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How to Promote Youtube Channel on Instagram
How to Promote Youtube Channel on Instagram

How to Promote Youtube Channel on Instagram

When Dennis my bosom friend asked me if he should promote his YouTube channel on Instagram? I didn’t hesitate to advise him to go ahead because it worked for me. Though it wasn’t easy for me because when I started there was no much information on how to promote YouTube channel on Instagram online.

If you are a Youtuber who wants to get the real visibility that brings riches via your YouTube channel, then read on. Instagram is one of the best social media to promote YouTube channels, so you are on the right path to get things done.

Without further ado, let’s dig deep into how to grow a YouTube channel on Instagram using established principles that work like magic.

Before you think of promoting your YouTube videos on Instagram, you must start with building a loyal audience on Instagram. That leads us to how to build a loyal audience on Instagram.

How to build an Audience on Instagram

There are 3 steps to building a loyal audience on Instagram, which are:

1.  Profile

You have to make sure you build a complete and friendly profile of yourself on the platform. This means having a real image of you on your wall.

You should go further by telling your potential audience details about you such as educational qualification, skill, and many more.

When you have a complete platform profile, people will easily be attracted you without a doubt.

2. Value

You must add value to your followers through quality education. People are attracted to where they will learn new things.

Therefore, think of quality information or niche that people will always come around to learn from you.

3.  Attract Followers

The fastest way to attract followers on Instagram is by following others in your niche. It is a give and take system. So, search for people in your area of interest, connect and share values.

They will in turn follow and share your profile link, which will lead to the rapid growth of followers or audience. After these three steps, it is time to learn how to promote YouTube channel on Instagram

How to Promote Youtube Channel on Instagram

This is the point where I reveal the exact steps you need to follow on how to promote YouTube video on Instagram. There are 7 steps to follow, which are:

  • Tagging
  • The use of direct message feature
  • Provide value
  • Use the Instagram redirect feature
  • Use the share button
  • Apply the hashtag principle
  • Have a posting routine

Let’s consider each step listed above in detail

Step 1. Tagging

Tagging means you specifically notify some of your audiences on Instagram of your new video on your YouTube channel.

You tag those who you know frequently engage with your post on Instagram. Such people are most likely to share your video link because they have shown commitment to your post from the onset.

A single tagging of the right person with your video link can drive thousands of visitors to your channel.

Don’t forget to request that they help you share or repost if they get value from your content.

Step 2: Use the Direct Message feature

As the name implies, you need to directly message some of your followers, informing them of your YouTube channel.

In that case, you must briefly explain to them the purpose of the channel. Also, ask them to share your videos as much as possible.

I utilized this feature maximally when I was trying to promote my channel on Instagram.

Step 3: Align Values

Your YouTube channel should be of the same purpose or should be of the same niche as your Instagram.

Creating videos or YouTube channel that does not tally with your Instagram audience will never yield the desired result.

Therefore, make sure that your YouTube channel is aligned with your Instagram page. That will boost your views and sharing of your video links.

Step 4: Use the Redirect Feature

One of the most essential parts of your Instagram account is the bio section. It serves as a notice board to whoever lands on your account.

Interestingly, you can edit your bio section as many times as you want, provided it sends a good message to your followers.

This means that you should add your YouTube channel link to your bio section. Invariably, you are redirecting your Instagram followers and visitor to your YouTube channel. There is no better way to grow a YouTube channel than this.

Step 5: Use the Share Button

The share button on your Instagram account is designed to help you distribute your content to the areas ordinarily it wouldn’t reach.

Once you drop a new video on your channel, announce that on your Instagram and share the announcement using the share button

Step 6: Use the Hashtag

When it comes to how to promote YouTube channel on Instagram the use of hashtags cannot be overemphasized.

Hashtags help your content get to the right audience organically. So, when you write about your new video on your Instagram, use hashtags.

The use of hashtags improves visibility and helps search engines locate content fast.

Step 7: Have a posting routine

Having a posting routine translates to consistency. In other words, your success depends on how frequently you post on social media. Every of your post on Instagram should have a link to your YouTube channel. By so doing, you will gain the attraction and visibility you need.

How to Promote YouTube Channel on Instagram-FAQ

  • Should you promote your YouTube channel on Instagram?

Without mincing words, you should, but that should be after you might have built a loyal audience on Instagram.

  • How do I promote my YouTube video on Instagram?

This question of how to promote YouTube video on Instagram is similar to what you read above with little difference.

The difference here is in the link. A YouTube video link is different from a YouTube channel link. So, if you want to promote a video, then just copy the link and play around with it on your Instagram account.

How to Promote Youtube Channel on Instagram-Conclusion

Obviously, you need not be confused about the best social media to promote YouTube channel. This post has made it clear that you can achieve great visibility using Instagram to promote your YouTube videos.

Just follow the principles above and remain focused, you will be amazed at the result you will achieve in the next shortest possible time

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