Effectiveness of Email Marketing Statistics for Every Marketer
Effectiveness Email Marketing Statistics
Effectiveness Email Marketing Statistics

Effectiveness of Email Marketing Statistics for Every Marketer

The effectiveness of email marketing statistics cannot be overemphasized if creating a winning and profitable email marketing campaign is your goal

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The effectiveness of email marketing statistics cannot be overemphasized if creating a winning and profitable email marketing campaign is your goal

Email marketing is undoubtedly the king of digital marketing. You don’t believe it? Then you should check out our list of email marketing statistics.

Before we dive into the effectiveness of email marketing statistics properly, let’s answer a few important questions. Grab a cup of coffee and join us on this exciting journey.

What are Email Statistics?

Email statistics are numbers that show why you should consider opting for email marketing. Many articles online are based on the author’s feelings, not facts. We often read these articles and feel like email marketing isn’t worth investing in. Checking out statistics gives a clear picture of why you should think differently.

Why do you need Email Statistics?

A little mistake with your digital marketing campaign and it could fail woefully. If this happens, you lose your investment and your brand reputation on the market.

Statistics show you exact figures to back up why you should or shouldn’t invest in email marketing. You cannot base your decision on mere opinions, you must work with facts and figures. Numbers have a louder voice than words or opinions.

When do you need Email Statistics?

There is no better time to go through email statistics than now. You will always need these statistics. Find out the latest email marketing statistics before you set up a new campaign. Doing this informs your decisions and helps create the perfect campaign for the moment.

You cannot afford to work with past figures or assumptions. This is because we are in a constantly evolving world, thanks to technology, and changes in customer behavior and preferences. Remember, always check for email statistics before every new campaign.

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Effectiveness of Email Marketing Statistics-List

Enough talk, here are twenty exciting email marketing statistics you should know:

  • Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%.
  • According to 59% of marketers, email presents the best ROI of all digital marketing tools.
  • 58% of all adults go through their email inbox before anything else each day.
  • 72% of people say they prefer receiving promotional offers via their email.
  • The chances of landing a customer via email are 40 times higher than it is with Twitter or Facebook.
  • 89% of all marketers consider email marketing to be their number one lead generation channel.
  • The main source of data analytics for marketers is email.
  • 82% of all B2C and B2B companies work employ email marketing as their main digital marketing strategy.
  • 306 billion emails were sent and received globally every day in 2020. This figure is projected to rise to more than 376 billion emails daily in 2025.
  • Employees spend an average of 13 hours every week checking their inboxes.
  • Users who have previously subscribed to marketing emails spend between 10 and 60 minutes every week checking out promotional emails.
  • While email open rates vary across industries, the average open rate across industries is 17.92%.
  • 53% of all millennials on Gmail scroll through the promotions tab a minimum of once every day.
  • 64% of all millennials consider email as the most personal channel of digital marketing.
  • 62% is the average click rate for all marketing emails.
  • 2% is the average unsubscribe rate while 0.02% is the average spam rate.
  • 72% of all B2C marketers employ email marketing software for improving their content marketing campaigns.
  • 64% of all email marketers think email marketing’s effectiveness is increasing moderately while 15% think the increase is more significant.
  • 45% of all internet users would avoid opening emails sent by unknown email addresses.
  • Over 71% of email users delete emails immediately once it doesn’t display correctly.

Effectiveness of Email Marketing Statistics -Conclusion

It is obvious that the effectiveness of email marketing statistics serves as a guide for every email marketer. Yes, without a reliable statistic you will be running your marketing on assumption. And that has never yielded the required result


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