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The Nation Newspaper Nigeria – Why A Must Read

The nation newspaper Nigeria is one of the most respected Nigerian newspapers because of its style of report and News. Before now, our parents mandate us to read a newspaper daily because of it educative values.

The nation newspaper Nigeria,the nation newspaper

Are those values still found in the present day newspapers? Can we authoritatively ask or tell our children to read a newspaper today?

If you can tell your children to read a newspaper today or if you are still in the habit of reading a newspaper daily then The Nation Newspaper Nigeria is a paper to read.

The reason being that it is written in simple English with perfect grammatical structure, which makes it educative. The use of vocabulary in their report is strategic and comprehending, so that the reader will know how to apply it easily.

Above all, the newspaper distances itself from reporting fake news. Yes, you must avoid fake news because it pollutes the mind of the reader. And because it is fake news it doesn’t undergo the right scrutiny news has to go before publishing.

Therefore, the nation Newspaper Nigeria is newspaper to reckon with. Having known why to read the nation newspaper daily it wise I introduce to the origin of the Newspaper.

The Nation Newspaper Nigeria – Brief History

This newspaper joined the team of Nigerian newspapers on the 31 July 2006. It is one of the new generation newspapers we have today. Though, being young, it has achieved great feet that many old generation Nigerian newspapers could not achieve.

According to Advertisers association of Nigeria, the nation newspaper is the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria in the year 2009 and 2011. They based their fact from a survey they conducted across the country.

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In addition, it is the only newspaper that was able to circulate all over the country within its first 2 years. This is as a result of well planed arrangement from the founders before launching out.

This speed of circulation is a result of inclusion of student journalist in their developmental plan. Yes, Nation newspaper Nigeria was the first newspaper to dedicate column or pages to undergraduates to sharpen their writing skill.

A tour to the newspaper’s website reveals that it stands for Freedom, Justice and Market economy. It target audience cut across all and sundry. The affluent, educated, upwardly mobile, political and business classes are the main beneficiary of this Nigerian Newspaper.

It is a daily newspaper with printing plants in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. And it has undergone series of managerial challenges since inception. The fact remain that it has been steadfast in reporting news as it is.

The Nation Newspaper Nigeria – Content

The nation newspaper covers wide range of topic, which is why it has lasted so far. It reports on almost all areas of human endeavor such as:

  • Sport
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Politics and many more.

Their reporters and editors have been holistic in their job, which is why some of them have won several awards to their honor. Example of such an award winning editor is Gbenga Omotoso and host of others.

Do you see the reason to read the nation newspaper Nigeria daily? Keep reading.

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