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The Mentor [Grail 2 of 5]


The shortest way to success in every aspect of life is by traveling the route with an experience traveler. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you have no mentor in the area you want to specialize in life then I wonder if you can succeed.

Please, if you are thinking of going into online business or thinking of going into anything in life, please think of a mentor. I was in your shoes some years back. I was toiling, struggling and pushing without a mentor and that was the greatest mistake of my life.

So, if there is nothing you can learn from me, please learn that a competent mentor is as good as your success.

Usually when delivering speech in youths forum, and I mentioned that they must get a mentor to succeed. The next question I get is, where can we find a mentor? Some will say, the ones’ they know are not willing to mentor them.

So, if you are among the categories of people that ask such question and said the latter then listen carefully.

That you don’t find a mentor means that you have not searched. If a person refused to mentor you then you did not follow the right approach. Before I teach you how to get a mentor and how to approach anybody to mentor you, who has been you motivator? Whose effort and result have you seeing that made you to choose the path you are about going? Anyway, that should be your personal answer.

How to choose a mentor

I hope by now you must have chosen the particular area you want to specialize in life. You may have several things you like to specialize on but for now choose just one. And for being here now, it means you are seriously considering making money online or becoming an online millionaire.

Mostly I tell people choose a mentor based on what you see. That means I am talking of result. Let me give a practical instance, if a small performing carpenter mentors you, you will hardly become big carpenter. But, if a big furniture maker or carpenter mentors you then the tendency that you will be big is high but not must.

But there is exception to this, what if you know somebody whose result is great but you can’t have access to him, what do you do in that case? There is this popular saying, you are six persons away from anybody you what to see in life.

So, the six people could be one of the securities in his office, his contact details that you can get from internet and many more. So, think hard, you must surely get one from the six people that will lead you to the said mentor.

How to Approach a Mentor:

Manner of approach matters a lot. I have so many mentors that charge there mentee above one hundred thousand Naira but they never charged me a dime because of how I approached them. And I will give you the exact words I use. You can use this approach either by phone, email or one –on –one.

You start this way: Hello Mr.…….. My name is Mr.…………. we haven’t met yet or I have been trying to see you and finally I am here. I know you are a very busy person. So, I will be brief. I own a very small fish farming business (I am assuming you are talking to a competent fish farmer to mentor you). Over the years I know you have done a fantastic job, building your fish farm into one of the largest fish farm in Nigeria or any other area. I know you had some real challenges when you where first starting out. Mr.……….. I would appreciate if you would consider being my mentor. All that will mean to me is spending 30 minutes weekly responding to some of my questions. I will really appreciate it.  Would you be open to that?

No one has ever said no to my request because they appreciate how I appreciate and commend them. Secondly, 30 minutes request will turn to daily consultation if they see the effort and commitment on your side.

So, if you want to be an internet millionaire in Nigeria today you must have a competent and practicing mentor. But in that of online mentor, there are some things you must look out for.

Firstly, don’t pay much attention to the claim by the mentor saying they make millions of Naira or not. Because with the latest technology anybody can create fake or false video showing you a fake bank account. So, pay little attention to that.

Secondly, pay much attention to the quality of the content of the mentor. Do you see him in his writing? Do you see his sincerity in telling you what to do and what not to do?

Thirdly, how accessible is he? When I mean accessible I don’t mean knowing him one on one. How often can you reach him on phone? Does he call you to ask how far have you gone? Is he interested in your success? Let me shock you a bit. I have never seeing my greatest mentor, Mr. Joe Okoro even in picture. But if you hear us talk over the phone you can think he is my direct elder brother. And all those that know him will testify to that.

So, by now you have known how to choose a mentor and how to approach a mentor. Above all, you have known how to identify a genuine online mentor. So, I am here to mentor you as long as you are ready to work and pay the price both financially and otherwise.

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