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To have successful business years ahead you need a comprehensive business plan. Do you know that a business plan is not just for a beginner?  A business owner seeking expansion or investors equally needs a business plan.

In fact, the benefits of having a business plan cannot be overemphasized. Your business plan serves as a roadmap to any point or level you want to take your business to.

The general saying that, if you fail to plan then you have planned to fail is real in any business you are planning to go into today. So, planning is the lifeline of any business you are about to go into.

One fact you can never shy away from is that writing a comprehensive business plan is challenging and time-consuming.  By a comprehensive plan, I mean a business plan that consists of all the meat and bone of the business you are about venturing into.

In other words, a business plan that every investor will like to be part of the business without asking too many questions.

Being on this page, means you are searching for a custom business plan tailored to your business. And I am here to help you out.

My team and I will help you develop a business plan for any reason you want it. Be it for

  1. Accessing loan from the bank
  2. Applying for grants
  3. Presenting it to a private investor(s)
  4. A guide or roadmap for your business

Since this is a custom business plan, then we must go deep in research to present to you the up to date facts about the business you are about to venture into

Difference Between Already Made and Custom Business Plan

Already Made Business Plan

Our already made business plan is generic. This means we used figures and facts available to everybody to prepare it. We conducted our feasibility studies of the business using the Lagos state as a benchmark. So, you have the work in re-arranging it to suit your present location and market.

Though, it is very easy to do because you can edit anything you need from the document we will send it with

Custom Business Plan

We prepare a tailored or custom business plans based on the facts on your hand. This means the feasibility study, which consists of the real success of the business, will be conducted based on your present location and the amount you have at hand to start with.

Above all, you will not have any input or changes to make because we will write it based on the up-to-date facts of the business in your area today.


We have different packages. The standard package, advance package, and platinum package.

1) Standard package:

executive summary, company overview, products & services, SWOT analysis, business model, market research, marketing strategy, operations strategy, and 1 year financial (cash flow, breakeven, etc)

2) Advance Package:

Advanced includes all the features of the standard business plan and operation model, detailed market research, competitive analysis, opportunity analysis, 3 years of financial analysis and management structure, milestones & timelines.

3) Platinum Package:

Platinum package includes advanced package and detailed industry analysis market and sales plan, an exit strategy for investors, 5-year financial projections, loan repayment analysis, risks & mitigation.

The standard package takes 1-2 weeks; the advance package takes 2-4 weeks while platinum takes 4-7 weeks.

Due to the harsh economic conditions in the country, and due to a lot of pleading from people, we have decided to slash our prices by 50% pending when the economic conditions improve

Therefore, the cost for the standard package is now  N25,000, the advance package is N50,000 and the platinum package is N75,000.

We need the following information to enable us to start work.

1)    Company Description/summary
2)    Company name, address, and other contact details
3)    Description of your products and services
4)    Target customers – I need some of your customers if any
5)    List of competitors if you know them. We can help research this but we prefer you to send them if you know.
6)    Price of your product or service
7)    The structure you have on ground, equipment, machinery, etc
8)    Number of staff you have or you would need
9)    The management team and their educational background and experience and position.
10)    Financial Plan: I need to know your cost if you are an existing business, I need to know the size of the company or how much you want to invest or the capacity
11)    Tractions if any
12)    The unique thing about your business/products/services
13)    Training requirements

14) What would be the size/capacity of the company? This includes production capacity…

15) The is the profile of the founders

16) How much have you raised and how much fund are you willing to invest in your business?

17) How much do you want to raise from investors?

18) What is your vision, mission, and objective?

19) What are the licenses you need and the ones you have obtained?

20) Who are your partners and what is the partnership all about?

21) What are the things you need and the prices (equipment, land, delivery van, etc)?

22) What is the cost of producing your products/services?

23) Required Resources
24) Raw Material: Source of supply
25) History and Current Status of the company
26) Shareholders of the company and their stakes in the company
27) Required Workforce: Position and numbers of employees for each position
28) Total salary for each of the positions
29) Legal Business Structure and Ownership
30) Distribution Strategy: List of wholesalers, distributors, etc buying from you
31) Operations and Implementation Plan: What are the production processes
32) Development Timeline: What have you achieved and what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years. This includes business registration, expansion e.t.c

Note that in the course of writing the business plan, more information would be requested from you.

Where you don’t have an answer or you are confused and don’t really know, you can skip it.

If you are a small Startup or young entrepreneur, our Startup plan is N50,000 with 3 years of financial analysis.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss the packages or the price, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 07033680227. Or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Please note that you need to send full or part payment (at least 70%) before we can commence.

You can pay into this account:

Account Name:                Izicode Nig ltd

Account Number:                    0045423836

Bank Name:                               GTBank Nig PLC


Account Name:              Israel Chima Nnabuike

Account Number:                  0106319108

Bank Name:                               GTBank Nig Ltd

After payment, the answers with payment details should be emailed to [email protected]. Also, text or call 07033680227 to inform us of the details.

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