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Bulk Email Marketing Services
Bulk Email Marketing Services

Bulk Email Marketing Services without Spamming

Is it profitable to hire any of the bulk email marketing services providers out there?

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Is it profitable to hire any of the bulk email marketing services providers out there?

Despite the advancement of several digital marketing methods, email marketing still delivers the highest ROI. Because of this, more businesses are finding ways to invest in email marketing platforms.

If you have a huge list of subscribers, you can consider working with any of the bulk email marketing services on the market.

These services allow you to send emails to loads of addresses at discounted prices. They also make tracking of analytics and issues that affect email delivery possible.

This post will help you understand bulk mailing services and how to send bulk emails without spamming. It will also suggest some providers that you can consider.

What are Bulk Mailing Services?

Bulk mailing services are platforms that allow businesses to send mass email messages. You can improve your repeat visit rate by about 70%. These services connect your business to potential customers or new audiences.

Bulk email marketing services allow you to send emails to addresses on your email list at reduced costs. Studies show that 82% of businesses employ email marketing technology while 42% work with marketing automation. These figures go a long way to show how important bulk mailing services are to digital marketing campaigns.

How to Send Bulk Email Without Spamming

Bulk emails can help you reach thousands of potential customers when used effectively. One of the challenges of sending bulk emails is spamming.

Landing in the recipient’s spam folder reduces your delivery rate. Several factors contribute to why your emails land in the recipient’s spam folder including:

  • The subscriber doesn’t remember your brand.
  • You don’t have permission from your recipient.
  • Inaccurate sender information.
  • No physical address in the email.
  • Low engagement rates.

With these out of the way, here’s how to send bulk emails without spamming:

Sanitize your email list

This process is known as “email list scrubbing” and it involved the removal of inaccurate data or unengaged subscribers from your database. Your email marketing campaigns should focus on reaching out to valid email addresses of individuals that engage with your brand.

Sanitizing your email list is key to whether or not your emails will land in the recipient’s inbox. Having a list containing valid data increases your engagements which improves your chances of landing in the inbox. Performing email list scrubbing regularly depending on your circumstances.

Don’t send “image-only” emails

One way to prevent your emails from landing in spam boxes is to avoid sending “image-only” emails. Email clients can’t read images. Because of this, spammers hide their text in images.

Spam filters automatically move this kind of email into spam folders. Give your emails a better chance of getting into the recipient’s inbox by combining images with text. There are several bulk email marketing services with loads of templates to help you achieve this feat.

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Don’t use misleading subject lines

The Can-Spam Act states that misleading someone with your email subject line is illegal. Many marketers entice recipients to open emails with false subject lines. However, this marketing practice is shady so you should avoid it.

Certain words alert spam filters. Some of these spammy words include:

  • 100% off.
  • New customers only.
  • Limited time.
  • Order limited, etc.

Asides from spammy words, you should avoid misleading subject lines like the following:

  • URGENT!!!
  • Thanks for the order.
  • As per our last discussion.
  • Re: Currently in office.

Instead of working with misleading subject lines, spend some time creating catchy lines. You will find more examples of spammy subject lines in your email spam folder.

Add an unsubscribe button

Another important strategy to employ is to add an unsubscribe button to all your emails. Adding the button is not enough, ensure that it is visible enough to the recipient. Email clients will always provide recipients with the option to unsubscribe so hiding the button doesn’t do you any good.

Why should you add an unsubscribe button? Most countries consider it a legal requirement for this kind of email. This is because the recipient may consider the content of your emails unwanted no matter how useful they may be.

They should unsubscribe through your button instead of reporting your email as spam. The latter will reduce your reputation which increases your chances of landing in spam folders.

Bulk Email Marketing Service Providers

So far, we have learned about bulk email services and how to send bulk emails without spamming. This section will show you some of the best bulk email marketing service providers on the market.

There are several options on the market so picking the best can be a tricky chore. However, we have studied the features and reviews of different providers and put together our top three based on different criteria.

Sendinblue – Best bulk email marketing service for small to large businesses

This email marketing platform is arguably one of the best in the world. Sendinblue allows you to send bulk emails, transactional emails, Chat, handle market automation, and SMS marketing. It also comes with a strong CRM feature that ensures you develop strong relationships with your customers. Below are some of the features of Sendinblue:

  • Drag-and-drop email builder.
  • Signup forms, landing pages, retargeting, and Facebook ad features.
  • Strong segmentation features.
  • Time optimization features.

Hubspot – Best versatile bulk email marketing service

Hubspot isn’t just an email marketing platform, it offers a lot more. You can use this platform to create, customize, and optimize your bulk emails.

It also allows you to add call-to-action buttons, and images, and work with existing templates using the drag-and-drop editor. With Hubspot, you can improve your entire digital marketing process, not just bulk email marketing. Here are some of its features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor.
  • Detailed engagement analytics.
  • Other digital marketing tools.

SendBlaster – Cheapest Bulk Email Service

SendBlaster is arguably one of the cheapest bulk email services out there. It has a free plan and a very affordable pro plan.

The platform provides a layout editor with lots of rich templates. You can use programmable tags to send different attachments to each recipient. Check out some of SendBlaster’s features below:

  • Layout editor.
  • Easy integration with other apps.
  • Provides “unsubscribe replicator.”

Bulk Email Marketing Services-Conclusion

There you have it for bulk email services. This post has taught you what a bulk email service is and how to send bulk emails without spamming. The final section showed you our top three bulk email marketing services. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section.

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