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Etisalat Data Plan Updated: With Special Smartphones Bundles

Note: All the etisalat data plan, which is now 9Mobile data plan on this post are up to date. Which means you can  subscribe to any of them. But as you know, the service providers can change codes or remove a particular plan at any time.

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Therefore, if any of the plans or codes does not work, then use the link at the end of this article to visit Etisalat official data plan site.

Etisalat has a general bundle plan, smartpaks bundles and heavy streaming bundle. You can use the general bundles on any device and Apps. While the smartpaks plans are only for socializing and chatting. The heavy streaming bundles is mainly for video streaming on Youtube, Netflix and other video websites.

The need for this updated version of etisalat data plan is because of the recent change of ownership. Yes, Etisalat Nigeria is now 9mobile, which lead to a lot of changes in tariff.

Before now, etisalat data plan is one of the most affordable and reliable data plan in Nigeria. But with the coming of 9Mobile some Nigerians have been complaining of hike in price in their data plan.

I made series on investigation to know if 9Mobile have fallen short of standard in service providing. Answers from most etisalat data plan users were that they still enjoy fast internet connection.

Which means 9Mobile network is still reliable. But as for affordability you can make comparison with other major network providers such as Airtel  and Glo data plan.

Etisalat has night, weekend, daily, weekly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual and monthly data plan. Also, they have data plans just for smart phones, which is called smartpak. So, no matter your need, etisalat has a plan for you. Let’s have a deep look in the plans and codes and validity.

Etisalat Data Plan – Daily

1GB @ N200 Night Only Plan

This plan is for users that are less busy at night. So, if you’ve free time from the hours of 12Am to 5Am then this package is for you. It is valid for 24 hours and the activation code is *229*3*11#

10MB @ N50 For 24Hr

With just N50 you’ll have instant access to 10MB of data. This is for emergency subscription. The activation code is *229*3*8# or text M13 to 229 and it is valid for 24 hours.

40MB @ 100 For 24Hr

You can buy 40MB for N100 using the subscription code of *229*3*1#. The data plan is valid for 24 hours. Or SMS M11 to 229 to buy this etisalat data plan

Etisalat Data Plan Codes – Weekend

All the plans in this section only work on weekends. This package is for bankers and other tight scheduled employees.

2GB @ N1000

This subscription only works for evening and weekends. It works from 7PM to 7Am. It equally work all days and night of the weekend. The validity period is 30 days.

Activation Code:  *229*3*12#

5GB @ N2000

This subscription is similar to the one above. The major difference is that you’ll have extra 100MB for whatApp Chat 24/7. It is valid for 30 days.

The Activation code is: *229*3*13#

1GB @ N500

This package or plan only works only  from 11:59 PM of every Friday to 11:59 PM of Sunday.

The Activation code is: *5995*2#

Etisalat Weekly Data Plan

For now there is only one weekly etisalat data plan. The package last for 7 days before expiring.

150GB @ N200 For 7 Days

You can use this plan 24/7. There is no restriction to how and what you can use it for.

Activation code is: *229*2*10# or SMS LCD to 229

Etisalat Data Plan Codes – Monthly

500MB @ N500 For 30 Days

Subscription code is: *229*2*12# or SMS LCD2 to 229

 1GB @ N1000 For 30 days

Activation Code: *229*2*7#

1.5GB @ N1, 200 For 30 Days

Activation Code: *229*2*25# or SMS AND11 to 229

2.5GB @ N2, 000 For 30 Days

Activation Code: *229*2*8# or SMS AND2 to 229

4GB @ N3000 For 30 Days

Activation Code: *229*2*35#

5.5GB @ N4, 000 For 30 Days

Activation code is: *229*2*36#

11.5GB @ N8, 000 For 30 Days

Activation Code: *229*2*5# or SMS MB6 to 229

15GB @ N 10,000 For 30 Days

The activation code is: *229*4*1# or SMS SM1 to 229

27.5GB @ N18, 000 For 30 Days

The Activation code is: *229*4*3# of SMS3 to 229

The last but not the least on this etisalat monthly data plan is:

100GB @ 84,992 For 30 Days

The Activation code is: *229*4*5# or SMS SM5 to 229

These are the list of monthly data plan you can enjoy from etisalat or 9Mobile. You can roll over all the plans and equally enjoy the auto renewal feature.

Etisalat Quarterly Data Plan

Users of this plan fall under heavy data users. Your subscription in this plan is expected to expire after 3 months. You will enjoy this subscription 24/7. No restriction to what you can use it for. But mind you that duration or how long your data will last depends on usage.

30GB @ N27, 500 For 90 Days

Activation Code: *229*5*1# or SMS 4M to 229

Bi- Annual Plan

This etisalat data plan last for 120 days, so, as long as you subscribe to this plan your data will be active for 6 months. Also, usage determines how long it will last.

60GB @ N55,000 For 120 Days

Activation Code: *229*5*2# or SMS 6M to 229

Etisalat Annual Data Plan

If you want to buy data that will last you for the whole year or 365 days then this plan is for you.

120GB @ N110, 000 For 365 Days

Activation Code: *229*5*3# or SMS 12M to 229

As I earlier said, as at the time of writing this post all the etisalat data plans and code are working perfectly. But if for any reason any one is not working then go over to etisalat data plan web page Here

Smartpak (SmartPhones) Bundles For Chat

The following smartpak plans are just for Chat


With N50 Subscription you will have daily access to Whatapp, BBM, and Wechat only.

Activation code: *343*5*5#


N150 for weekly access to Whatapp, BBM and Wechat only.

Activation code: *343*5*6#


N400 for monthly access to Whatapp, BBM and Wechat only.

Activation code is: *343*5*7#

Smartpak (SmartPhones) Bundle For Social

This etisalat data plan is just for socializing on the social media such as facebook, twitter and instangram


With N100 daily subscription, you will enjoy Facebook, twitter, instagram, eskimi, Whatapp, BBM and Wechat.

Activation Code: *343*6*7#


N300 will give you full weekly access to Facebook, twitter, instagram, eskimi, Whatapp, BBM and Wechat. Activation Code is: *343*6*8#


N700 will give instant monthly access to Facebook, twitter, instagram, eskimi, Whatsapp, BBM and Wechat. Activation Code is: *343*6*9#

SmartPak (SmartPhones) Bundle For Video

Smartpak bundle for videos are etisalat data plan for you to enjoy hourly uninterrupted video streaming from any APP.

The first on the list of the video pak is 2 hour uninterrupted streaming.

With N400 you will have 2 hours of video streaming from any APP with free night streaming. The Activation code is:  *229*3*5#

3 Hours Uninterrupted Streaming

To enjoy this etisalat data plan you need to activate it with N500. The activation code is: *253*2#

7 Hours Uninterrupted Streaming

N1000 for 7 hours live video streaming from any App of your choice. To activate this package use the code: *253*2#

Details of the heavy streaming bundles and special smart Chat pak and special smart social pak can be found Here.

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