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Guardian Newspaper Nigeria – Fake News Publisher?

Are you interested in knowing if the guardian newspaper Nigeria publishes fake news? If yes, then this post is for you. Information is power not knowledge because you can’t be knowledgeable about anything without being properly informed.

Guardian newspaper Nigeria, the guarding NigeriaTherefore, it is wise to find out or investigate the authenticity of the information you are consuming. The guarding newspaper Nigeria has been in existence since 1983 and has been considered the most respected newspaper in Nigeria.

How real is the claim that it is the most respected newspaper in Nigeria? Has it proven to be a reliable publisher of genuine news?

To provide answer to the question above, we’ve to consider the issue relating to the guardian Nigeria newspaper in various forms. First we’ve to look at its foundation, independency and content.

The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria – Foundation

The two men behind the establishment of the guardian newspaper Nigeria were Sir Alex Ibru and Stanly Macebuh. Sir Alex Ibru was a renowned entrepreneur whose interest cut across all human endeavors. He provided the capital required to establish the publishing company with headquarters in Lagos.

While Mr. Stanly Macebuh was the man that brought the technicality that lead to success of the newspaper.  He was a top journalist with Daily Times newspaper before forming a partnership with Ibru that gave birth to The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria.

The quality of the content and high level of edition made the paper looks as if it was just for the elites. But for sure, it is a daily newspaper that covers almost all areas of human life. Ranging from politics, sport, health, entertainment, energy and many more.

The Guardian Nigeria- Independency

Whether a news house publishes fake news or not largely depends on the independency of the newspaper. So, how independent has the guardian Nigerian newspaper been? The answer is simple. They have tried over the years in saying thing as they are.

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Little wonder, two major reporters where jailed by the then administration of General Mohammed Buhari. Yes, reporter Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor were the victim of Decree No.4 of 1984.

In fact, the owner in the person of Alex Ibru survived several attacks to his life because of their openness in reporting. The Guardian Nigeria has been in the forefront of seeking for total independency in journalism in Nigeria.

The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Content

One of the reasons the guardian newspaper is still in circulation today is due to its broad range on issues. Above all, its ability to publish genuine information has been keeping it going irrespective of the challenges.

On the political scene they report based on happening on ground. It is one of the Nigerian newspapers that don’t make assumptions in their reports. They only report facts and figures.

They are usually on target when publishing information on economic matters. Because a lot of Nigerians relies on them for economic data.

The entertainment section of the guardian Nigeria is always filled with fun, which is why their entertainment reporter won 2016 best entertainment reporter award.

Back to the question, is the guardian Nigerian Newspaper fake news publisher? No is the answer because they have stood test of time. They have proof beyond reasonable doubt that they practice investigative journalism.

Their quest to publish genuine and reliable information has even endangered their lives over time. So, read this Nigerian newspaper today.

You can access their online platform by visiting their official website Here.


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