Nigerian Airforce Recruitment – Everything You Need to Know

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment – Everything You Need to Know

I want to believe that you’re reading this article because you are in search for information about the Nigerian Airforce recruitment. Or you just want to know much about it, whichever way, you are at the right point.

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This article will provide you with all you need to know about the Nigerian Airforce. in addition, It will be an interesting read so let’s get straight to business. I will first of all expose you to the basic requirement of Nigerian Airforce recruitment. The rest information is from a serving officer and a young man that was desperate to know much about the force.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment

Usually the  Airforce recruits personnel on a yearly basis. Therefore, to get relevant information about when the recruitment is about to start you must constantly visit the Nigerian Airforce recruitment portal.  If we are to follow the regular recruitment calendar then application is between January and February of every year.

On the recruitment portal you get to see the guidelines for recruitment, the requirements, the positions available and the closing date for applications.

The General Guidelines For Application into the Nigerian Airforce Include:

  1. Every applicant must be Nigerian and not less than 1.68m tall for male or less than 1.65m for female.
  2. Every Interested applicant is to apply online through the recruitment portal.
  3. Applicant are to provide the following documents on completion of the online application:
  4. Local Government Attestation Form.
  5. Parents/Guardian Consent Form.
  6. Acknowledgement Form.

On crossing the initial stage you will receive information on the venue for your screening and all that you need bring along to the screening venue.

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The Nigerian Airforce – The Story

Julius is a young man from Imo State though based in Lagos. He had planned a trip to Kaduna and on his way he met with an officer. He was so excited and immediately struck a conversation asking the officer several questions about Airforce. Below is the discussion that ensued between Julius and the officer.

I Want to Know About The Nigerian Airforce

The Nigerian Airforce is the arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces that is in charge of protecting Nigerian air territories. Currently the Nigerian Airforce is one of the largest in Africa. The force has an estimated manpower of 10,000 officers. Also it has 12 Chinese Chengdu F-7s, 11 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets, 12 Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, armed helicopters, and military transport aircraft. This means the force is equally one of the most equipped on the continent.

Tell me a Brief History About The Nigerian Airforce

It will be difficult to summarize the history of the Nigerian Airforce but let me try. The first attempt  to form the Nigerian airforce was in 1958. However the parliamentarians still had faith in British airforce. In 1962 when Nigeria went on peace keeping mission to Tanganyika and Congo we had no form of air transport. This led to the government recruiting officers and sending them for training in foreign countries.

The first 10 officers were trained by the Egyptian Airforce. The Nigerian Airforce came into existence formally on April 18, 1964 by the Air Force Act 1964. And the act stated the responsibility the airforce was charged with which was to ensure the safety of the Federal Republic by air. To this end a provision was made for officers to be trained both on air and on the ground.

By 1971 it was estimated by the International Institute for Strategic Studies that the Nigerian Airforce had an estimated 7,000 personnel and 32 aircrafts fit for combat. Through the years the Nigerian Airforce has grown in personnel and equipment to become one of the best and most trusted in Africa.

What is The Mission And The Vision of The Nigerian Airforce?

Just like any reliable organization the Nigerian Airforce has a mission and vision statement. They are stated below as culled from the website:

Mission: “To ensure the integrity of the airspace by gaining and maintaining control of the air while retaining a credible capacity to fulfill other airpower tasks demanded by national defence and security imperatives.”

Vision: “To re-position the NAF into a highly professional and disciplined force through capacity building initiatives for effective, efficient and timely employment of air power in response to Nigeria’s national security imperatives.”

According to the current Chief of Air Staff and  the officer in charge of the Nigerian Airforce these are the key drivers of the vision of the organisation:

  • Human capacity development through robust and result oriented training for enhanced professional performance.
  • Robust logistics support and maintenance culture to sustain platforms and equipment serviceability.
  • Reinforce a culture of self-reliance and prudent management of resources.
  • Strategic partnerships with MDAs for enhanced research and development.
  • Promote and inculcate the core values of integrity, excellence and service delivery.
  • Focus on comradeship, regimentation and inter-Service cooperation.

Who is the Chief of Air Staff?

The Chief of Air Staff is the highest rank in the force and is in charge of overseeing the affairs of the arm. The current Chief of Air Staff is Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar (DFS GSS psc(+) fwc ndc(+) MSc).

He was born in Azare, Bauchi State on the 8 of April, 1960 and studied in Bauchi till after his secondary school and then joined the Nigerian Airforce. He joined the Nigerian Airforce in 1979 as a member of Cadet Military Training Course (CMTC 5).

How do I Get The Latest Nigerian Airforce News?

This is quite easy. All you need to do is visit the official  website. You’ll get all the information you need about the Nigerian Airforce and the latest news as well.

I believe this discussion between Julius Ndidi and the  Airforce officer has been helpful to you. Thanks for reading.

Nigerian Airforce – Conclusion

The essence of this story is to ensure you understand everything about the force. Because, some of these things are what you should expect during the interview. Therefore, you must be ready for all it takes to join the Airforce.

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