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Business Opportunities in Nigeria- 2 Untapped to Start Today

With high rate of unemployment and government inability to pay salaries, a lot of people have decided to seek for business opportunities in Nigeria that will help them make a living.

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Though, some still complain that lack of capital remains their challenge. Are you one of such people? Anyway, if you are, then you need to have a rethink.

Really, there are lots of business opportunities in Nigeria one can tap into, but the major challenge is getting the right information not capital.

After all, lots of people lose their capital for lack of good knowledge or lack of right information on the business they are in.

Therefore, I am going to reveal to you the right information into some untapped business in Nigeria that you can start today. Capital is a factor to consider before going into any business but it is not the ultimate. With adequate knowledge and information you can always get sponsors.

Let me tell you brief story how I started a multi – million Naira export business in Nigeria Immediately after my youth service year.

From onset I love to be called a CEO of a company.  Therefore, even when schooling I knew I will end up a business man. After schooling I was posted to Bayelsa state for a compulsory youth service to my fatherland.

From the day I landed in Bayelsa state, I started thinking of what to do. I started researching and reading dailies to find something doing. It was then I came across an advert by one Mr. Kenneth Ezeji. The advert was on how to become an exporter of charcoal in Nigeria.

In fact, we were the pioneers of charcoal export business in Nigeria. But how did I Start? With part of my alawee, I was able to register a company named izicode Nigeria ltd. Make your research on Google and call the numbers there, I still use them till date. Though, the airtel is down so try the MTN.

After the registration I had to go for one on one training on charcoal export business under Kenneth Ezeji. The training exposed me to the real information I needed to become a successful exporter. In fact, I was ready to tap into one of business opportunities in Nigeria, which was export.


Because I have gotten the real information, it was very easy to raise capital. All I needed to start exporting a container of charcoal then was N450, 000 but I was able to raise N3, 000,000 (Three Million Naira) for a start. How? I just wrote a simple business plan myself. I was able to write the business plan because I have the real information and knowledge I need.

After writing, I tendered it to 6 people from my contact and two responded. Both of them raised the money for me within weeks. The rest are stories.

The essence of this brief story is to let you know that financial capital is the least you need to tap into any lucrative business ideas in Nigeria.

Therefore, all you’ll read here is the right information you need to tap into these business opportunities in Nigeria. In fact, I have two business opportunities in Nigeria that will forever enrich you, as long as you get it right.

Business Opportunities in Nigeria- 2 Untapped

1. Airline Ticketing and Reservation

This business opportunity is highly untapped in Nigeria. Do you want to know why? Then read on. Vanguard publication of 14th June 2018 revealed that Nigerians spent whooping sum of 505.2 billion Naira on airline ticketing and reservation in the year 2017

The figure was so disturbing and alarming that some Nigerians started questioning the authenticity of the figure. In other words they were saying that such figure was not realistic.

It was on this note that the director general of NCAA, Capt. Muhtar Usman Went back to publish where Nigerians can verify the figures. In 24th June 2018 vanguard publication the director gave information on how and where they can verify the said figure.

Do you see that a sector that generates such amount of money is worth going into? In fact, if every Nigerian should just focus on this business then everybody should be making at least a billion Naira from it annually. This sector will keep growing as long as there is life.

How to Join This Business

The good thing about this business opportunity in Nigeria is that you can start and do it from the comfort of your home. It does not require much money or skill, all you need is the right information.

To be part of this business, you have to undergo training with IATA. IATA is an international body that specializes in regulating and training people on airline practices all over the world.

Obtaining IATA certification in any airline practicing field qualifies you to work in any airline and in any country. All you need is a foundation diploma training in ticketing and reservation.

If you’re really interested in going into this untapped business in Nigeria then go to At the extreme left on your screen click “learning method” then under learning method click distance learning. Then scroll down you’ll see a menu of the courses you can take. On the menu click “travel agency”, then under it you’ll get the “foundation in travel and tourism with Abacus”

Click here to go straight to the page

As at the time of writing this article the course cost is $620, which translates to N226, 300. Imaging changing your financial future for good after undergoing this training, this doesn’t take more than 8 weeks. Depending on your effort and determination to finish it on time, since it’s not a rigid learning system

2. NetBlog

I coined one of these business opportunities in Nigeria myself. NetBlog is an act of doing networking business via blogging. Some year ago I never loved networking business of two reasons, which are:

  • The leaders in most networking businesses in Nigeria are fraudulent, you keep working they keep earning
  • I hate trying to convince people to go into something

But somebody introduce me to it in a very different dimension, which is what I am sharing with you today. In this pattern you don’t need to invite anybody to be your down line.  All you’ve to do is to get prices of their supplements and blog about it simple. I mean selling their supplements through blogging.

It must be health related supplements. In my own case I specialize in marketing premature ejaculation supplements to men and it sell like fire. So, start thinking in that direction

Let me shock you a bit, I make profit of between N12, 000 and N18, 000 per sale. And sometimes I make between 5 and 7 sales weekly.

How to do it.

If you want to tap into this business that moves fast in Nigeria then you must act faster. All you need is a simple blog and article that you’ll promote through Facebook. Take a look at this health blog by a friend

After writing that article and posted it on his blog he then proceeds to Facebook. Since Facebook is just a social gathering, he only writes and educative article on how to cure sugar related problems. The article will be highly educative without anything to sell.

So, people on Facebook will read his article and click on a link he included on the article, which will lead them to the blog you have seen. It was from this point that he will introduce you to the supplement on how to cure either HBP or diabetes or any other related sickness.

Among all the business opportunities in Nigeria today, NetBlog is the fastest growing home business idea in Nigeria. To get it right, you must master the act of Facebook marketing. Above all, it is simple and rewarding.

Business Opportunities in Nigeria- Wrap Up

After reading this article you have no reason to just walk away. These business opportunities in Nigeria are untapped. And they cannot be saturated because people must always travel by air and people must always seek for solution to their health issues.

Additionally, setting up this business will only attract people who already have money to spend. It is the market for the rich, therefore why won’t you be rich if you can serve them.

Stop complaining today and join the financial freedom race. If you enjoy this article please share using the share button above and equally leave a comment.

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