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Fast Cash Loan Lagos – How to Get Quick Loan in Lagos

Recent online research show that over 7000 people in Lagos search for fast cash loan Lagos, Nigeria. This means that people are searching for ways of getting money to solve some of their pressing needs.

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Therefore, you are not alone. Before, going into details of how to get quick loans without collateral in Lagos or how to get fast cash loan Lagos, I will like to advice you a bit.

I’m giving you this advice because I was once a victim of those money lenders. Precisely, 4 years ago, I was sacked from the bank I was working. I just got married and my wife was pregnant when I was sacked.

It was a bitter moment. Having finished wedding and other expenses, I have no much with me when I was sacked. Confused and helpless, I started thinking of way forward.

I met my friend for advice, then he suggested going into business. But I had no money and in-depth knowledge of the business he suggested for me. Out of frustration, I agreed to go into business. Though, he promised assisting me till the business stands.

Because I was a banker, I was able to source for fast cash loan here Lagos. My frustration leads me to accept all their terms. And that was Deadly. The rest was bitter story.

Fast Cash Loan Lagos – Advice

Firstly, don’t go for a loan to start a business. If you’re just thinking of getting a loan to start a business then have a rethink. Don’t believe or trust anybody that tells you to get a loan with a promise of helping you stand a business.

The business world is a jungle; everybody is looking for way of surviving, even that person that promised helping you.

Secondly, don’t go for fast cash loan Lagos when you are desperate. Desperation leads to frustration. Always remember that, what doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger.

My desperation made me go for a loan with high interest rate over a short period. And it was a bitter experience, so I don’t wish you to experience it.

Therefore before going for quick loan without collateral in Lagos or in Nigeria, pause a bit and asked yourself, do you really need it? If yes, do you’ve an alternative plan of repaying?

Hoping you’re ready for Nigeria’s best and fast loan then below is where to get fast cash loans Lagos today.

To the best of my knowledge is the platform you can get fast cash loan Lagos today. It’s a quick loan without collateral in Lagos platform. All you need to apply for a loan is an android phone because you must download their App on Google play store.

With paylater you can get small loan ranging from N10, 000 to N1, 000,000 anytime and anywhere. Yes, if you’ve all it takes you’ll get paylater emergency loan in Nigeria even midnight.

How it Works

Go to Google playstore and download paylater App on your phone. After which you install. Make sure you read all the instructions, terms and conditions that the App comes with. If it’s okay by you then click accept and continue, but if it’s not then you reject and forget about it.

Assuming you accept and continue, then a page will open where you’ll introduce yourself. At this point, you’ll fill things such as your state of residence, BVN number, address and many more.

Last year when I first came across paylater quick loan without collateral, I was skeptical of filling in my BVN. But the truth is that they have reliable encrypted system, which means any information your provide is safe and secured.

After filling your details, then comes the loan application form. On this form you’ll fill the amount of money you really want. Within 5 minutes they will access your information and credit your account if you’re successful. But if you’re not then they will ask you to reapply.

The reality is that you must start small and grow. For a start, they can only approve N10, 000 and the payment duration is between 15 and 30 days. The interest rate starts with 5% per month, which is not bad.

If you really want to enjoy this fast loan cash Lagos platform, then always pay up on time. The faster you pay the higher the amount of money you can get as loan.

Advantages of Paylater

  • Anybody can apply. You must not be a civil servant or salary earner to access their loan and the payment plan is flexible
  • You can get a loan with 10 minutes; therefore it is one of the quickest loans you can get.
  • No Collateral need to access fast cash loan Lagos on this platform

Disadvantages of Paylater

  • You can only access the loan through an App
  • You must have an internet connection

Individual Money Lenders

There are lots of individual money lenders you can approach for fast cash loan Lagos, Nigeria. But I will only talk of Zedvance because they have a positive track record. They have been around for some time and have good interest rate.

Advantages of Zedvance

  • The have a physical address where you can reach them. They are located at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • You can access up to N3,000,000.00
  • You can apply for loan through their website

Disadvantages of Zedvance

  • They only give civil servants, which mean you must have an active salary and pension account.
  • They have just one time payment policy

In case you don’t have a salary account, then you must have collateral before accessing their loan. So if you are searching for quick loan in Lagos without collateral then Zedvance is not an option for you.

Fast Cash Loan Lagos- Wrap Up

Obviously, with the economic situation in the country today, a lot of people need fast cash loan to meet their immediate pressing need.

When going for a loan, make sure you’ve a plan of paying within stipulated time to avoid tarnishing your credit score. Never think of starting a business with loan. Loan in business is for expansion. Take note of that.

I sincerely know that thing will improve with time. it will only get better. So, I wish you well.

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