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How to Start GrassCutter Farming in Nigeria

Searching for right info on how to start grasscutter farming in Nigeria? Welcome. Before revealing the exact steps on how to start grass cutter farming in Nigeria, let’s see the reasons for going into grass cutter farming.

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There are basically 2 reasons why you should consider going into grass cutter farming in Nigeria today. They are:

  1. Health benefits
  2. Profitability and demand for the meat

Scientific investigation has shown that grass cutter produces white meat, which has similar taste and nutrient to sea foods, depending on the age you slaughter them. The meat has low fat and almost zero cholesterol, which makes it healthy meat at any time.

In fact, doctor and the medical world have shifted attention the grasscutter meat, which is why they easily recommend it for consumption.

For this reason the demand for grass cutter meat is on the rise. The supply of grasscutter is far below the demand, hence the need to domesticate the produce known as grasscutter farming.

So, if you’re considering going into grass cutter farming in Nigeria, then the sky of making cool money is your limit. Research has shown that well-managed grass cutter farming can generate a net profit of over N4, 000,000 Naira yearly.

To achieve such result you must apply correct grasscutter farming techniques, which you’ll learn now. Before then let’s take a look at the feasibility study of grasscutter farming and management in Nigeria.

Grasscutter Farming – Feasibility Study

One of the grasscutter farming techniques you need to start with is identifying the exact specie to use. You should start with a breeding stock of top genetics. The breeding stock of top genetics is very fertile, so go for 1 male and 4 female.

With 1 male grasscutter and 4 female, you’ll have a total of 59 at the end of the year. 1 female produces 7 after 140 to 150 days of pregnancy, which means they produce twice a year.

Therefore, 1 female grasscutter will produce 14 babies in a year. Assuming you start with 4 females, then it will be 14*4 =56 + the parents = 59.

From this simple calculation, we’re looking at having a total of 59 grasscutter in well managed grasscutter farm.


The best place to rear grasscutter is in a concrete cage because it encourages easy and massive production. You must cast the floor of the cage because it portrays natural habitat for grass cutter and make them very comfortable.

A simple concrete cage that can house a colony is estimated at N50, 000. This is considering expansion with time. A colony of grasscutter is 1 male and 3 to 4 females.


To produce healthy and quality grasscutter, which will attract question such as, who is behind this grasscutter farming in Nigeria then you must feed them well. Common feed for grasscutter is succulent grass. But is you’ve the mind of making very huge profit from your farm then it is wise you make good quality, balanced and nutritional diet.

You can feed them using formulated pellets like groundnut, wheat bran, maize shucks and many more. Another quality food you can feed them with   is leftover foods such as rice, sweet potatoes, yam etc.

Estimated cost of feeding in a years is N200, 000

Cost of Buying a Colony

I’m assuming you’re to start with a colony of top genetics, which is at N65, 000 as at time of writing this grasscutter farming in Nigeria feasibility study.


This involves cost of running around and other expenses which you may not capture along the line. It stands at N20, 000

Estimated Total Cost of Establishing Grasscutter Farm in Nigeria

50,000 + 200,000 + 65,000 + 20,000 = N335, 000

Estimated Revenue

As at time of writing, the price of grasscutter in Nigeria (table size) is N15, 000. Therefore,

N15, 000* 56 = N840, 000

Let’s assume you want to sell them in colony, since you started with breeding stock of top genetics, then your grasscutter must be of top genetics.

A colony of top genetics goes for N65, 000, which means you will have a total of 14 colonies at 1 male and 3 female in a year

N65, 000*14 = N910, 000

Estimated profit of 1 year Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

Assuming you sell off as colonies, then it will be N910, 000 – N335, 000 = N575, 000

If you sell off on retailing price, then it will be N840, 000-N335, 000 = N505, 000

Whichever way you choose to sell your grasscutter, you stand to make over 100% returns on investment annually.

Imaging starting with 4 or 5 colonies, then you’ll be making millions of Naira annually from grasscutter farming.

Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria – Advantages

  • It does not require much capital to start
  • Does not require much space or land to establish it
  • It has both international and local market. In fact, the demand is high internationally
  • The meat has no any side effect. So, it’s health benefit make the demand high
  • The profit margin is over 100%
  • Mortality rate is almost zero percent
  • Doesn’t require much man power

Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria – Challenges

  • It requires high maintenance culture. For effective growth and production you must make sure that the environment is always clean.
  • The presence of soldier ants and snakes greatly affect the existence of grasscutter. Therefore, you must construct the cage or pens in a well-secured manner

Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria- Conclusion

Obviously, you can make much money than you can imagine by engaging in profitable grasscutter farming in Nigeria. But the sad truth is that it is not easy and simple as you may think.

A lot of Nigerians usually jump into business just by seeing a good feasibility study like the one above, without making a due diligent research on how to go about the business.

I don’t want you to be a victim and if you’ve been I don’t want you to continue in that way. To get it right in grasscutter farming in Nigeria, you must learn other grasscutter farming techniques from professional.

You must know techniques such as, where and how to set the farm, identifying high breed or top genetic grasscutter.

The most important aspect of the whole thing about grasscutter farming and management is how to source the market. With professional training you can even learn how to export your grasscutter to countries such as Italy, Germany, Uk, France and USA

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you’re searching where to buy grasscutter in Nigeria, or looking for a comprehensive grasscutter training just leave a comment on the comment section below.

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