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Business to Start with 7k and Make Millions Fast in Nigeria

Searching for business to start with very little capital and make millions? Welcome to my blog.

Practice what is in this post and make millions from the comfort of your home,

I am not trying to boast, but I am well convinced that if you religiously follow what I have for you in this post, you will surely become a millionaire in the next few months.

Mind you, I have nothing sell for you here. Everything or information here is free   

You may wonder why I am so optimistic. The reason is that all I have here are the things I have done over the years and they have never failed me.

Therefore, there is no way it can fail you. The only reason you can’t make money in millions using my technique here is that you refused to do it exactly as I said on business to start with as little as 7K.

Before, going into the details of the 5 businesses you can start with just N7, 000 and make millions in a few months from today, I have to appreciate the internet.

The Internet has made life so easy that one can become very rich in a short while as long as it is used correctly.

So in this post, you are going to understand how you can leverage the internet and grow your way into riches with just the capital of N7000 Naira.

No technical knowledge required and you don’t need a website to get it done. It is simple and straightforward that anybody can do it.


Every business needs a tool to strive. In fact, once you have the right tool, you are made in any business. So, below are the tools you need to start these businesses.

  1. A laptop (Not compulsory because you can use a café)
  2. Zeal to succeed

It is obvious that you don’t need much financially to start any of these businesses. It is all about your ability to vow to make it in any of the businesses you decide to go for.

Before going into details of the businesses, you have to understand how works. In fact, your success greatly depends on how you understand

Jiji is a God sent website to Nigerians. It has created more number of millionaires in Nigeria than any other website does. I believe you will be among the millionaires soon, once you understand how it works.


If you are a Nigerian and you are not using jiji to make money then you are losing. is a large market place where buyers and sellers meet.

As at the time of writing this post on business to start with 7k, has over 40 million visitors every month. 900,000 ads listed on the site, and over 1 million App download from Google play store.

This means that over 40 million Nigerians visit the website every month.

Nigerians have placed over 900,000 ads on the website. Or over 900,000 goods are placed for sale on the website.

With this huge number of visitors every month you are sure of selling whatever you place for sale on jiji. So, your search on business to start with 7k in Nigeria ends here.

What is is a website where anyone can place any product be it new or fairly used FREE for sale. You don’t need to pay any amount of money to have your product displayed for sale on the website.

In fact, is the fastest place to get buyers for any type of product you wish to sell. it has made the buying and selling of cars, houses, furniture, fashions, phones, and much more seamlessly.

Premium Service.

Those that need fast results and want their product placed on top where buyers will see it fast need to pay some money. As long as you are reading this post, I strongly suggest you go for premium service because you will make money faster than you can imagine by selling whatever you have for sale.

The premium service is of 2 categories. They are:

  1. The boost Plan
  2. The Top Ads promo

Boost Plan

If you pay for a boost plan, your ads or product(s) will be placed on the first page, and will equally appear of the search engine result.

Your advert will be placed on a yellow background, which will make it very visible.  In fact, boosted ads are placed in all categories of the website.

With boosted ad plan, you have no restriction, and you will be getting messages from buyers even when you are not connected to the internet.

The plan ranges from 1 month to 6 months. This means you can pay for your ads to be placed on top for 1 month or for 6 months. The duration determines the price you pay.

Boosted Ads Under Business Category

1 month boosted ads cost N9, 999

3 months boosted ads cost N22, 999

6 months boosted ads cost 36,999

Placing your products or ads under the business category means that you will get up to X5 times more clients for all your ads.

Your ads will be promoted in the search engine and all categories

Your ads will be renewed every day, and you will have unlimited posting to other categories.

Boosted Ads Under Premium Category

1 month boosted ads cost N14, 999

3 months boosted ads cost N31, 999 which means you will enjoy a 10% discount

6 months boosted ads cost N53, 999, which means you will enjoy a 40% discount

Placing your products or ads under the premium category means that you will get X7 times more clients.

Your ads will be promoted on search engine and all categories

Your ads will be auto – renewed every 12 hours and you will be getting SMS notifications any time a customer wants to buy from you.

Top Ads Promo

Top ads promo is the plan I strongly suggest you start with. In this plan, your ads will be placed on top between 7 and 30 days. In other words, this means buying a position on the top of the search result for 7 days or 30 days.

7 Days Plan

The plan comes in  3 Tops, 5 Tops, and 10 Tops.

Buying a 3 Tops position for 7 days cost N5, 399

5 Tops position for 7 days cost N 7,999

10 Tops for 7 days cost N13, 999

Buying any of the packages above entails having your ads on top position for 7 days with the potential of having X15 times clients

30 Days Plan

3 Tops for 30 days cost N22, 999

5Tops for 30 days cost N35, 999

10 Tops for 30 days cost N62, 999

Buying any of the packages will place your ads on top for 30 days with the potential of having X15 times client

I hope you have known all you need to know about jiji. It is time to introduce to your businesses that you can easily make millions of Naira on a deal. Still on how to start a business in Nigeria with 7k and make millions of Naira

Business 1: Real Estate Business

business to start with 7k

What is Real Estate Business in Simple Term?

The real estate business is the process of buying, selling, or renting a property, building, home, or land. So, anybody that is into buying, selling, or renting a property, building homes, or land is into real estate business.

By this definition, you will be expecting to start with a huge amount of money. Right? After all, anything involving building or buying land does cost much.

In other words, the real estate business is a multi-million Naira business. So, how can you tap into this business with just N7000? Yes, real estate is a business to start with 7k, just learn how below

Practical Steps:

The good thing about this business model you are about reading works in every part of Nigeria.

Step 1.

Identify the registered or known real estate agents in your area or state. Some of them place notices around the state telling people they have houses for sale or rent.

From the notice, you can get their contact and visit them. Upon getting to them, you have to introduce yourself and tell them you are an online person.

That you have the ability to promote the houses they have for sale and renting through the internet to people around the state and even Nigeria at large.

The fact is that since I started this type of business model, no agent has ever said no. In fact, they are usually happy because all they need is the fastest way of selling or renting so that they can share their commission.

Step 2

Discuss your percentage in advance with them. In my own case, I usually ask between 3 and 5% of the commission, depending on the value of the house. In fact, I usually go for houses that are up for sale.

Step 3

Use your android phone and snap the major areas of the building such as the front, inside, and backyard. Take note of the qualities a buy must like such as empty space, location, and many more.

Step 4

Go over to, and Upload the images of the house, state the location, price, and fix your contact.  Remember, this is free, so it doesn’t take anything to get it done.

Warning: don’t put the agent’s number because they may bypass you. So always use your phone number.

For a faster result or to get a buyer quickly, you should go for premium service. With just N5, 399 you will get your advert placed on top for over 40 million Nigerians searching for what to buy online.

But my candid advice is to go for premium service that will last a minimum of 30

Business 2: Car Dealership

Again, buying and selling cars require a huge amount of money. But with this same business model, it becomes very easy and profitable.

Practical Steps:

Step 1

Identify car dealers in your area or state. 

Step 2

Establish what is called genuine connection. Genuine connection means that you have to introduce yourself and tell the dealers the reason you came to them.

Sample of introduction

My name is …………………..and I reside in this area. I am here because for a very long time in my life I have dreamt and wish to be a known car seller in my life.

I got interested in car business from one of my uncles that lived in Lagos state. His lifestyle and achievements triggered my zeal for the car business.

The most important thing is that he told me that I required patience and honesty to succeed in the business. In fact, he told me that as long as I patiently stay on the business it will really reward me.

He was so willing to reveal to me all I would have done to be in the business, but sadly he died of cancer the year I graduated from school.

And his death leads to the downfall of the business.

But his death did not stop or killed my dream, so I went further in learning how to sell cars online. Today, I can confidently sell anything, including cars online.

In a nutshell, I am here to get the list of your cars, models, and best prices, so that I can place the advert online for prospective buyers.

No car dealer will say no to your offer. This makes car dealership a business to start with 7k in Nigeria


Learn to use story to demand for whatever you want to get from anybody. Stories have a very big impact on people.

Step 3

Take a snapshot of the interior of the car, the rear, and the front. Write out the specifications of the car such as the mileage covered, color, model and many more

Step 4

Head on to and upload the images and write down the specifications. Don’t forget to put your contact details.

Since you have the prices from the dealer, you can add your own markup. Experience revealed to me that mark up between 100 and 150k usually works well.

In other words, you will add the sum of 100k or 150k to the price the dealer gives you.


I usually tell the car dealers that in case the buyers agreed on their price, I am entitled to a 5% commission. Remember, it is up to you to negotiate for what you want.

Business 3: Information Marketing

business to start with 7k

Let me ask you, why are you reading this post titled business to start with 7k? It is because you need a piece of information on how to start a multi-million Naira business with just N5,399.

So, I am an information marketer. In fact, I have made more money selling information than any other business in this life.

We are in the information age. The information industry is bigger and richer than any other industry in the world today.

Therefore, if you are not in the business of selling information you are missing out.

At this point, most people get confused by asking what information will I sell?. Also, how do I create the information?

Let me tell you, every information you have has a buyer. People out there are ready to pay for any useful information you can provide.

List of Information you can sell

Make Money

  • How to make money online
  • How to make money from the stock market
  • Tips to make money from farming
  • How to make money from the transport business

How to make money on anything you know that can make on rick


  • How to avoid toothache
  • How to whitening your teeth
  • Total cure for diabetes naturally
  • How to cure ulcer naturally

How to cure or prevent any sickness will sell well


  • How to satisfy a woman sexually
  • Tips on how to make a man want you always
  • How to have a happy marriage
  • The best way to train a child
  • How to make kids become very intelligent


  • How to be a perfect salesperson
  • How to write a CV
  • Tips to rise to organization top
  • How to retire rich

You can write on any topic that matter to the human being

How to create Quality Information

You don’t need to be an expert in the field or a professor to create quality information.

There are two ways to create information.

  1. Write the information the exact way it works for you. This means you must be very knowledgeable about the topic you are writing about.
  2. You can source the information from an expert. For instance, if you know someone who knows how to do fish farming very well. You can approach the person and ask vital questions. Then write a book on how to do fish farming based on the information you sourced.

The whole process of sourcing and writing quality information is very simple. Don’t boarder much about your English structure. All you must do is hit to the point of any topic you are writing about.

Most importantly, it must not a 100-page book. It may even be a 2-page book. The most important thing is that it should be informative.

How to Market Your Information

There are two ways to market your book(s):

  1. Use to promote your book. To do this, you have to create your book cover or pay someone $5 to create one for you on Then upload it on and follow the steps above
  2. Use Facebook to market your book. In fact, using Facebook is the most effective way of marketing your information product because you will market to people that need it.

How to effectively market your product on Facebook is beyond the scope of this book. But, I strongly suggest that you go on Youtube and watch as many videos as you can on how to market on Facebook

Business 4: Deal Making

To be candid, deal-making is my favorite way of making millions on Naira yearly. It does not require a dime to start with.

In other words, you don’t need even a kobo to start this multi-million Naira business called deal-making.

The question you may be asking now is, why do I need to go into this business? In a simple term, what you need is “Courage and communication skill”

Your courage and high communication skill will give you an edge to connect with the right people. This means your target will be to network.

Remember, your network determines your net worth.  Alternatively, your success depends on who you know not what you know. But in this case, it is your duty to create the habit of knowing people that matters.

I am not talking about knowing politicians, or rich people. I am talking of knowing people that know their job very well such as engineers, tailors, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, welders, and many more.

As a deal maker, your job will be to be bringing two demands together. Take note: I didn’t say a buyer and seller; I mean two people that are really in need of each other. How does it work?

First, you must establish a deep or good relationship with service providers such as nurses, lawyers, doctors, tailors, and any other service providers you can reach. In addition, you should also have a good relationship with sellers of building material, clothes, or any other physical materials you can think of.

The number one rule is that anybody that served you well or you enjoyed buying from has become a potential friend or part of your network. This is because you will be referring people to them based on your experience with their services or goods you bought.

How Deal-Making Works

Now, this is how deal-making works, I will be narrating it as I always do it. After a tailor sowed my cloth at Aba in Abia state I found out that he is good at his work, and people keep asking me where I sowed it.

So, I went back to the tailor and told him that I will be directing clients to you and I will have N2, 000 per client from you. Therefore, it is up to you to know how to factor in the money. And I ask, do we have an agreement and he said yes.

Could you believe that in less than 6 months I was able to gain over N400, 000 from just directing people to the tailor? Amazing right? still on business to start with 7k in Nigeria

Also, I have a pediatric doctor and a lawyer that I direct clients from which I make money almost every month.

The question that will be going through your mind now is how to get clients for these people. Okay, it is simple. Anybody or everybody you come across is a potential client. All you have to do is to always pay attention to people as they complain of one problem or the other.

Your neighbors, friends, church members, and everybody along the street is your own client. Just pay attention and listen to their problem and promise to proffer solution free. But behind the scene, you are into an agreement with the service providers.

How about connecting buyers and sellers? Let me narrate a story on how I made over 1 million Naira in two weeks as a deal maker.

1 Million Naira in 2 Weeks

There was a very big building that was erected near my house. So, immediately they started the foundation, I approached the engineer and told him that I am into plumbing material supply and that I will supply you every plumbing material here at the best price in town.

In fact, before then I have gone to the largest plumbing material dealer in the state and told him that I am a deal maker that I will be bringing customers that buy in large quantities.

In fact, I told him that I will be giving them the best price in town, that I will only make money from the discount I will get from him. He agreed and at the end of the day I made over 1 million Naira from that deal.

So, if you want to use deal-making as a business to start with 7k in Nigeria then the sky is your limit.

As a deal maker, make sure you introduce yourself very well because a lot of people don’t know much about deal-making.

Business 5: Transport Company Manager

transport business in nigeria nairaland,inter state transport business in Nigeria,feasibility study on transportation business in Nigeria,business plan for transportation business in Nigeria,how to register a transport company in Nigeria,motorcycle business in Nigeria,transport business in Abuja,transportation business plan pdf

Presently, this is the type of business I am into on a full scale. And I have a full functioning transportation business in Bayelsa state.

After I realized a lot of people were interested in running a transportation business, and they have tried severally and failed. So, I placed an advert on a banner that I can manage a transportation company because I have advanced knowledge of starting a successful transportation business.

Within some weeks, I had applications from more than 15 top civil servants that were interested. I sealed the deal with them and today I am managing their investment.

Since you are searching for a business to start with 7k in Nigeria, try this.

The transportation business is a business I will encourage any youth to look into because it is very rewarding.

If you need detailed information on how to start a transportation business in Nigeria Click Here 


Israel Chima

Israel Chima is a pro blogger that derives joy in helping small and medium businesses gain an online presence.

He guides business owners in having a full online presence by creating world-class websites, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Well-written SEO content ranks easily on the first page of Google, which translates to getting real customers.

Israel chima is an authority in planning and developing well-structured SEO content. So, you can contact him for your blog content.

He is the author of book 3 books on entrepreneurship, education, and transportation business. You can check out his book on Amazon titled “Discover to Recover.”


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