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How to Run a Profitable Laundry Business in Nigeria

Are you really interested in starting a laundry business in Nigeria? If yes, then welcome to my blog. Population statistics have recently revealed that the world’s population stands at almost 8 billion, one-eighth of which falls under working class. These statistics make it evident that laundry business is very much needed and is indeed one of the most profitable business ventures to indulge in.

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This is because laundry business in Nigeria caters for the laundry needs of the working class, ensuring that they have neat clothes. After all, how can they appear in the office with dirty clothes? And what time do they have to clean up their wardrobes?

Laundry businesses are springing up in almost every major city in the world, Nigeria is not an exception. Today we will be hearing from an expert in the laundry field, Mr. Phillip, who has been into the business for five years and counting. He will be answering a few questions that should provide us insight to how to start profitable laundry business in Nigeria

Before We Continue, What Exactly is Laundry Business?

I like to give definitions in such a way that the layman can easily understand, especially when it has to do with my business. Laundry business simply put is one which involves the art of washing clothes or apparel as a public service for money.

The washing could be done using a machine or manually and the owner picks the apparel up on the agreed date after paying the fee. Are you surprised that I used the word art?

You shouldn’t be, when you consider how the clothes should look after the process then you would agree with me that it is an art. The clothes have to be neatly washed and if agreed upon, ironed and well packaged.

What Are The Opportunities That Abound in The Laundry Business in Nigeria?

There are several opportunities that abound in laundry business in Nigeria, three however stand out and I will describe them.

  1. General laundry. This is described as one of the most profitable aspects of the laundry business. This is because it entails all of the major processes, washing, starching and ironing. When all of these is considered you will discover that there is a lot of money to be made.
  2. Ironing. A lot of homes presently have machines for washing and just need someone to iron the clothes. This aspect of the business requires the entrepreneur to just iron the washed clothes and package them at a fee. This means less stress and more money for the entrepreneur.
  3. Special services. This aspect deals with home service where the entrepreneur goes to carry out the laundry processes in the home of the client. For this singular cause, the entrepreneur earns far more than he will while working from his shop/office.

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Steps to Take in Starting up a Laundry Business in Nigeria

This is key to any business, not just the laundry business. If the right steps are taken, you can rest assured that the business will surely succeed.

Carry Out a Feasibility Study And Write a Detailed Business Plan.

You must be wondering why I muddled up two steps into one. It is simple; both steps are interwoven because you can hardly write a detailed business plan without a proper feasibility study.

 It is imperative that you take time to understand the business you’re about to indulge in.  find out what area of town best suits your purposes and what kind of customers are present there.

Check also the prices of other laundry businesses and the services they offer. With all of these information, draw up a business plan that will act as your guide in running the business.

Choose a Site For Your Business

I don’t need to emphasize that where a business is located has a toll on the success of the business on the long run.

From your feasibility study, you should be able to discover the best part of town for your business. Put the business is a place that is easily accessible to clients, if possible in an area known for both human and vehicular traffic.

You may also decide to put the laundry close to other businesses that attract lots of clients. One of such is a relaxation bar.

Obtain Necessary Permits.

Before commencing operations it is expedient to be registered with the necessary regulatory bodies and obtain the necessary permits. This is important to keep the business from unnecessary embarrassment in the future. Also registration gives the business some reputation points with the customers and increases their trust in the business.

Equip Your Business.

Now that you have gotten all the permits and a place to begin your laundry business, you can begin to purchase equipment needed to start laundry business in Nigeria for optimal services. Some of the majors include:

  1. Washing basins and washing machines.
  2. Alternative power source, considering the state of power generation in the country.
  3. Pressing iron and ironing tables.
  4. Garment conveyor.
  5. Detergent, chemicals and starch.
  6. Water storage tank.
  7. Packing nylons, tags and hangers.

Please note that the list is not restricted to these, you can add some more based on your creativity and personal preferences.

Spread The Word About Your Business.

This is one of the most important aspects of business. In business it is wise to blow your trumpet in the streets as loud as you can. Ensure that you put your business in the face of as many people as you can. There are several ways to achieve this, using social media, handbills, billboards, referrals, promos, affordable prices and brand distribution.

How profitable is the laundry business in Nigeria?

This is one very important question that every businessman must answer before diving into any business. I have been involved with the laundry business in Nigeria for 5 years and I can boldly say that the business is highly profitable, I would break it down. To start up, you need just a little above #550,000. This will cover for registration, rent, purchase of equipment and materials and publicity.

If you set your price for basic laundry services at #300 per clothing item and you have 15 clients daily bringing 10 clothes, we can easily calculate how much you will make monthly.

Price for each piece of clothing – #300

Number of items per customer – 10

Daily patronage – 15

Daily income = price per clothing x number of items x daily patronage

Therefore, daily income = 300 x 10 x 15 = #45,000

If you work from Mondays to Saturdays, 6 days a week = #45,000 x 6 = #270,000

That means in a month you should make, #270,000 x 4 weeks = #1,080,000

Though this figure will definitely reduce when you deduct taxes, maintenance and service charges.

Are There Any Challenges With Running The Laundry Business in Nigeria?

There is no business without its fair share of challenges. I would briefly state a few challenges experienced in the laundry business.

  1. Poor electricity could hamper the laundry business and reduce profits.
  2. Delivery can be hectic especially when you have to run against short deadlines.
  3. Some clothes can get destroyed in the laundry process.

Laundry Business In Nigeria – Wrap UP

Obviously, the need for dry cleaning and laundry business in Nigeria is on the rise because people hardly find time to keep their clothes neat. It is one of the profitable and easy to start businesses in Nigeria today. Though it sounds simple but that is not the case. You have to master the art of laundry business to get it right.

To be very successful in laundry business in Nigeria you must know your job very well. So, if you’re considering going into laundry business in Nigeria then take time to learn how it is being done from a successful launderer.

I hope this information has been helpful, you can drop your comments below and share using the share buttons above.

Laundry Business in Nigeria- Business Plan

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