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Discover The "Definitive Guide to Writing And Winning Grants For Business  StartUP!"

A Practical Book With Examples on How to Access Fund From Any Foundation In Nigeria, Africa and the World 

Are you an entrepreneur seeking for fund to expand your business or idea? Have you applied for Grants before with no success? Do you really want to make 2020 your year of financial freedom?

To help you out, you really need to know me. My name is Ejim Israel a YOUWIN GRANT Winner, And Presently a Mentor with Tony Elemelu Foundation.

I am one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I have built 3 sound businesses starting from scratch to a point they run on their own.

I am a mentor with Tony Elumelu Foundation for the 4th year now. Having mentored youths around Africa through the foundation, I combined my wealth of experience on how to write a successful business plan and grant in a book titled "How to Write a Succesful Grants Application that can Guarantee 100% Win"

If you are on this page now, it is obvious you are were I was few years back. A point where you have good business idea but no money to carry it out.

A point where no one believes in your dream, therefore nobody is willing to support you financially.

As a child I lived with my grandparents that were very old. Both of them were suffering from acute diabetes and arthritis. They were able to manage it to the point they could no longer walk or take the pain of visiting the hospital for a routine check-up.

And no doctor was willing to be visiting them in my country home. So it became a very big problem for them and me that is saddled with the responsibility of taking care of them.

The whole situation got me thinking because I started reasoning that other aged ones around the world may be suffering from the same thing my grandparents are going through now.

I asked myself, does it mean that our aged ones should be left alone to die because there is no car or because they no longer have the strength to visit a doctor?

After so much thinking and reasoning an Idea came to me to form a medical outfit called "Home Care For the Aged" 

Though I am not a doctor but I know I can work with doctors that can buy into my idea. My idea was just a simple one.

It was to engage about 2 to 3 doctors who will go round my village and get the medical records of those in my grand parent's condition.

Then give them customized phones that will have an APP that will be programmed to alert them on the right time to take their drugs, and also reach the doctors easily.

To get my dream realized, I contacted so many doctors to buy into it and no one accepted my offer. Because they were expecting much money from me as a takeoff.

I also approached An APP developer and his bill was way out of my reach. The cost of the customized phones was also on the high side.

In fact, to get the ball rolling I needed at least the sum of 2 million Naira. I sold this my idea to many doctors and investors out there and no one was willing to see it the way I saw it. 

Another Powerful Idea ...

After struggling to get partners that will help me solve the problem of the no access to health for the aged, I suspended it waiting for the right time. 

Another Idea came to me when one man that use to collect daily contribution (Esusu) ran away with people money. And that has been the case with many people doing this daily contribution.

So, I started thinking of how to solve the problem. An idea came to me to create an APP that will have the details of those people that will be patronizing the ESUSU people.

Also, the APP will be linked to a special bank account that will be opened for the customers. Once they contribute their daily money, their account will automatically be credited.

This means that they will be seeing their money in their bank account. But there will be an agreement with the bank that they will only have access to the money at the end of the month.

With this arrangement, the issue of ESUSU or daily contribution operator running away with investors money will be solve forever.

To carry out this idea, I approached bank managers with the idea but no one among them was willing to invest.

In fact no investors was willing to see it the way I saw it.

It was at this point I became so demoralized and weak in life. I was confused and about forgetting anything that has to do with problem solving. 

In fact, I was nagging and complaining here and there before a solution came my way. 


Finally, I Got The Capital Needed For my Projects ...


It was when I hit the bottom rock that one of my friends suggested that I should apply for YOUWIN. Then I didn't know anything about YOUWIN, so I took to the internet.

It was then I realized that it was a Federal government program under president Goodluck Jonathan designed to empower youths with an entrepreneur's mind. In fact, entrepreneurs can access up to N10, 000,000 (Ten Million Naira) as a grant through YOUWIN

I did my research and follow the application instructions.

My first attempt was a total flop because I didn't present my idea clearly. it was after then I started detailed research on how to write GRANT application.

It took me 3 months to gather the information I needed to know how to write grant applications with a high probability of winning.

In other words, I was unable to find a piece of comprehensive information on how to write grant application. So, it wasn't an easy task but it paid off.

After adequate preparation, I applied for the second time and I was among the first 10 people selected. I applied for 3 million Naira but was given 4.5 million Naira because my "quick health for the aged" proposal was fabulous.

As if that wasn't enough, I used the same principle to apply for D-prize grant for a maternity nurse who takes delivery of babies at home, and she was given $12,000 out of the $20,000 we applied for. 

It was then I knew I have cracked the code of writing a successful grant application.

My knowledge on writing a winning grant application widened when I voluntarily enrolled as a mentor with TED (Tony Elumelu Foundation)

As a mentor with TEF, I was able to perfect my grant application writing skill by helping and mentoring other youths around Africa. 

So far, I have helped a lot of youths succeed in sourcing for the fund through grant writing and reviews.

My experience of winning the YOUWIN grant and TEF Mentor, and helping other youths around Africa gave birth to the book you are about getting.


Introducing ...

This book is designed to guide you from scratch to the point of submitting your application. In fact, it is the only guide so far that is comprehensively made to help entrepreneurs apply for grants easily.

So, it is a copy and pastes answers for you. All you need to do is to infuse your business idea when filling the form.


  • Benefit #1 -You will have access to the list of genuine website that gives grants to African entrepreneurs 
  • Benefit #2 -  It is a copy and paste answers to the questions you need to answer
  • Benefit #3 -The mathematical calculation of the break-even and break-even volume is plainly explained with examples

How Simple is it to Use the Book?

This book was written in a simple English language, which makes comprehending its content very easy. Every question you need the answer during the grant application is clearly explained with example.



" Writing a business grant application is simple than you can imagine. In fact, I have been avoiding it for a long time.

But after buying and using this book I have been able to secure a place for myself with one of the grant giving organization.

I have used the knowledge to write for other people that paid me handsomely. This is a guide for every entrepreneur.

Isa Mohammed from Gombe State "

Special Bonuse For FREE!


From the day you download this book, you become my lifetime business partner. This means that I will consult for you in any venture you plan to go into at any given time.


My one on one service or consultation that I charge 20k per hour will be free for you. I will also introduce you to so many business opportunities available on our table today.



How Much Will This Wonderful Guide Cost...

Considering the effort I put in gathering this information and the result other people have gotten from this information, I will gladly sell this book for N100, 000. But since my goal is to help fellow entrepreneurs searching for fund, I will not sell it 50K, not even 30k. I will give it away at a very affordable rate of N15, 000 for the first 10 people, after which the price will go to N40k

For an Affordable Price of N15,000, You Will have instant download of this Grant writing Guide  

Pay to:

Bank Name:                           GT Bank 

Account Number:                  0027276496

Account Name:                      Ejim Israel

After Payment Send your payment detail and your Email Address to [email protected].com to have the instant download link sent to you 

You can Use my Product to apply to any grants in the world. It is a world class skill that is why you can find it on Amazon, which is the largest bookseller on the internet

You have 90 days to use my book. If for any reason you are not satisied you can ask for a refund, But that should be with evidence that you really applied for a grant.

Ejim Israel


izicode Nig Ltd

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