How much to charge for guest posts
How much to charge for guest posts

How Much to Charge for Guest Posts

The first time a publisher approached me for a guest post on my blog. I had a mixed feelings of being excited and confused. So, I had to quickly ask my mentor, how much to charge for guest posts on my blog?

So you are not alone in this. The request by publishers to guest post on your blog comes with great joy. The joy is much that a lot of bloggers mess things up along the way.

To avoid such a scenario, I have prepared this article to guide you on the actual amount you need to charge to guest post on your blog.

There are basic factors you must consider before placing value on your site. Also, there are things to avoid, if you want to get things right.

The last part of every metric discussed here contain the estimated cost of posting guest posts on a blog

So, let’s look into guest posting guidelines for a blog

Factors to consider before placing value on your site

Domain Authority

As the name implies, it is the perceived domain strength in the eyes of search engines. In that case, the search engine rank domains based on the domain authority.

A blog with higher domain authority has a great possibility of ranking on the first page of Google easily

Domain authority score ranges from zero to 100. With zero being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

There are lots of factors that determine the domain authority score. The most essential being the quality and relevance of the sites linking to your domain.

DA Traffic  Publishing Fee 
20+ 1,000 – 3999 $30 – $60
20+ 4,000 – 9,999 $40-1000
30+ 10,000-99,999 $80-$150
40+ 100,000 – 499,999 $130-$300
40+ 500,000 $800 – $15,000


This is the number of unique organic visitors to your site daily, weekly, and monthly. A website with high traffic is an indication of trust from readers. So, how much to charge for guest posts should be high if your website is having a high volume of traffic monthly

Traffic  Publishing Fee 
Under 500 $0-20
Under 1000 $10-50
1,000 – 3999 $30 – $60
4,000 – 9,999 $40-1000
10,000-99,999 $80-$150
100,000 – 499,999 $130-$300
500,000 $800 – $15,000

Trust flow

The search engine calculates the trust flow score based on the quality of the backlink on a site. It is obvious you should know the quality of the backlink on your website. If your website has a high trust flow then the chances of charging high will be high.

TF Traffic  Publishing Fee 
0-10+ Under 500 $0-20
10+ Under 1000 $10-50
15+ 1,000 – 3999 $30 – $60
15+ 4,000 – 9,999 $40-1000
20+ 10,000-99,999 $80-$150
20+ 100,000 – 499,999 $130-$300
25+ 500,000 $800 – $15,000

How much to charge for guest posts – Things to Avoid

It is unethical to ask for money from a publisher to publish his article on your blog for a backlink. Google frown at that, so never ask a publisher directly for money in exchange for a link.

In other words, don’t charge them directly because some of them will report your website to Google. You have to sound professional, which you do by asking for the cost of doing an editorial review of the content.

Yes, most bloggers have editors. Therefore, tell them the price of editorial review of their content. As such, no one will say you are charging for a backlink.

Avoid accepting articles on toxic niches. Niches such as casinos, porn, or adult are toxic. Google hates such niches and also hates any site associated with them.

No matter how mouth-watering the offer is, avoid such sites because the risk is not worth taking.

You must follow these guest post guidelines if you want to remain on top.

Above all, on how much to charge for a guest post, make sure that the quality of the content is worth publishing on your website.

Low content articles affect the search engine ranking of websites. So, stick to quality at all times.

Go to the extent of rejecting a low quality or poorly written content, even if the pay is high. Remember, your blog is your business today, tomorrow, and as long as it can last.

 How much to charge for guest posts- FAQs 

Should I allow guest posts on my blog?

The question of, should I allow guest posts on my blog is common among new bloggers. If you belong to this category the answer to your question is a big yes.

To be candid, guest posting on your blog will be one of your major sources of income.

Just stick to quality and follow all the guest post guidelines listed above.

How much to charge for a blog post?

There are a lot of factors that determine how much to charge for a blog post. You should consider the factors listed above as it relates to your blog.

There are no hard and fast rules or fixed prices for guest posting. Always try to get the best out of your blog.

How much to charge for guest posts – Conclusion

It is obvious that by now you must have a clear understanding of how much to charge for guest posts on your blog.

Always remember that there are no fixed prices for a guest post. It all depends on a lot of factors, and your negotiation power.

As a rule of thumb, never accept low-quality content and avoid bad niches because they will affect your site ranking negatively.

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