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How to Apply For Tony Elemelu Foundation Grant

Tony Elumelu foundation application form for 2020 applicants will soon be available for potential entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large.

To apply, you need to sign up in the portal.  Which the link to the portal will only be available on the 1st of Jan 2020.

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Before then take time to read below, what it takes to be shortlisted

Any money specifically given to you for the sole aim of starting a business, and without an agreement of repaying is called grant.  In a layman language, it is free money because you will never be asked to pay back.

But the only strict condition attached to the gift is that you must start and run a business with the money. Therefore, in this article, you are going to read on how to apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant, in order to raise the capital you need for your business today

Tony Elemelu Foundation is a vehicle or avenue for every serious Nigerian or African to apply and get the fund required to start a business. So, if you are interested in knowing how to apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant then this article is for you.

A lot of Nigerian entrepreneurs have applied for this grant over the years without success. So the question is,  what is wrong? Does it mean that it is not meant for Nigerian entrepreneurs?

Before I guide you on how to secure Tony Elumelu Foundation grant, I will like to tell you why you must believe me. I am a mentor with tony Elemelu for the past 3 years to date.

My many years of mentoring youths around Africa through the Tony Elumelu Foundation have given me a better understanding of what it takes to have a high chance of being selected.

Personal Experience

Having said that, all I am about to teach you here is from my personal experience. Therefore, do not in any way guarantee that you must get the grant.

The only thing I can assure you is that once you follow my guide. The odds of been shortlisted will be on your side.

In other words, the chances of getting the Tony Elumelu foundation grant will be high.

Because I have mentored and guided some entrepreneurs to success.  And today they are enjoying the free money from Tony Elumelu Foundation.

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Tips of How to Apply For Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant

  1. You must apply early. Once the portal is opened, you should apply immediately. This means that you must be ready with your content and ideas before the opening date.
  2. Do not write or fill the form online. Instead, do everything offline, and copy and paste when filling the form
  3. You must be professional or good at the WAO us section.
  4. You must come with a clear business and financial definition
  5. Clearly state your leadership experience
  6. Clearly, state the trick and tips on how to scale your business

Knowing how to technically write these 6 sections will greatly increase your chance of succeeding in getting the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant.

Special Service

With the tips above, it is glaring that you must have gotten an answer to your question on how to apply for the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant.

In case you need professional service on writing and submitting your business Idea then contact me on 07033680227.

Or use the contact me link above to reach me.

Remember it is a first come first serve.

Some years ago a lot of people could not get their work done due to the volume I had.

Therefore, my business development and proposal writing for the tony Elemelu foundation is open just for 5 people this year.


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