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List of Online Business in Nigeria- 20 You Can Start Today

Statistics show that over 7000 Nigerians go online monthly searching for list of online business in Nigeria. This means that every day people turn to the internet searching for alternative means of making money.

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Statistics show that over 7000 Nigerians go online monthly searching for list of online business in Nigeria. This means that every day people turn to the internet searching for alternative means of making money.

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My dear reader, my question to you now is, do you believe you can really make money online. In other words, are you convinced that people really make money online?

If your answer is yes, then you’re right. But there is a big problem. And the problem is, most people that go online searching for list of online business in Nigeria always get disappointed. In fact, they are always scammed by all those “do what I preach not what I do” internet business men and women.

Before you go into details of my post on list of online business in Nigeria thaat you can start today, let me tell you why you must believe me. I was once wandering and surfing the internet aimlessly searching for how to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

That means I was once like you. In fact, I am convinced that I was even desperate than you. If at all you’re desperate on how to start online business in Nigeria. Severally, I was scammed, duped and dumped by so called internet market gurus in Nigeria.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was able to figure it out and today I make a living online. Click Here to watch a live video on how much I have made online and still making.

Therefore, all you’ll read from this post of list of online business in Nigeria are from an experienced blogger.

Since you’re reading from an experienced blogger, I know you’ll like to learn from my mistakes. Therefore, below are list of mistakes I did and would not want to you to do.

List of Online Business in Nigeria- Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t Be Desperate

Because I was desperate to make money online I end up losing money by buying every product on make money online I see. This means I quickly believed on any advert I see on how to make money online. Therefore, do not be desperate and don’t quickly believe anybody online. In fact, all you need to start making money online in Nigeria are free. Yes make search and you will see.

  • Don’t Put All Your Efforts on Online Business at First

I came online with the mind of making a living online. So, I abandoned every other offline business thinking I will make it easily. The truth is that making money online is very tasking. To be honest, it is even more difficult than most offline business.

All those scammers made it look so simple and cheap. To be candid it is not. It requires much money or time, depending on the approach you take. Therefore, make sure you have something doing offline while building your online business.

  • Be Consistent

Jack Canfield the author of the book “the power of focus” defined focus as “follow one course until success. Therefore, starting from today be focused and consistent in any online business you may take from the list of online business in Nigeria below.

  • Have a Plan

There is this popular mantra that says: If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Making money online in Nigeria is like any other business you may think of. You need to plan extensively before venturing in any of the list of online business found here. Get a business plan and roadmap of online business you will do.

Hoping you have taken note of the mistakes I did when I first started, I’ll equally like to tell you some of online business that will never make you rich. In fact, you may not make a dime from some of them. Don’t even bother doing them because I wasted much time on them out of ignorant.

List of Online Business in Nigeria to Avoid

  • Survey

This is a lazy man business because you have to wait endlessly to get a survey to take. In addition, there are only few genuine survey websites online. The worst of it is that most of the survey questions do not apply to Nigerians.

Imagine asking you questions on the products that are only available in Canada or Australia. In fact, some of the products are totally strange to Nigerian audience. Therefore, survey taking in a no go area when it comes to how to start online business in Nigeria.

  • Paid to Read Email

Ask yourself, why must you be paid to read emails? Whose email will you be reading? Anyway, after detailed research I find out that those emails are product adverts. And they will only pay when you spend about 3 minutes on any page of the email you open. The annoying part is that you will only earn 0.1 cent per mail you read. Above all, they only pay through paypal, therefore there is no way you can get paid

  • High Yielding Investment(HYIP)

My humble plea to you is to totally flee from any high yielding investment both online and offline. For those of you that do not know, HYIP are all those programs that will ask you to invest you money and make 100%, 200% or 300% in a very short while.

Money accumulates gradually over time. In fact, over a long time, therefore avoid this because some writers include it in the list of online business in Nigeria.

Therefore, what is the list of online business that I recommend?

List of online Business In Nigeria

There are 2 major online businesses you can do here in Nigeria. They are blogging and freelancing. I usually pay little or no consideration to freelancing because it did not fit my lifestyle.

Yes, I love making money while sleeping. I love working once and keep making money from it. Which I cannot get from freelancing, therefore I am not a fan of it. But of a truth, it is a genuine online business in Nigeria that Pays.

So, I will dwell more on blogging because it produces passive income as long as you work it out. In fact, blogging is the most reliable and sustainable means of making money online In Nigeria and the world at large.

Therefore, if you’re seriously searching for list of online business in Nigeria that you can start today, then look to more because blogging is all you need.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an act of presenting your ideas, experiences, knowledge, expertise and information on an electronic journal for public consumption. So blogging is another way of being a journalist.

Before, you start saying but it involves writing and I can’t write, let me tell you one good story. Blogging involves elementary writing. Did you read it well? I said it involves elementary writing, which means nobody care on how you write. All people need is for you to pass useful information.

If you’re totally new to blogging and want to learn how it is done then

Click Here to 5 Steps of Effective Blogging.

Another big problem people face when it comes to blogging is what to blog about. Anyway, I’ll highlight 20 areas of blogging you can start now and blog your way to financial success. All the areas mentioned below are hot cake. People are in dear need of information on these areas.

Note: You don’t need to be an expert in any of the areas before blogging about it. You only need to learn how to make research on the niche from Google and blog about it. That is how simple it’s to be a blogger.

Still on List of Online Business in Nigeria, so let look at the types of blogs we have. There are two major types of blogs namely:

  1. Niche blog
  2. Broad blog

Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog a website specifically dedicated to a particular area of life. In other words, it is a blog designed for just some group of people. For instance, this blog you are reading is dedicated to people seeking to know how to make money online in Nigeria. More examples of niche blogs are:

Broad Topic Blog

This is a type of blog that cover different areas of life at the same time. It is designed to target different audiences at a time. In such type of blog, you will get football or sport matters, politics, health, lifestyle and many more. Example of such blog is etc

Types of Blogs – Which One Should You go For?

Ordinarily, you’ll think that broad topic blogs will be the best because it covers a lot of topics. Therefore, the audience or coverage will be high. Yes, you may be right but there is big problem with these types of blogs.

Search engines don’t rank them fast. In fact, days are gone when such site make good returns to their owners. Therefore, you should consider specializing on creating niche blogs. Niche blog means choosing a particular area of life and blog about it.

Below is the list of 20 niches you can start blogging from today.

 20 Areas to Blog Where the Demand is High and Supply is Few

Make Money Niche

This is the hottest niche anyone can blog about. Today, a lot of people turn to the internet searching for list of online business in Nigeria or lucrative online business in Nigeria. Therefore, this niche is an ever green niche because people will always search for a way out of poverty.

But the shortcoming is that you must have a professional idea on how to make money online before blogging in this niche. In fact, no amount of research will save you here. This niche is only meant for people who have learned, practiced and are earning real money online.

You can’t make it in this niche without concrete evidence of your own earning report. So, if you’re a baby blogger then learn more before blogging on make money niche.

Health and Fitness Niche

The health niche is a great place to start. You can build thousands of sub-niches in the health niche. It is also an ever green niche, which means as long as there is life, people will be surfing the internet for solution to their health problems.

As earlier said, there are thousands of sub-niches to blog on health niche. In addition, the narrower the niche the more targeted your blog will be. For instance, you can blog on the following sub health niches:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Infertility
  • Cancer
  • Weight loss after child birth
  • Weak erection and many more

The great thing about this niche is that you don’t need to be a doctor before blogging about it. All you need do is to make a research on any area you love blogging about and blog.

Personal Finance Niche

I am sure you have heard someone saying, I have money but don’t know where to invest it. Or some people say my problem is not earning money but how to save or invest it. In fact, millions of people go online daily searching for real information on how to save or invest their money.

Therefore, creating a blog that teaches how to invest and save will be a great one. One good thing about this niche is that your readers already have money. So, they will not delay in investing or following your instructions.

Beauty and Fashion Niche

Building this type of blog is not easy because it requires much quality images. In fact, you need to be involved because it more of personality blog. My friends that are into beauty and fashion blogging usually start with youtube channels.

It is a bit technical but very rewarding if you get it right.

Dating and Relationship Niche

Personally, this the most lucrative niche for me. 90% of the money I made online is through blogging on this niche. It is a niche that touches the emotion of readers. There are lots of sub-niches under it.

I target the breakups. People that are really in love get separated sometimes and will do everything to get back together. Therefore, if you can get good information on how to get ex back then you stand the chance of making money from you blog.

In addition, still under this niche you can still target the married people. If you can source for information on how to have a happy marriage life, then people will pay for it.

The niches above are great place start blogging because it  directly or indirectly affects every living being.

Having said that, there are other 15 areas of life that you can start blogging about, such as:

  • Agriculture blog
  • African dish blog
  • Oil and gas blog
  • Job search tips blog
  • Export and mini importation blog
  • Travel and tour blog
  • Tech blog
  • Pet blog
  • Football blog
  • Product review blog
  • Inspirational stories blog
  • Personal development blog
  • Music blog
  • Wedding blog

My last word regarding blogging in this article is that you only need passion for blogging to succeed. Yes, your passion for blogging will make you keep blogging even when the result is not fast coming.

How to Monetize you Blog

You are searching for list of online business in Nigeria because you really want to make money online. Therefore, the essence of venturing into blogging is to make money online here in Nigeria.  The question most people ask is, how do I make money from blogging?

The answer to that question is simple; all you have to do is to monetize your blog. There are 4 major ways you can monetize your blog and they are:

  • Selling of information material such as books on it
  • Doing affiliate marketing through it
  • Selling of ads space
  • Signing up with adsense

List of Online Business in Nigeria – Wrap Up

Blogging is a lucrative online business in Nigeria anyone can do. The market is so large that it can never be saturated. It is rewarding and fulfilling. Having said that, it’s not easy at all, It’s business.

You need to prepare your mind, soul and spirit before going into blogging. I am not saying all these to scare you. I only want you to get prepared before considering blogging.

My last question is, is there any genuine way of making money that is simple or easy? If there is then go for it and forget blogging. But if there is not, then welcome on board.


Israel Chima

Israel Chima is a pro blogger that derives joy in helping small and medium businesses gain an online presence.

He guides business owners in having a full online presence by creating world-class websites, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Well-written SEO content ranks easily on the first page of Google, which translates to getting real customers.

Israel chima is an authority in planning and developing well-structured SEO content. So, you can contact him for your blog content.

He is the author of 3 books on entrepreneurship, education, and transportation business. You can check out his book on Amazon titled “Discover to Recover.”

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