to learn something you know but thinks is common

that thing you know but think it is common.

There is a market or demand for whatever skill you possess today. Here are some of the skills you can market out there:

  • Singing
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Ebook writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Video creation
  • Parenting
  • Relationship

These are but a few from the list of skills that, if you have any, will make you good money from home

How to make money as a Freelancer

He who offers his skill to exchange money without being on a payroll is called a freelancer. So, how do freelancers make money?

The answer to the question above is why freelancing is the best online business to start with no money.

Freelancers make money from established platforms where they can showcase and sell their skills.

The platforms are free to join. It does not require any form of payment from you. All you need do is sign up, sell your service and earn.

Let’s consider some of the best freelancing websites for beginners.


At the time of writing this post, Fiverr is the most reputable freelancing platform on the internet today.

It was established in the year 2010. All plans start from $5. Every service you intend to offer via the platform must not be less than $5

As a beginner, you must sign up and build an attractive profile that tells the world what you can do.

The system is such that you will create a gig. On the gig, you will explain how you intend to work for your client in detail.

That includes the number of days it will take you to deliver and how much you charge for your service.

A client pays in advance to the fiver management, while Fiverr releases the payment to you after you deliver your job.

It is a platform I will encourage anyone searching for which online business is best for beginners to join now.


Upwork is another good freelancing website that you can start with as a beginner. It is reputable and reliable.

As with every other freelancing website out there, you need to sign up and ensure you have a quality profile.

Your profile should be detailed and promising because that is the only way to tell potential clients who you are.

Most jobs are calculated hourly, making the platform very lucrative.

Here is the list of 20 freelancing websites you can apply to work on today. There are hundreds of online business opportunities you can tap into on the platforms

Best Online Business to Start with no Money –Survey

This is where your opinion counts. Yes, companies are ready to pay you when you tell them your experience with their product.

I want you to know that an online survey will not give you the financial freedom you need. But it can give you some extra cash to offset some pressing needs.

So, since you are looking for the best online business to start with no money, consider registering with some of the reputable survey sites listed below.


Every member of Swagbucks is rewarded with gift cards for every task completed. The point you earn is known as Swagbucks.

That is the reason you can use it on the major online stores to watch entertaining videos, play games, and many more.

If you don’t want to do swag with your free points, you can redeem it in cash via Paypal.


This website makes earning money online easier than you can imagine. It is one of the oldest survey sites available.

I used it to make some money in my early years online. So, it is a sure bet that you can make money online with little or no money through any of the survey sites listed above.

You can do many things on inboxdollar to earn money without investing a dime.

Warning: Do not sign up with any survey site that requires you to pay for the approval. Most of such sites are scams.

Best Online Business to Start with no Money-Conclusion

There are hundreds of online business opportunities from home you can tap into. But here I have given you the best you can start without spending a dime.

All you need to do is to horn your skill to sell it out there or join the survey site and earn.

Remember, engaging in a genuine online business is not a get-rich-quick business. It takes time and patience to get to the top.

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