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Ebook Writer Jobs
Ebook Writer Jobs

Ebook Writer Jobs- How to Get it Easily

looking for ebook writer jobs? It is no secret that e-books are part of the free resources businesses use to attract traffic to their websites. They also help these businesses to grow their email lists. Do you know that the e-book market goes beyond this?

looking for ebook writer jobs? It is no secret that e-books are part of the free resources businesses use to attract traffic to their websites. They also help these businesses to grow their email lists. Do you know that the e-book market goes beyond this?

You can find e-book writer jobs and make a lot of money monthly. These jobs entail putting together e-book content as a ghostwriter. Do you want to know how to find ebook writer jobs and the skills that you need? Continue reading this post.

How Can You Make Extra $1000 From Writing E-Books?

The easiest way to achieve this is by becoming an e-book ghostwriter. What does that even mean? You must have heard about ghostwriting at some point in your life. Here’s an explanation of the term to make you understand what we are talking about.

Ghostwriting is simply “writing for hire.” A ghostwriter is a person that earns money from writing for another individual or company without taking any credits. This means that you don’t receive any accolades from the job once you get your pay. You relinquish all rights to the content to the person that paid you.

Does this sound odd? Well, ghostwriting is a common practice these days with many people writing all kinds of content for businesses and individuals. Examples of content include speeches, blog posts, social media posts, and e-books to mention a few.

This brings us back to how you can make an extra $1000 from writing e-books. Being an e-book ghostwriter presents you with boundless opportunities. First, you can charge higher rates because your pay is commensurate to your writing niche and abilities. Secondly, you do all the work on the project so you get to enjoy more money. Experts in certain niches even earn a lot more.

Here’s how to increase your earnings as an e-book ghostwriter:

Ebook Writer JobsFind good clients

The key to high earnings as a ghostwriter is finding high-paying clients. The internet has an array of websites or platforms where you can find such clients. We have listed some of them below:

  • The Write Life (A job board for freelance writers).
  • Funds for Writers (Perfect site for e-book ghostwriting jobs).
  • Upwork (Perfect for beginners and those seeking frequent jobs).
  • Freelance Writing (A job board that curates lots of freelancing opportunities for writers).

Ebook Writer Jobs-Search for jobs

After finding clients, your next task is to submit a proposal. Learn how to put together a great job proposal so that you can get hired. As mentioned above, the best place to find e-book ghostwriting jobs online is fiverr and Upwork. This platform has a plethora of low-paying gigs that will help you boost your portfolio. The steps below will guide you on how to set up your profile and search for jobs on the platform:

Step 1: Sign up to Upwork.

Step 2: Create your profile and optimize it appropriately.

 3: Fix your “per-project fee.”

Step 4: Go to the “Job Search” page then type in your dollar amount.

Step 5: Filter the job list by category.

6: If you notice that there are too many jobs with the same price point, refine your search. Type “your fee + ghostwriting.” Here’s an example, “$700 ghostwriter.”

Step 7: Submit your proposal.

Sell your skills when writing your proposal and list reasons why the employer should hire you above other ghostwriters. Note that this process doesn’t just apply to Upwork. You can employ it for other freelance websites.

Skills You Need to Land Ebook Writer Jobs

Now you know how to earn a lot more in the e-book industry. This brings us to the next question. What skills do you need to land ebook writer jobs? We have put together a list below:


Writing an e-book for someone else means that you need to write like them. You must adopt their style, tone, and level of expertise. The idea is that when anyone reads the work, they should relate to the owner of the piece, not you.

You might find this challenging if you haven’t written for other individuals before. Develop skills in mimicking your clients and how they prefer to express themselves. Start practicing how to adopt different writing styles, tones, and voices.


Yes, your job as an e-book ghostwriter is on demand. Regardless, you need creativity and inventiveness to thrive as a great writer in this field. Clients may have the initial idea, but they need you to add flesh to it. You can’t achieve this without creativity.

E-book writers must come up with chapter ideas, arguments, and interpretations among others. Learn how to generate ideas without getting too attached to them. This way, you don’t feel bad when the client needs to make changes to your ideas.


Ghostwriting an e-book means that you are creating content on behalf of someone else. While you may come up with ideas, they may require you to make changes frequently. Since they are paying you, it is your responsibility to make switches where necessary.

Learn to be flexible with your ideas so that you don’t lose steam when you have to change chapter orders or workflow. Also, you must learn time flexibility. Without this, you may get stuck in the workflow process.


While you will get most of your background material from your client, you must do a lot of research to deliver quality content. Clients often request references and statistics, especially for non-fiction projects. Being a good researcher makes your job easy in this regard.

Learn how to find up-to-date authoritative information. Also, figure out the best way to break down topics and gather resources.


You cannot be a successful e-book ghostwriter without being organized. Organization is a key skill in the freelance environment, especially for writers. To come up with quality content, you must create the right structure, develop an approach, and put your thoughts down in black and white.

Here are a few tips to help you become more organized as an e-book writer:

  • Create folders for each job.
  • Set up sub-folders for different chapters or sections.
  • Add relevant notes and resources to each folder.

How Much Does an E-Book Writer Make?

Before choosing a job, you should find out how much you can make. An ebook writer can charge between $10 per page to over a thousand dollars for the entire e-book. Experienced writers earn between $30,000 and $100,000 per project. Again, the income is relative for writers and it depends on the skill level, niche, employer, and complexity of the project.

Ebook Writer Jobs-Conclusion

That’s it for how to find ebook writer jobs. Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section if you have any.

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