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How to Make Money Online In Nigeria- Finally Exposed

It’s the wish and aspiration of many youths to learn how to make money online here in Nigeria. But most times they get disappointed along the way due to lack of proper guide from an expert.

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I am not here to boast, but I am convinced that this is one of the posts to read that reveals how to make money online in Nigeria as a student and applicants. Even if you’re employed, you can still learn how to make extra cash from the internet.

Most people I came in contact with as regards online business in Nigeria are not convinced that one can make a living online. The popular question they ask is, how much do I make online? Do I have a proof to show that I make money online here in Nigeria?

It is because of their popular request I made a live video showing real evidence of the kind of money I make online.  Watch the video below.

But that is not my concern now. My concern is to teach you the exact online business you’ll start today to change your financial situation forever.

Before I go into details, I’ll like to tell you some of the things online business is not. Online business is not:

  • Get rich quick program
  • It Is not business for the lazy
  • it is not a business for the inconsistent

So, if you’re ready to invest your time and money over a minimum duration of 6 months let’s go. And if you’re ready to work consistently then you on your way to making real money online in Nigeria.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria

There are list of online businesses you can start today and make money. But, I will concentrate on the most reliable and effective ways of making money online. The first one is to provide genuine information for your readers.  And the second is to render services online. Let’s talk about these two methods in details.

Providing Genuine Information

We are in information age, where information rules the world. People are daily seeking for information that will greatly help and improve their situations in life. For instance, people seek information on how to get out of poverty. Also, people seek for information on how to prevent or cure one illness or another.

In fact, people are ready to pay for any information that will help them out of bad situation. With all these, what will you say of somebody who can provide genuine information to the seekers?

Obviously, such person stands the chance of making money by providing information that brings relief in all angles. In addition, you are reading this post on how to make money online because you want to make money.

If finally you find a solution from my post, won’t you be ready to pay me if I tell you there is more we can do? You will definitely pay.

The process of making money from the internet by giving out real and genuine information is called information marketing. It is a multibillion Naira market and if you know how to do it rightly then you’ll really make money online.

What is The Process of Providing Genuine Information to Your Readers?

You can’t give what you don’t have. Therefore, the first thing to do in order to give out genuine information is to make research. Yes, make good research on any topic you intend writing about. In addition, try out some of the information before making it publicly.

For instance, you are reading how to make money online here in Nigeria from me now. I did not only make research before presenting this post to you. Instead, I tried it and got some success, which you’ve watched from video above.

The next step on how to make money online as a student, applicant or worker is through blogging. Blogging is the single skill you need to master today and you’ll be making money online soon.

Moreover, blogging is the platform through which you’ll present your information to your readers. You’re reading this post from my blog now and I make money from it. So, you can start a blog today and in no distant time start making money.


Rendering Online Services

During the gold rush era, those that sell shovels and diggers make more money than the gold diggers. Same is applicable today in the online businesses. Those with writing skills, wordpress, SEO skill, graphic designers, paid traffic skill and social media marketing skills make more money than some online marketers.

Therefore, the easiest way on how to make money online in Nigeria is to master one of the skills and render it for money. For instance, I’ve a writer who I pay over 20K weekly to provide content for me. I have asked him to learn everything about blogging. But he said that the money he makes from writing alone is enough for him to pay his bills.

There are millions of internet marketers that are seriously searching for people with the right skills. In fact, they are willing to pay handsomely as long as you know the job well. Therefore, it is up to you to choose on how to make money online today.

The good news is that there are hundreds if not thousands of websites where you can market your talent or skills. In fact, if you’re among those searching for how to make money online without spending a dime then this is for you.

Because all you need to do is to register free on the websites and tell the world what you can do. Experience has shown that within some hours you’ll get offers.

In some cases, the jobs are already available, it is up to you to bid and if luck shines on you then you get it.

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria-Conclusion

Believe it or not, the internet is a pool of wealth. The world has never recorded the number of millionaires it is recording today courtesy of internet. All it takes is the right mentality and mentor and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re interested in becoming rich through blogging then I am open to one on one coaching. I will take you through on all it takes on how to make money online.

Israel Chima

Israel Chima is a pro blogger that derives joy in helping small and medium businesses gain an online presence.

He guides business owners in having a full online presence by creating world-class websites, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Well-written SEO content ranks easily on the first page of Google, which translates to getting real customers.

Israel chima is an authority in planning and developing well-structured SEO content. So, you can contact him for your blog content.

He is the author of book 3 books on entrepreneurship, education, and transportation business. You can check out his book on Amazon titled “Discover to Recover.”

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