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Positioning As An Expert Blogger [Grail 4 of 5]

Positioning as an expert means creating and publishing a professional looking blog like the one you are reading from now. The blog must be well designed. See your blog as shoprite or other big shops around you. You will notice that people love identifying with good and big things.

In fact, people don’t price in those big shops.  So, you will start by designing your blog to match your niche and you will notice that people will forever want to hear from you. Even buy from you.

Creating a professional looking blog starts with choosing and buying an easy to remember domain name as it relates your niche. Then, you choose a good hosting company that accepts Nigerians. Though, I have heard of our indigenous hosting companies but I have not tried any of them.

Thirdly, you install a blog creating software basically wordpress with a good looking theme. In fact, at this point you will need the service of a wordpress designer to give your blog a wonderful look. Those days it takes a lot of money to get a good designer but now it is very, very much affordable. With as little as $5 to $20 you will get a well designed blog theme.

Just professionally designing your blog does not bring the millions we are talking about. So, you need contents that will help your prospect to an extent. That means you need to provide a well researched content.

There is this popular saying among the internet marketers’ that “Content is king”. Come to think of it. People come online to search for information that will help them. In fact, they are ready to pay for any information that will solve their problem.

So, your ability to source and present well researched or well writing information on your blog will generate good readers to your blog.

But here lies the problem. Many to be online millionaires first complain is, “I can’t write”. I “don’t know how to write”. “Writing is my problem”. But before I reveal a shocking truth to you, let me ask you one question, do you think that all the content found in Linda Ikeji’s blog are written by her? No is the answer.

So you can be a successful blogger without knowing how to write and I will tell how. Above all, I want to tell you that writing is the simplest profession anybody can embark on as long as you can talk, you can write.

If you know those things you can tell anybody through your mouth put it into writing then you have become a writer.  If you can tell a story on how real Madrid won the champions league back to back then put it into writing. With that you have become a sport journalist.

Another top secret of becoming a writer is becoming a good reader. When you read about things and understand them, then you can put things into writing as you understand them. With that you are a writer. Do you see how simple it is to become a writer?

Another powerful way of becoming an online good writer is through publishing other people write up. But you must give them credit as to that. As long as you give credit to the writer or website then it is not plagiarism.

Let me give you instance on how it is done. Let’s assume you are on diabetes niche and you come across a good write up on how to cure diabetes naturally.  And you want to re-publish it on your blog, what do you do?

You will start with, I saw this piece of content written by this…….. in his website……… It is very educative and helpful. But I think it is lacking in just one part so I included the part in the last part of this article. So just search for one point or any useful information and add to the last part, you are done.

Or you can go ahead and publish the content. Then at the end of the article you write, article originally published by……….. at www………….. but make sure that the website link you got the content from is not clickable because it will take your readers away from your website.

So by now you must have seen that you can easily position yourself as an expert without being Chimuamanda and co.

Watch out the 5th holy grail titled “getting the real buyers to your blog”. The art of getting real buyers or customers is what separates the baby bloggers from the big boys. And the next article will reveal how to get those that are ready to pay any amount to get solution to their problems.

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