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Mini Importation Business in Nigeria – Doesn’t Worth it

It will shock you to know that if you’ve capital from N500, 000 downward then mini importation business in Nigeria does not worth it. I’ll explain in details why mini importation business in Nigeria does not worth it, just read on.

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In this post, I’ll also reveal to you one shocking secret on how to make money from major importers with little or no capital than killing yourself trying to import.

I am well convinced that all those searching for how to start mini importation business in Nigeria or mini importation websites must have been somehow stuck in what to do to survive. Or they have little capital and see advert promising them to make huge profit through mini importation.

Anyway, I was like you some years back, I tried mini importation business and it worked but does not really worth hassles. You may be wondering why or how.

To be precise, I saw an advert by one of the so called mini importation guru in Nigeria through Facebook. I bought his video series on how to go about it and after watching, I mapped out N100, 000 for it.

I followed all the instructions found in the videos and finally got my goods delivered here in Nigeria. But the stress doesn’t worth it. Let me tell you why.

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria- Problems

After the delivery of my goods, I came to realize that the cost of buying the shipping Item from China to Nigeria as a mini importer is far higher than just buying it from a major importer here in Lagos.

The reason is that major importers do their currency exchange at CBN rate. While you will be exchanging at Aboki’s rate or black market rate.

For instance, if dollar to Naira exchange is N300 CBN rate then the black market or Aboki’s rate will about N370 to N390. Do you see why the major importer will always get it at cheaper price than you?

No matter what you want to sell or import from China, there are major suppliers of that thing here in Lagos. Just go to mandalas, or Balogun market you will get it at a price lower than importing it.

Secondly, you must buy a stipulated quantity of goods from Aliexpress. This means that even if you see what to import, you can’t buy until you meet the seller minimum quantity. But here in Nigeria you can buy any number you money can reach.

The third problem of mini importation business in Nigeria is that you’re always at the mercy of the agents. Most logistic companies in Nigeria are not ripe for business. So, expect delay beyond expectation. I waited for more than one month to get delivery of my goods.

In case you’re serious in trying things out yourself, then let me reveal to you important Info.

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria -Lessons

Most mini importers will always advice you to buy from but I said no to it. To buy very quality product at affordable price, then I strongly suggest you buy from

The reason for 16.88 is because it is specifically meant for Chinese people. So everything there has high quality and very cheap when compared to alibaba and Aliexpress.

The only problem with 16.88 is that it is written in Chinese language. But you can translate it by right clicking on the page and translate to English. But you can only do this using chrome browser

How to Make Money From Importer Without Buying There Product

This is a very big concept I am about revealing to you. Every importer is always looking out for good marketers. Therefore, instead of searching for mini importation secret, search for how to become a super marketer.

Do you know that the richest men and women in the world are good marketers? Yes, they are not good importers instead they are good marketers. They market and sell their ideas, products and services easily, which is why they are rich today.

So, start thinking of becoming a good marketer from now because that is where the money is. Another good story is that you don’t need to confront people one on one today to become a good marketer.

There are established market platforms where you can utilize to make the money you really wish to as a marketer.,,, https//www.Dealdey and many more are some of the market place you can use.

Back to Business 

In my own case I love marketing women products, especially kitchen utensil. And women are always ready to spend money whether recession or no recession. So, what I do is to go to those kitchen utensil importers and search for new arrivals. Most times they have new and fascinating things from China.

I take a snap of all those things I love and get their prices. Then move to market place, jiji and Konga precisely and place them for sale as ads. Within one or two weeks I usually get orders from women who are ready to pay cash on Delivery.

So, I get back to the importer and buy those things and send them to the buyers, who pay on delivery. To get my money from buyers, I use delivery agents that collect my money after delivery. Kos and perseus are some of the delivery agents I use.

To make much money from this concept, what I do is to boost my ads on those marketing platforms. This means I pay token so that my advert will reach millions of Nigerians and that is where I make bulk of my money.

Another interesting thing about this model of business is that you’ll develop good relationship with importers. Therefore, in some cases, they’ll call you to market new product because they see you as a super marketer.

Are you seeing the reason or reasons why mini importation business in Nigeria does not worth it?

Top Secret

People are willing to pay times 2 of the price of what they know as long as they get it online. Buying online in Nigeria comes with ego, so tap into it now. For instance, I make profit of N15, 000 to N20, 000 from some of the products.

My experience show that most products I boost my ads on bring in minimum of 15 sales in a month. And I use N40, 000 to boost an ad on jiji. Though, they have smaller packages but I go for the highest because it is more rewarding.

Let’s assume I make N15, 000 from each of the sales, which means I make a profit of 15 multiply N15,000 equals to N225, 000 monthly from one product.

It is as simple as that. You can do it from any part of the country. Just get a reliable seller or who has what you want to sale in large quantity and market it through these marketing platforms.

Does mini importation business in Nigeria really worth it? It is left for you to answer.

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