DT4x Review -Complete Forex Account Funding For Pro Traders -

DT4x Review -Complete Forex Account Funding For Pro Traders

I hope you’re here because you need money to fund your account. Or you need a funded account that you can trade and share the profit.

Before I go into details, I will like to tell you that this offer is only available for professional traders.

This does not mean you must be Peter Ben to access the fund. All you need is the ability to trade forex profitably.

In other words, if you’re sure of your trading system then read on as I introduce DT4X to you.

What is DT4x?

DT4X is a project designed to fund trading accounts for good forex traders with the agreement of sharing the profit 60:40.

60% of the profit goes to the trader, while 40% goes to the project. It will interest you to know that once you hit the monthly target, more funds will be added to your account.

You may be asking, how real is this project? Who has ever benefited from the project?

Anyways, before I clear your doubt, let me tell you how it works.

You have the right to choose from 3 different accounts. The first account is funded to the tune of $10,000. The second is funded to the tune of $25,000 while the third account contains $50,000.

Is this real?

Click Here to check out the website yourself

After checking the website, Click Here to read people’s experiences with the program. If you’re a good trader like me, then here is what we have been looking for.

DT4X Review – How does it Work?

The working principle of this project is simple. Everyone must show commitment to the project.

This means you’ve to commit some money to show that really want to enjoy the project.

Come to think of it, will you be serious with the project if you don’t have a little financial commitment to the project?

I call it a little financial commitment because all you need to get a $10,000 account is a commitment fee of $275.

To access a $25,000 account, you need to pay a commitment fee of $395.

The account of $50,000 will be yours to trade with a commitment fee of $575.

DT4X Trading Liberty

The project is traders-oriented, so traders have a lot of liberty to do so many things that will favor them.

Firstly, as a trader, you have the right to choose any broker of your choice.

Secondly, you have the right to trade any currency pair of your choice, except crypto, indices, and energies.

Thirdly, you can hold a position overnight and can have open trades into 5 places.

Lastly, you can enjoy leverage between 1:10 and 1:25.

DT4X Review – Trading Rules

There are 3 major rules you must observe when trading with DT4X.

Firstly, you must trade with a stop loss when you have 5 trades opened. In other words, it is not a must to use a stop loss, but once you have 5 opened trades then you must use it.

The second rule is that you must not have a 5% drawdown. Meaning that for an account of $10,000 you must not be on a negative trade worth $500

If you’re trading a $25,000 account, you’re expected to guard against a loss of $1,250.

You should avoid a negative trade of $2500 when handling a trading account of $50,000

Lastly, you must make 5% of your trading capital monthly to

Once you observe these rules, you are good and can work to a point you’ll be given an account of over $1M to handle.

But if you break any of the rules, the contract will be terminated. Or you’ll no longer have access to the trading account.

However, you can re-subscribe to get a new account. This means you must trade with care.

How to Get Paid As a Trader

All disbursement is done on the 25th of every month. You can withdraw via PayPal, cryptocurrency, Netller, and worldwide bank transfer.

You can only withdraw through the means you did your deposit. No hidden charges or commissions are charged on your account during and after withdrawal.

DT4X Review – My Verdict

So far, I have earned for the second month. What I love most about this DT4X project is the rollover.

Let’s assume you were able to make 3% of the capital this month, and 2% next month, then you will be paid in the second month.

This means you are not under any pressure to make 5% in a month. Take your time and trade till you make 5% of the capital.

I was skeptical at the beginning but the reviews I read from trust pilot gave me the confidence to join the project and it was really worth it.

Click Here to Visit the site and enjoy the reward that comes from your professionalism.

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