Contextual Targeting- Can you do Contextual Targeting with Videos?
contextual targeting
contextual targeting

Contextual Targeting- Can you do Contextual Targeting with Videos?

Before we determine if true or false if you can use contextual targeting with videos, let’s look deep into what is contextual targeting and how to do contextual targeting.

What is Contextual Targeting?

According to Google, contextual targeting is “The process that matches ads to relevant sites in the Display Network using your keywords or topics, among other factors.

Here’s how it works: Google’s system analyzes the content of each webpage to determine its central theme, which is then matched to your ad using your keywords and topic selections, your language and location targeting, a visitor’s recent browsing history, and other factors.

Google Ads uses contextual targeting when an ad group has keywords or topics and its campaign is set to show ads on the Display Network”.


How to do Contextual Targeting? 

There are 6 major steps you must follow to build an effective contextual targeting campaign. Get them right, you are on your way to table wealth creation.

Step 1:

You should start by defining your add group, which must have a specific theme. The theme should be tailored to the products and services advertised. Avoid themes aimed at targeting the audience.

You can include your brand keyword if you are a known brand. But if not, use generic keywords targeting your products and services.


I strongly suggest you use Google keyword planner, which is a keyword research tool to search for keywords related to your product and services. Each add group should have a set of keywords ranging between 5 and 50.

Avoid the use of repeated keywords. And make sure that the set of keywords is closely related.

Step 3:

Set up your daily expenses. In other words, you should specify the amount you are willing to spend daily as your ad runs.

This you can adjust after analyzing the performance of the ad after a few days. If its performance is good, then you can increase your daily budget. If otherwise, you should critically analyze your add perimeters.

Step 4:

To ensure that your ad gets to the right target, you need to set up the negative keywords. This means you add will to appear when someone searches using your specified negative keywords.

The essence is to ensure you maximize profit by not chasing every useless search relating to your products and services.

Step 5: 

Set up your ad tracking feature. This will help you track the performance of your ad. The tool is a free Google tool that reveals to you the interaction between your ad and the audience.

The benefit of conversion tracking cannot be overemphasized.

Step 6:

The last stage is all about analyzing and optimizing for good. You have to pay attention to the cost per click and quality score. All these depend on the quality of your landing page and the relevance

Back to your question: True or false, you can use contextual targeting with video?.

True: You can read more here

Contextual Targeting-Conclusion

With this article, I hope you have a good understanding of what contextual targeting is and how to apply it in your ad.

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