Forex Trading Strategies PDF – A Must Read

There are thousands of advanced forex trading strategies that have helped a lot of people made money trading forex. Therefore, you are not wrong if you are searching for forex trading strategies PDF that will guide you to your forex trading journey.

A lot of traders get confused when it comes to forex trading strategies to use, to save the situation I have compiled 5 best forex trading strategies PDF or best forex trading strategies books that have helped thousands of traders’ trade successfully.

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This advanced forex trading strategy PDF is designed for easy understanding for both beginners and intermediate traders. Below is the list of the PDFs

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Best Forex Trading Strategies PDF

1.  Japanese Candlestick Charting Technique By Steve Nelson

forex trading strategies PDF

This simple forex strategy book is by far my favorite.  In fact, it is the first candlestick book written out of which other ones where carved out.

It is a 331 pages guide that contains everything you need to trade successfully in the world of forex. The first part of the book explains in detail the origin of the forex, and why the Japanese are seeing as the father of forex.

Also, it tells you why forex is related to the military formation of the Japanese. Therefore, this forex trading strategies PDF made it clear that trading is like going to war. So, you must understand the military terms to survive the war.

The second part of the book teaches how to construct the candlestick and drawing the candlestick lines.  After understanding the candlestick pattern, you start learning the reversal pattern.

Since forex trading is all about trend, you need to know when the trend is continuing or reversing.  Therefore, the first lesson here is to learn the reversal pattern such as hammer and hanging man lines, engulfing patterns, dark-cloud covers, and piercing patterns.

The stars are major indicators in forex trading. You will understand the 5 stars and their roles in forex trading. The morning star, the evening star, the morning and evening doji stars, the shooting star and the inverted hammer are all you will learn here.

The book talked more on reversal patterns such as harami, and harami cross, and many more.

A section is dedicated to the trend continuation patterns such as upward and downward gap, high price and low price gapping plays, gapping side by sidelines, rising and falling three methods, three advancing white soldiers, and separating lines.

This guide by Steve contains over 10 advanced forex trading strategies that have a 98% success rate.

2. High Probability Trading Strategies PDF

Robert C. Miner is the man behind this 288 pages forex trading strategies PDF. Among all the forex trading strategies books I have read, this one has the best entry and exit techniques.

It is a 9 chapter forex trading book that covers all types of markets such as stock, futures and forex. What I love most about this high probability trading strategies PDF is that it simplifies how to compare time frames in trading.

It deals extensively with how momentum affects the direction of any market. The multiple time frame momentum strategies and the momentum reversal techniques are what make this book a success.

The reality is that understanding the trends is the key to success in the forex market. This guide explains in detail the difference between trend correction and continuation.

Another good thing about this advanced forex trading strategies PDF is that it reveals money management skill that is working.

In fact, no matter how good your strategy is without good money management it will not work. This means you must learn how to guide your capital first before any other thing. And that is what Robert C. Miner elaborated on the 7th chapter of this forex trading PDF

3. High Probability Trading Setup

forex trading strategies PDF

This is one of the forex trading strategies books I strongly encourage every trader to read. I picked interest in the book due to the pedigree of the authors. Yes, the authors are practical trader, which means they tell the real forex stories as they were.

It is 100 pages book written by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien. Boris and Kathy are both staffs of one of the world-leading forex brokers FXCM. And both of them serve as senior currency strategist with the firm

Also, they perform editorial duties with is so recognized and respected in terms of the quality of information they dish out monthly. That is why they have over 3 million readers monthly, and the authors of the book high probability trading set up are the editors to this site.

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They have published so many books that have helped traders around the world make better trading decisions.

This forex trading strategies PDF contains 10 top trading rules which are:

  1. Never let a winning trade turn into a losing trade
  2. Logic wins, impulse kills
  3. Never expose or risk more than 2% of your capital per trade
  4. Follow fundamentally, and enter and exit technically
  5. Always pair strong with weak
  6. Don’t always quickly enter a trade
  7. Know the difference between scaling in and adding to a loser
  8. Never put hope on mathematical or engineering trading system
  9. Risk can be predetermined but the reward is unpredictable
  10. No excuses ever

The second part of this simple forex strategy book contains the setup and the indicators required. I am not a fan of indicators but testimonies from users of this book show that their strategies work almost 100%

You need great patience and understanding of the indicator settings to use this book to the full.

4. Forex Trading Using Intermarket Analysis

This forex trading strategies PDF was written by Louis B. Mendelsohn, and it is a 138 pages guide. Chapter one of this book defines what forex is and how to approach it as a beginner.

Chapter 2 talked much about the forex environment and how the forex trading came into existence. A lot of new traders pay little or no attention to the history of forex. But the fact is that hardly will you make money trading fx if you don’t know much about it.

Louis B. Mendelson approached the fundamentals of forex trading in chapter 3 the way I have not seeing in any other book. Fundamentals are those factors that move the forex market such as the economic, political, and natural situations surrounding a currency pair.

So, if you are a trader that loves trading the news then this part of the advanced forex trading strategies PDF is an area to concentrate much on.

After the fundamentals, the rest of this simple forex strategy book is all about the technical analysis. It is so detailed in the technical analysis to the point that you can predict the market movement based on chart formation.

5. 7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex by Grace Cheng

Advanced forex trading strategies PDF

If you need real and actionable forex techniques for profiting from the currency market this is one of the forex trading strategies books you must read.

This book is primarily designed for those that are new in the world of the currency market. Also, intermediate or struggling traders can benefit from this forex trading strategies PDF.

The 7 winning strategies listed in this book are trading the market sentiment, trend ridding, breakout fading, breakout trading, decreased volatility breakout, carry trade and news straddling.

The author is an active forex trader with many years of experience. Therefore, you can’t be disappointed using this guide as a forex trader.

Best Forex Trading Strategies PDF – Wrap Up

Obviously, there are thousands of forex trading strategies PDF online. Some are free while some are paid ones.

And my experience in the world of forex has shown to me that no matter the one you go for, there are things you can learn from it.

But the more beneficial forex materials do not come very cheap. In fact, they are pricey but worth it.

Above all, your success in forex market largely depends on your knowledge. And the knowledge must come from the experience of old traders, which is laid down in their books.

Therefore, let the number of pages in any of these books scare you away. If you can’t take time to read and follow the instructions in these advanced forex trading strategies PDF, don’t bother going into forex trading.

For instant access to any of these books, you can reach me on 07033680227 or use the contact us link above.

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