Make Money Online In Nigeria

There are various ways to make money online in Nigeria but only few Nigerians have been successful in making living online.  Many people have tried and failed and give up while some still believe it is possible to make it online.

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If you’re new or have been trying to make money online without any result then read on because I’ll reveal to you exact steps to take to start making money online in Nigeria.

Before going into details on what you can do to make money online. I’ll like you to first of all know why most people fail. There are two reasons why people fail to make money online and the reasons are:

  • Lack of proper planning
  • International restrictions

Lack of Proper Planning

Most Nigerians don’t know that online business is almost the same with normal physical business. There is no way you can go far in any business without proper planning of how to start and run the business over time. I was a victim of this point.

Therefore, you must plan very well before starting any online business. Your plan should include cost of starting. Time you can allocate to the business and waiting time to mature.

Above all, you must seek the knowledge of those that have made it in online business as mentor. In fact, that is the only thing you need to succeed.

International Restriction

As Nigerians we are restricted from freely using websites that make a lot of money for people around the world. Websites such as clickbank and amazon do not freely accept Nigerians unless you cut corners. In fact, Nigerians are restricted from receiving money through PayPal, which is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

The truth is that with the help of a good mentor, you’ll overcome all these. And start making money online in Nigeria in no distance time.

Having known some of the reasons Nigerians don’t make money online let’s consider 2 online businesses you can venture today.

Make Money Online in Nigeria – 2 Businesses to Start

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing


This is the ultimate way of making money online. It is the center of any means of making money online. Before going into details, what is blogging? Blog or weblog is an online journal or platform where a writer or writers present their ideas or opinions online.

Therefore, almost everything you read online is on a blog. Remember, we are in an information age. So, people go for information at any cost. So, your ability to blog on any topic is a sure guarantee that you can make money online in Nigeria.

Before thinking of jumping into blogging, you should be aware that successful bloggers are good writers and have passion on topics they blog about. Being a good writer means that you must be able to present your ideas in a readable manner. That is all.

Writing quality and educative content will attract good readers to your blog thereby increasing your chances of making money online in Nigeria.

Then the question you may be asking by now is, how do you make money from your blog? There are various ways you can make money from your blog. But I will be talking about 3 major ones, which are:

  • Adsense

Monetizing your blog with adsense means going into partnership with Google, it means allowing Google to place ads on your website while paying you some money. In other words, Google will rent some parts of your blog, which means they will pay you for renting your blog.

Always bear in mind that making money online genuinely is not a get rich quick program. Therefore, it requires much work and effort from your part in order to make money online in Nigeria. But the truth is that it pays very well if you get it right.

  • Information marketing

This is the most common one here in Nigeria. This means selling books containing useful information through your blog. The rule of thumb is that you must sell books that are related to the content on your blog.

Let’s assume you’re blogging on health matters. To sell health related books on your blog, you must prove to the reader that you know much about the book by blogging little about the topic in the book.

For instance, if you are to sell book on how to naturally cure diabetes, then you must give out some useful information on how to cure diabetes and refer the reader to buy the book containing the whole information.

Remember, to sell informative book through your blog, you must give out little useful information and recommend the reader to buy the complete book. In fact, you can make millions easily through selling of information on your blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing

As the name implies, it entails referring people to other peoples products or information, while making money for your effort. This method of making money online in Nigeria is the simplest because you don’t need to create the product yourself.

Your duty is just to refer people to another seller’s product. And once they buy you get a commission for it. I love this and I have been doing it profitably over years.

You can do all mentioned above because if I can do it, then any other person can do it. All you need is a reliable and practicing mentor, which I am one.

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  • Freelancing

This is a type of online business that you exchange your services with money. This means someone will pay you for doing some jobs such as web content writing, copywriting, content editing, web design, graphic design, SEO optimization, paid traffic and many more.

In fact, if you’re good in any of the skills mentioned above then you stand the chance of making much money online.

The good thing about online freelancing job is that you don’t need your own blog to get it done. There are established platforms where you can go and advertise your services.

Therefore, if you’re interested in making money online in Nigeria then take up any of the two ways on making money online above and you will be good.

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