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How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram
How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram

Would you like to know how to remove ghost followers on Instagram? Many Instagram users often resort to apps that promise to remove such followers. We don’t advise you to take the same step. Why?

Would you like to know how to remove ghost followers on Instagram? Many Instagram users often resort to apps that promise to remove such followers. We don’t advise you to take the same step. Why?

Most of those apps end up blocking you from carrying out certain actions. In some other cases, Instagram blocks your account temporarily or permanently, depending on the glitch. Here’s something that you should know, Instagram doesn’t like its users connecting it to apps it hasn’t authorized. Most of the ghost follower apps fall into this category.

How then can you remove ghost followers on Instagram? This post will show you a few practical steps to help you solve this problem.

Explaining Ghost Followers on Instagram

One question most individuals on Instagram ask is, “what are ghost followers on Instagram?” Instagram terms accounts that are fake or inactive as ghost followers. You usually get those fake accounts from giveaways or purchases. The reason Instagram considers these accounts as ghost followers is because they never engage or interact with your content. They only boost your follower number, they don’t add any value to the content you post.

Another way you may have gathered ghost followers is if you have had your Instagram account for a long time. Some individuals may have followed you when you first set up the account but aren’t on Instagram anymore. Also, if you changed the kind of content you post, certain followers may withdraw from engaging in your new content.

Why Should You Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram?

Instagram has an interesting algorithm. The more engagements your posts get in relation to your following, the more the content gets seen. Having inactive followers reduces your number of engagements drastically.

Removing ghost accounts helps you to increase engagement and attract more attention to your posts. This is very important if you are an influencer, business, or celebrity. More engagements mean better brand deals and customers to patronize your brand.

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram

By now, you must be intrigued about the idea of getting rid of ghost followers on Instagram. The question is, “how do you remove these inactive followers?” Grab a seat and let’s show you a few proven methods you can try out.

Do it yourself

This method might be time and effort-consuming but it is very practical and produces great results. There are two ways to get rid of these followers by yourself.

The first method is to go through your followers to see those that haven’t engaged with your posts recently. By engaging, we mean those that haven’t liked or commented at all on your posts.

A good way to do this is to make use of a scraping program. It helps you to compare your list of followers to those who have engaged with your posts. Any follower that hasn’t engaged with your last 60 posts is likely a ghost follower. You can manually unfollow such individuals but you must be wary of the algorithm as well. Don’t unfollow more than 30 individuals per hour else you will alarm the sensitive Instagram algorithm.

Another way to remove ghost followers on Instagram by yourself is to remove suspicious-looking accounts from your list. Suspicious accounts include accounts lacking posts or profile photos as well as accounts without recent activity.

Hire a professional

A proven method is to hire a professional. Worried about giving out your account details to a total stranger? The good news is that you don’t need to. These individuals can safely rid your account of ghost followers without your login details.

A good place to find such professionals is Fiverr. These individuals work with self-developed, 100% safe algorithms to analyze your followers. Their algorithm shows users that haven’t reacted to any of your last 40 posts. They hand you this list and the data you need to manually delete such accounts upon completion.

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These professionals offer this service at pocket-friendly rates but will mostly work with accounts that have above 20k followers.

How do you Avoid Ghost Followers on Instagram?

The only way to completely avoid fake accounts and bots is to set your profile to private. Doing this allows you to accept followers upon request. However, not everyone is comfortable with following such private accounts. You may not be comfortable setting your profile to private as well, depending on your purposes.

If setting your profile to private isn’t an option, here are a few things you can do to avoid ghost followers on Instagram:

Don’t purchase or use Instagram accounts with pre-existing followers

Several agencies that sell existing Instagram accounts are available. Most of these accounts come loaded with tons of followers. While this might look great, it doesn’t give you the perfect head start. The reason is that many of their followers are bots. As mentioned earlier, you should avoid such followers.

Don’t pay for followers

Having large followership on Instagram is great. But it isn’t advisable to purchase followers. It is best to grow your followership organically.

Avoid paying for engagements

Another common practice on Instagram is paying for engagements. Of course, increasing your engagement rate is great for your content. However, it isn’t a lasting solution to your need for engagement. Soon, your account will return to where it was before you bought engagements.

How to Remove Ghost Followers on Instagram-Conclusion

Great job, you now know how to remove ghost followers from Instagram. We have also shown you the effect of ghost followers on your account and how to avoid such accounts. Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section if you have any.

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