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Jiji Online Shopping –How to Buy And Sell Online Fast

Is Jiji online shopping website the best place to buy and sell things online here in Nigeria? How safe is buying things from Jiji online shopping site? These and other questions are what most people seeking to buy from jiji always ask.

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If you’re among those seeking to know then this post is dedicated to you. Jiji has been rated the best online shopping store in Nigeria because of it efficiency and standard of services.

Why Buy From Jiji Online Shopping

Jiji is a platform where buyers meet sellers. The website serves as a market place for virtually all type of products you can think of in life.

Sellers place image and advert of what they want to sell with price tags. Also, they have their contact details in case of any inquiry. Therefore, it is up to the buyers to make choice on what to buy.

Jiji is really the best place to buy things online in Nigeria because you have the right to negotiate with the seller directly. Though, some of the products there have price tag, yet you have the right to negotiate because there are seller contacts on the page.

In addition, what makes JIji online shopping website the safest place to buy is that in no condition will you reveal you bank account details. And you’ll never use your ATM card information on the website.

Do you see why Jiji is seeing as the best place to buy stuff online here in Nigeria?

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Because people could be fraudulent, Jiji clearly stated safety tips every buyer must adhere to in order to buy safe. Yes, if you follow the tips below, you’ll never go wrong.

Safety Measures of Buying on Jiji Online Shopping

  1. Meet Seller in Person

As a matter of fact, make sure you meet the seller in person in order to inspect and ascertain the quality and condition of the product you are buying. Also, make sure you meet with the seller at an open place. Never invite the seller to your house because experience has shown that some sellers are fake and armed robbers.

  1. Prepayment is Highly Prohibited on Jiji

Do not ever pay before taking delivery of your goods. The best way to buy is to pay on delivery. Report any seller that asks you to pay before delivery to jiji.

  1. Don’t go on Invitation carelessly

For those of you seeking for jobs, do not go for interviews unless you’ve done your underground work well. Avoid any invitation from any seller on Jiji for an interview because most of them are not real. Also, do not ever reveal your credentials to sellers from Jiji

  1. Apply Common Sense

Avoid adverts that seem too good to be true. For instance, advert of latest model of a car for just peanut does not seem real. Or programs that promise to make you rich quick do not seem real. So never be attracted to all those shinning offers on Jiji Online Shopping market. Remember, not all that glitters are gold.

How to Buy on Jiji Onling Shopping

Assuming you’ve mastered the rules of buying safely on jiji, then this is how to buy. You must sign up on the website at jiji.ng  and it is free. You’ll provide your name, email address and phone number. Jiji will send an email to you acknowledging you. The email contains a link which you’ll click to prove you’re really a person.

By clicking or confirming the email then you’re a bona fide member of jiji online market place. There is a search bar on top of the website, through which you can search for any product you wish to buy.

Most products on jiji have price tags and the sellers contact phone number. Therefore, it is up to you to contact the seller for negotiation bearing in mind the safety measures

 How to Sell on Jiji

Selling on Jiji is the simplest thing anybody can do. It is not complicated and does not require much from you. The first thing to do is to sign up with jiji on jiji.ng. When signing up, you need to provide your email address, password, phone number, first name and last name.

After signing up, jiji will send you a welcome and confirmation email to the email you provided when signing up. Go to the email and click on the confirmation link sent to you and with that you are fully registered on Jiji online shopping website.

To start selling, you need to have the image of what you want to sell on jiji. Then at the top right of the website there is a “post Ad” button there. Click on it to open a page where you’ll upload the image of what you want to sell.

Also there is a provision for price and phone number you’ll like to be contacted with by buyers. Fill in the spaces and you’re good to go as a seller on jiji online market.

Advance Selling on Jiji – Premium Service

Registration and selling on Jiji is free. But if you’re interested in pushing your Ad to the top then Jiji charges you for that. As you know, there could be many sellers of what you want to sell. Therefore, the only way to outperform other sellers is by paying jiji little amount of money to show your ads to more number of people daily.

The premium service is monthly, quarterly and half year. Boosting your Ad is a sure way of making much money from Jiji

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Remember, there are more than four million people that visit jiji on monthly basis. Therefore, it is the best place to sell online.

Let take a look into the history and accomplishment of Jiji online market in Nigeria.

JiJi Online Shopping Site – History

Jiji is an online shopping website that came into existence in the 2014 by Anton Wolyansky. Because of its performance in bringing buyers and seller together, as at January 2018 it held over 800,000 ads with over 160,00 seller and over 7 million buyers. There are lots of different sections on the website such as jiji online shopping cars, jiji online shopping phones, jiji electronics and many more.

A lot of Nigerians believes on Jiji Online shopping that is why it has high alexa ranking. The alexa ranking means that a lot of Nigerian buys from Jiji on monthly basis. Precisely, over 4.6 million Nigerians visit jiji.ng monthly.

Their popularity grew tremendously in 2016 when they partnered with one of the giant telecom industries in Nigeria Airtel. This means that Nigerians accessing jiji online market using Airtel data do so free. What an innovation.

To make sure that people sell effectively on jiji, the management has severally arranged sellers’ conference in Nigeria. The first of its kind took place on November 2016 with venue at Westown hotel Lagos.

Presently, Jiji utilizes the social media platform than any other online shopping site in Nigeria. It has over one million subscribers on its public Facebook page and over 750,000 followers on instagram.

The innovative prowess of jiji management has earned them so many wards in Nigeria and Africa at large.  Precisely on April 2017, Jiji online shopping site received award as the most innovative online service in Nigeria.

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In addition, in May 2017, Jiji was among the finalist of West African Mobile Award (WAMAS), having been among the top 5 representatives in Commerce and Retail category.

According to Google play store statistics, Jiji online shopping mobile app is one of the most downloaded Apps in Nigeria. The Apps make buying and selling easier than any other online store in Nigeria

JiJi Online Shopping – Conclusion

Obviously, I hope you have seen the reasons to buy or sell from Jiji. It is safe and straightforward because you only pay on delivery. Also, you have the chance of negotiating with the seller unlike other Nigerian online shopping store where prices are fixed.

Another interesting thing about Jiji online market is that everybody can be a buy and a seller. So, you too can equally benefit from it by selling your own product on it.

Happy Shopping

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