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You [Grail 1 of 5]

The first grail to becoming an internet millionaire starts with you. The word “You” is powerful that you must not neglect it. How are you wired? How connected is your subconscious with your consciousness? Identifying who you are will greatly affect your success in all areas of your life. Are you a starter and not a finisher? Do you doubt yourself? How organized are you?

Honestly provide answer to the questions above then you will start discovering yourself. A lot of people rush to the internet to learn how to make money online. I bet you 95% of such people usually get disappointed. In fact, they end up losing money without making a dime. Why?

There are 3 basic reasons why they fail, which are:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Encounter with scammers
  • Lack of conviction.

Lack of Preparation

I wonder where people learn or hear that money is easily made through the internet. I see adverts going round the internet saying with just a push of button you will make millions within 24 hours. How possible do you think that is. So, a lot of people come online to make money without adequate preparation.

You will believe with me that anything that will give you genuine money is a business. Then how will you think of making money from any business without sitting down to know what and what it will cost you to start such a business.

Making millions of Naira online as people like Joe Okoro, Linda Ikeji, Ronald Nzemora and I is not by accident. It takes a lot of effort, using an established rules and personal dedication. So, you must be prepared both physically, mentally, morally and financially. I lay much emphasis on financial preparation. You must be aware of the amount it will cost you to establish your online business.

Therefore, you need a simple yet detailed business plan. You must know how much the education will cost you, the domain, the hosting, the design, the content and many more. Therefore, if you really want to be an internet millionaire start thinking of a blogging business plan now.

Encounter With Scammers

This has been a major problem we have been facing right from the inception of internet gold rush in Nigeria. I was scammed by so many self acclaimed internet marketing gurus. So I know what it means. In fact, the scammers have demoralized so many intending online millionaire in Nigeria. Without fear or favor I will mention some so called internet marketers that scammed me.

  • Kenneth Ifeanyi
  • Eyetunde Silas
  • Kola. s.
  • Nathaniel Effiong

This is exactly what the scammers do. They buy information products from the international marketers, they read them with little understanding. Then, they go over to success digest, punch or vanguard and placed advert claiming to teach you how to make millions of Naira from the internet.

Out of ignorant and strong believe on those newspapers a lot of Nigerians patronize them. After they get your money they no longer communicate again.  Call them no answer, email them no reply. The simple reason they don’t reply is that they don’t practice what they sold. So, they can’t tell you anything or render any help after selling the product to you.

Do you know the good news? Most of them are nowhere to be found today. They are not ready to put up the fight, energy and effort to make money online. Therefore, I can authoritatively tell you that the number of scammers have drastically reduced because most Nigerians are wiser now. But how do the actions of scammers affect you?

I hear people say, don’t mind them. All this internet marketers are thieves. This means the action of scammers have affected such people negatively. Remember I said the first grail of becoming an internet millionaire is “You”.

Even if you have been scammed or afraid of scammers then you have to change your perception now. Because there are genuine ones’ out there. We have real internet millionaires and you can be one in no distant future.

Go to my scammers corner above to learn more on scammers and how track them.

Lack of Conviction

Let me tell you what conviction will do for you. If you are convinced that you can become an internet millionaire then you will put all the effort, energy and money it takes to make sure you succeed. Also, you will be ready to work round the clock to achieve the desired success. If anybody tells you that you will become an internet millionaire just by working for 2 hours daily then the person must be lying.

In summary, to make a millionaire Naira online starts with you, you must be ready to pay the price. In reality, the pain or effort worth it because once you start making money online then nobody can stop you again. Open your mind, see yourself driving and smiling to the bank monthly from the money you made from the internet. Start re-wiring yourself now.

In my next article  you will discover the 2nd holy grail of making money online as a blogger, which is the role of a mentor. You will learn how to find a genuine mentor and how to approach a mentor such that he/she will never say no.

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