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How to Make Money In Nigeria – 2 Sure Ways

How to make money in Nigeria? Yes, the economy is biting hard, businesses are folding up and salaries are hardly paid. Therefore, if you are searching for how to make money in Nigeria, then you are not alone.

How to make money in NIgeria

There are basically two sure ways to make money in Nigeria and they are

  • Offline
  • Online

How to Make Money in Nigeria- Offline

Making money offline as Nigerians has been our tradition from onset. This involve physically buying and selling of goods and services.  In most cases it involves searching for a good site or shop and renting. After which you will stock it with goods for sale or render service such as barbing and many more.

Today, we will be looking into various businesses you can start offline with little or no capital and grow it to as big as you can.  But before then I will like to reveal to you one basic secret of every successful business.

The secret of every successful business is that you must be at least 90% involved in it. You must have an in-depth knowledge of the business.

Having known the secret to every successful business, then let’s go direct to 4 businesses you can start today in your quest in knowing how to make money in Nigeria.

  1. Deal Making

This is my favorite and I have made so much money from it. The interesting thing about deal making is that you don’t need a dime to start it or a shop. All you need is confidence and relationship building. I hope you have heard the popular saying the goes like this “Your network determines your net worth”. This saying is 100% correct if you want to be a successful deal maker.

As a deal maker your job will be to be bringing two demands together. Take note: I didn’t say a buyer and seller; I mean two people that are really in need. How does it work?

First, you must establish deep or good relationship with services provides such as nurses, lawyers, doctors, tailors and any other service providers you can reach. In addition, you should also have good relationship with sellers of building material, clothes or any other physical materials you can think of.

The number one rule is that anybody that served you well or you enjoyed buying from have become a potential friend or part of your network. This is because you will be referring people to them based on your experience with their services or goods you bought.

Now this is how deal making goes, I will be narrating it as I always do it. After a tailor sowed my cloth at Aba in Abia state I found out that he is good and people keep asking me where did I sow it. So, I went back to the tailor and told him that I will be directing clients to you and I will have N2, 000 per client from you. Therefore, it is up to you to know how to factor in the money. And I ask, do we have an agreement and he said yes.

Could you believe that I less than 6 months I was able to gain over N400, 000 from just directing people to the tailor.

Also, I have a pediatric doctor and a lawyer that I direct clients to from which I make money from almost every month.

The question or what will be going through your mind now is how to get clients for these people. Okay it is simple. Anybody or everybody you come across is a potential client. All you have to do is to always pay attention to people as they complain of one problem or the other.

Your neighbors’, friends, church members and everybody along the street is your own client. Just pay attention and listen to their problem and promise to proffer solution free. But behind the scene you are into agreement with the service providers.

How about connecting buyers and sellers? Let me narrate a story on how I made over 1 million Naira in two weeks as a deal maker.

There was a very big building that was erected near my house. So, immediately they started the foundation, I approached the engineer and told him that I am into plumbing material supply and that I will supply you every plumbing material here at the best price in town. In fact, before then I have gone to the largest plumbing material dealer in the state and told him that I am a deal maker that I will be bringing customers that buy in large quantities.

In fact, I told him that I will be giving them the best price in town, that I will only make money from the discount I will get from him. He agreed and at the end of the day I made over 1 million Naira from that deal.

So, if you want to use deal making as one of the ways on how to make money in Nigeria then sky is your limit.

As a deal maker, make sure you introduce yourself very well because a lot of people don’t know much about deal making.

  1. Mini Importation

This is one of the easiest ways to make money in Nigeria. I have done it and can authoritatively tell you that it is worth doing. In addition, you don’t need much money to start this business. From my personal experience you can comfortably start this business with N50, 000. This business is easy to operate but that is only when you have the right information. There are 3 basic things you need to succeed in this line of business and they are:

  • Internet connection
  • Middle man
  • Market

How to make money in Nigeria

Internet Connection

You will be importing basically from china. Therefore you need an internet connection to make research on the goods and who you will be buying from. Most people will advise you to buy from but I will tell you to buy from There are more to this.

Middle man

As a matter of fact this is where I had serious problem when I started before I got it right through a friend. The middle men are those that will help you buy the goods in china and receive it from seller and finally ensure that it gets to you here in Nigeria. In fact, your success in mini importation business largely depends on who you use as a middle man.


This is a very big factor to consider. After I got the information on how to import from china I was so excited that I just jump into importing gum. I thought there will be market for such gum because we have lots of phone repairers but I was badly disappointed. I imported the large size, while the repairers use small size of the gum. So it took me so much time to get them sold.

So, if you are still searching for how to make money in Nigeria then search no more and jump into action now.

  1. Laundry and Dry Cleaning

For anyone searching for how to make money in Nigeria laundry and dry cleaning is a good opportunity. It is good because it does not require much capital and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

how to make money in Nigeria

These days, peoples’ nature of work no longer gives them time to clean their environment and even wash their clothes. So they are ready to pay anybody that can do that for them. All you need to establish this business is just a pressing table, pressing iron and a generator. It is obvious you can still start this business with less N50, 000.

The profit level of this business is so high that you can grow in it in a very short period. If you think you can’t go far with this business let me reveal to you one more secret.

You can go ahead to ask for washing contract in hotels, hospitals, companies and many more. Therefore, there is huge potential in this area of how to make money in Nigeria.

  1. Filling in Demand

Filling in demand is another name for supply. Take note: The fastest way to make money in Nigeria is by sourcing goods from area of abundance and taking it to area of lack. For instance, the northern parts of Nigeria is blessed with a lot of agricultural produce such as beans, cucumber, dried or smoked fish and many more.

So, you can make money quickly in Nigeria by bringing some of these farm produce from the north to the eastern or southern part of the country. Vice versa.  The major problem with this type of business is that most time you supply to the buyers on credit. Therefore, you must make a detailed research on a reliable buyer who you will be supplying to when the need arise.

Nigeria is a blessed country with the population of almost 200,000000 people and that means it is a huge market. Before going into any business in life ask yourself these questions:

  • Has anyone made it in this business?
  • Am I prepared to face the unforeseen circumstances that go with business?

If your answer is yes, then I advise you to seek the mentorship from the person. Because that is the fastest way to make money in Nigeria.  Business comes with a lot of unforeseen circumstances and your ability to face them makes you a better business man or woman

How to Make Money In Nigeria – Online

A lot of Nigerians have turn to making money online due to the buzz that is going round the internet. At the same time, a lot of Nigerians have failed and still a lot of people don’t even believe it is possible.

To clear you of any doubt, I am authoritatively telling you that you cannot only make money online but you can make a living online. The question is how do I know? To provide you with a convincing answer, please watch the video below to see clear evidence of my earnings over the years online.

With that in mind, I can boldly tell you that there are two basic things you can do to make a living online. They are:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing

Before going into details, I will like to tell you that making money online is not easy as you may think. It is a business and you must do it as one. The only good thing about making money online is that you don’t need much money to start. In fact, you can start without investing a dime as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

Blogging and freelancing goes hand in hand. There is no way you will be a good blogger without being a writer. But the good news is that you can make a living online without being a writer. How? Remember we are talking of how to make money in Nigeria online. Therefore, click the link below to learn professionally everything you need to know as a blogger.

It is a 5 series course through which you can learn how to blog from beginning to end. It is free. Yes it is completely free.


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