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Getting Real Buyers to Your Blog [Grail 5 of 5]

No matter how psychological prepared you are and no matter how good looking your website is and no matter the quality of the content, you can’t make money without the right visitors to the site.

So, the question remains, how do we get real buyers of our content or products? Anyway, let me be a bit professional here. In online marketing, the site visitors are known as traffic. The more targeted the traffic is the more money you will make.

Let me illustrate this. Assuming you are a car seller and after you open your shop you keep seeing children coming to say, hey I love this car, how much is it? Do you think you will make a sale? But what if it is a candy store, you will really make sales because those children will go home and force their parents to buy for them.

Therefore, the children are targeted traffic to the candy store not the car shop. With this illustration, I believe you understand what we mean by traffic. In a nut shell, targeted traffic is the people that buy what you are selling. So, anytime you hear about traffic, I am talking of people or buyers.

Above all, all those that are having emotional and health related issues or problems are easily convinced and are easily ready to pay for any information that will bring relief to their problems. So, always see yourself as problem solver.

Types of traffic

Take note, all I am saying about traffic here is targeted traffic. There are two types of traffic. Namely:

  • External traffic
  • Internal traffic

External traffic is that traffic that you don’t have control over them. While internal traffic is that traffic you have control over.

You only build the internal traffic through the external traffic. This means that you need to capture the external traffic and convert it to internal traffic. The question is, how do you do that?

Websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Google and many other top ranking website have the external traffic (people). So, you will source the traffic from them and convert it to yours by capturing emails.

So, to get actual buyers you must identify them and tell them you have solution to their problem through Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing or other form of online traffic generation techniques.

In fact, this is the ultimate knowledge you can develop to become millionaire in a short period from now. Therefore, you can only get targeted buyers from big websites such as Facebook and other related site.

Finally, you can become a millionaire by internalizing those buyers so that you can get to them any time you so wish.

The act of capturing the people email and selling to them through email broadcast is what is known as relationship marketing. I can’t over emphasize this; the money is in the email list.


With these 5 holy grail series I am well convinced that you have acquired the basic knowledge of blogging that guarantee you have a better life in no distant time.

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