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How to Promote Your Music on Social Media
How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

One of the biggest perks of social media is music promotion. It is almost unheard of to be a musician today and not be on social media. As an artist, you must learn how to promote your music on social media.

Using social media platforms helps you grow your fan base. While social media music promotion doesn’t guarantee instant success, it gives you access to an array of resources and benefits. This post will provide you with tips on how to promote your music on social media.

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

Creating high-quality music is a mix of gift and skill. The challenge is that creating good music doesn’t guarantee success as an artist. Most of your success lies in how well you can promote your music. As we have established above, social media is one of the best tools for music promotion. This section will show you how to promote your music on social media efficiently and effectively.

Draw up a solid marketing strategy

Many people consider marketing a difficult task, especially when they have to market themselves. Well, it isn’t as difficult as you think it is. The easiest way to market yourself or any product is to first draw up a solid marketing strategy.

Put together a marketing plan to help you sell your music on social media. When you do this, you can figure out how best to channel your efforts for optimal results.

Figure out the best social media platforms for you

Here’s one mistake most people who market through social media make, they want to use all the platforms available. That’s wrong, not all the platforms work for all purposes and target audiences. Choosing a social media platform should be dependent on your purposes and target audience.

Some people are versatile on Instagram and Facebook but do not appear on Twitter or TikTok. Figure out what platforms your target audience makes use of the most. If you don’t understand the algorithm of this platform or how to use it, take some time to learn. Now, focus your efforts on driving your music via this platform. The good news is that you can make use of more than one platform for your music promotion.

Connect with your fans

Finding the best social media platform is just one aspect of the job. You need to create posts that connect with your fans. It is always best to interact with fans on social media. That’s the only way you can successfully promote your music using social media.

There are several ways to connect with fans while trying to use social media for music promotion. Some of them include:

  • Inviting fans to duet the song.
  • Running a dance challenge.
  • Asking for album art designs, etc.

Sync posts across social media platforms

One of the benefits of using social media is that you can sync posts across platforms. For example, you can post something on Instagram and it appears on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. What matters is knowing how to sort out your settings properly.

When putting up your posts, remember to tag any other artists that you worked with. Also, make sure that you are consistent with your posts. Don’t put up one image on Instagram and another on Facebook. You must be consistent across platforms.

Schedule posts

Another benefit of using social media for music promotion is that you can schedule posts. This feature comes in handy when you have several pieces of content to put up and you are quite busy. You can sit down one day, and schedule your posts and they can go up based on your schedule.

This automation makes life easy for everyone. While you cannot schedule posts directly on social media platforms, several tools can help you. Research the best social media automation tools and pick one that suits your purposes. Examples include Hootsuite, Pagemodo, and Sprout Social.

Different Social Media Platforms, Their Pros, and Cons

This section will focus on the different social media platforms and their pros and cons for music promotion. We will focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check them out below:


The easiest method of growing your followership on Facebook is through advertisements. Facebook has more users than any other platform in the world. This makes it one of the best social media platforms for music promotion. Check out its pros and cons for music promotion below:


Facebook has the most powerful advertising functionality of all the social media platforms that exist. One of the biggest perks of using this platform is that it allows integration with other social media platforms. Another benefit of working with Facebook is that it allows you to post all kinds of content. As such, you can post text, videos, images, and live videos. This platform also allows you to pay for sponsored ads for a targeted audience.


Facebook changes its mode of operation every few months. Because of this, you must continue learning and relearning to keep up with the pace. Another challenge with Facebook is that the platform is quite busy so viewers can get easily distracted.


Growing your followership on Instagram depends mostly on using the right hashtags. By the right hashtags, we don’t mean the most popular ones. Make use of hashtag research tools to find the best hashtags for your posts. Also, make sure that you post stories frequently since the algorithm supports accounts that do this.


The number of Instagram users is increasing by the day. It is one of the easiest and cheapest means of promoting your music on social media. You can create all kinds of content to engage your audience and make use of the live feature for a wider reach.


The biggest challenge with Instagram is that it doesn’t allow you to link away from the app. You can’t post a link to your music without first running an ad. The only way to achieve this is to direct your followers to the link in your bio.


Creating great content is the best way to attract followers on Twitter. While the follow/unfollow technique is an option, it hardly gets you worthwhile followers. With great content, you will get likes, retweets, and an organic following.


Twitter is great if you want to have conversations with your fans. This platform has an instantaneous nature that allows for quick activity and lots of engagement.


It is very difficult to get click-throughs and engagements on Twitter. The reason is that Twitter works at a very rapid pace. People prefer short bursts of information instead of whole videos.

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media-FAQ

How do I get my Music Noticed?

There are various ways you get your music noticed. You need to promote your music to get to your audience. One of such ways is to promote it via social media accounts. Or you can pay music promoters to get the job done for you.

The bottom line is that you need to promote your music

Which Social Media is best for Promoting Music?

Your choice of social media to promote your music depends on the type of music and where you think you can find your audience.

However, there is a list of social media that has produced wonderful results for most musicians like you. So, there is no harm in trying them out.

My professional advice is to master a particular one before moving to another one. The list of the social media to promote your music is:


Tik Tok




Facebook and many more

How do you get your music Noticed on Instagram?

Obviously, Instagram is one of the best social media to promote your music. And the result from other musicians shows that you need to promote your music on Instagram. To get it done, read this article titled how to promote your music channel on Instagram.


That’s it for how to promote your music through social media. We have shown you a few strategies to adopt and the different social media platforms you should consider. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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