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How to Start Profitable Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative ventures you can indulge in presently. As you know there are over 180 million Nigerians, which is an estimated 30 million families. Statistics show that poultry is a major part of the daily meal of more than 60% of these families.

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Poultry products are in very high demand, especially during festive periods like Christmas and Easter. It is evident that you can make a fortune by investing in this business. A major advantage of poultry farming in Nigeria is that you do not need a huge capital outlay to set up a poultry business.

Asides this, poultry farming is known to have very frequent turnover. This means that you can breakeven and begin enjoying the profit within a few months of investing in the business.

We have with us today a veteran in the poultry business, Mrs. Doyin, she is the owner of Vizion Poultry farms and has been in the business for close to 10 years. This interview promises to be enlightening as you will learn how to start profitable poultry farming in Nigeria.

What Exactly is Poultry Farming?

Poultry farming is not just the rearing of chickens as it is commonly referred to by Nigerians. I will like to clear the air about this, poultry farming goes beyond raising chickens. It is simply the rearing of birds for sale. The birds can be raised for their meat or the eggs they produce. Examples of birds that can be raised include chickens (most popular), quail, turkey, etc.

How Did You Get Into Poultry Farming?

When I was In the university all my thoughts were what can I start immediately after graduating. The reason for this thought is because it is obvious that there are no jobs and we must survive. So, I decided to go into poultry farming.

From the onset, I didn’t know how profitable or lucrative the business was. I just say let me try it and it turns out to be a money-spinner for me.

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How Really Did You Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria?

I started with just 20 birds. I paid a carpenter about a thousand Naira then to do a wooden cage for me. After making the cage, which was an up and down cage, I stock it with the 20 birds. I got lanterns and locally made drinkers for the birds.

As for the feeding, I bought a bag of feed from the same place I bought the bird (chickens). I noticed that a bag of feed will not go a long way, so I started mixing it with local chaff from pap and that saved me a lot of cost of feeding.

That was just how I started and grow it to what it is today. Though it wasn’t easy, one thing kept me pushing and that was the passion I have for it.

What Are The Challenges You Faced When Starting Poultry Farming in Nigeria?

As at then, my major challenge was the mortality rate. I lost up to 7 chickens out of 20. It was discouraging but I kept pushing.

So, How Did You Overcome?

When I started, I kept record of every dime I spent, so after 4 months I took the remaining 13 to the market. After sells, I realized my money with about 20% profit and that opened my eyes to the poultry business in Nigeria

I asked myself if after losing 7 I can make back my money then if done right it will be very profitable. That was my motivating factor to poultry business in Nigeria

Back to your question, I overcome the high mortality problem by attending seminars and studying details on how to stop or reduce mortality rates

The Different Types of Poultry Systems

By poultry system, I am referring to the manner in which the birds are being raised. To explain further, it refers to the housing system used and the manner of feeding. In Nigeria today there are two major poultry systems, they are:

  1. Battery cage system. This system simply involves putting the birds in a battery cage. They are kept there and are fed in the cage. This system is capital intensive and is not recommended for small scale or medium-scale farmers.
  2. Deep litter system. This system involves putting the birds in a building after covering the floor with wood shavings. The birds are allowed to roam freely in the building, and the system is very easy to run for small scale and medium scale farmers.

What Kind of Materials do You Need to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria?

There are several materials that you need to buy before setting up poultry farming in Nigeria. I will state the most important ones here:

  1. Feeders-These are used for serving the birds their food. They should be in proportion to the number of birds on the farm and should be kept clean.
  2. Drinkers-These are used to serve the birds’ water. They should also be in proportion to the number of birds on the farm. They should also be kept clean.
  3. The heaters-the environment where birds are kept should be kept warm, especially when they are still young or during cold weather. The heater helps to raise the temperature of the building where the birds are kept and can be regulated to suit the weather.
  4. Cages– This is necessary if you plan to use the battery cage system.
  5. Egg tray. This where the eggs are kept after they are collected.
  6. Incubators-This is needed if you want to hatch the eggs in your farm.
  7. Other equipments include the flytrap, egg scale, laying nest, egg washer, chick box, etc.

Steps to Follow in Starting Your Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Firstly, I must say that starting a new business can be quite stressful. It is similar to giving birth to a baby. Starting poultry farming in Nigeria is not a stroll in the park but is definitely an enjoyable journey from experience. Here are a few tips on how to start your own poultry farming in Nigeria.

Decide The Kind of Birds You Want to Raise

This is a very important step as it will determine to a large extent the other steps you will take in establishing the business. As I stated earlier, there are several kinds of birds you can raise. If you are in search of quick returns, you cannot raise turkeys; you will have to settle for chickens. You should also decide whether you want to deal with broilers or layers. Your choice of birds will be based on personal interest and the prevalent need in the market.

Write a Detailed Business Plan

I can guess you are wondering why you need a business plan for a simple poultry farm. What you call simple today can grow to become a major force in the nearest future. A business plan helps to guide the business as well as a source for investors if the need arises. The business plan is usually a result of a well-conducted feasibility study.

Find a Suitable Location

This is another key aspect of the business. I always say this, the location of a business will determine whether the business will grow or not. When siting your poultry farm ensure that it is close to prospective customers. Though you want it close you must be sure that it doesn’t cause any form of nuisance to your neighbors. You should also ensure that the farm is secured from animals that can harm the birds and thieves. Most of all, the land should not be too costly. Remember, you are trying to save as much as possible.

Raise The Necessary Capital

Capital as you know is the backbone of any business. Without capital, you cannot start a poultry farm. This is because you need it to buy the birds, the land and all the equipment you need on the farm, not to forget the feed. There are several ways of raising capital such as savings, taking loans, gifts from friends and family, etc. The amount required for the business will depend on the kind of birds you want to raise, the level you plan to operate and your location in the country.

Employ Labor

If you plan to start at a small scale level then you really do not need to employ anyone. However, if you plan to start at a medium or large scale, you will need hands-on the farm. Ensure you employ qualified and trustworthy hands as the kind of people you employ will determine how well your business will thrive.

Get a Trusted Feed Supplier

The kind of feed you serve the birds is key to their growth and survival. It is wise to look around for producers or sellers of top quality feed. You cannot afford to be sentimental about this as the life of the birds and the business depends on this.

Publicize Your Business

You cannot afford to spend your money and time on the business and not proclaim it to your environment. Use all the means of publicity to push out your business and you can be sure of good returns.

Poultry Farming in Nigeria – Wrap Up

It is obvious that poultry business is worth going into as long as you have the right information. Also, indulging in poultry farming in Nigeria is not capital intensive like other businesses.

Mrs. Doyin has made fortune from her poultry farm, which is why she granted me an interview on how to start profitable poultry farming in Nigeria so that you can learn from her.

If she could make it then you too can make as long as you play by the rule.

Poultry Farming in Nigeria – Business Plan

For a bankable and investor-friendly poultry farming business plan, you can Whatapp me on 07033680227. Or send an e-mail using the contact me link above.

Click Here for comprehensive business plans of over 20 business.

I believe you’ve been educated by this article. Please endeavor to drop your comments in the comment section.


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