Nigerian Immigration Service: History and Recruitment Requirement

Nigerian Immigration Service: History and Recruitment Requirement

Several people just like yourself have asked unanswered questions about the Nigerian Immigration Service. My guess is since you sought out this article you have some interest in the Nigerian Immigration Service. You either want to just satisfy your curiosity about the body or know how you can get the Nigerian Immigration Service application form.

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Whatever your reason might be I have written this article to make your search for information about the Nigerian Immigration Service less cumbersome. in addition, before I go ahead to the crux of the matter here is a little story about Ade and his quest for knowledge about joining the Nigerian Immigration Service.

Ade is a young graduate who hails from Ondo State but is now based in Lagos. He has always fascinated joining the Nigerian Immigration Service but had lacked sufficient information about the process. One day he decided to visit the office of Nigerian Immigration Service Lagos to satisfy his curiosity about the topic.

The Nigerian Immigration Office in Lagos is also known as Zone ‘A’ and it is located in Ikeja. Ade met one of the officers on duty and being a less busy day the officer was quite free to share thoughts with Ade. Ade asked him to tell him all he needs to know about the Nigerian Immigration Service, if possible form inception till then, the recruitment process, passport renewal, the list of shortlisted candidates, etc.

I guess you reading this article is just like Ade, you want to know as much as possible about the immigration service. I believe the answers Ade got will be helpful for you as well so let’s quickly go through them.

History of the Nigerian Immigration Service

The officer started by telling Ade brief history of the Nigerian Immigration Service. He firstly defined the NIS as a government agency saddled with the responsibility of managing migration into and out of Nigeria. The agency was extracted from the Nigerian Police Force in 1958 and has since undergone several reforms.

On extraction and establishment it was first known as the Immigration Department which was under the watchful eye of the Chief Federal Immigration Officer. The first CFIO was Mr. E.H.  Harrison. The department was run by the Immigration Ordinance of 1958. The initial operations were almost anonymous as the department operated just two sections which are Business and Visa sections.

By 1963 the department had reached the stage of maturity and on August 1 1963 it was established through an Act of Parliament. Following this the head of the department was now addressed as Director of Immigration. The department was shifted to the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and has since been under its supervision.

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Nigerian Immigration Service Ranks

Before telling Ade about the service ranks he told Ade that the Nigerian Immigration Service had 3 major Directorates. The agency also has 8 Zonal Offices, 36 State Commands and the Federal Capital Territory. There are Immigration offices in the 774 local governments in the country.

Just like every organization the Nigerian Immigration Service runs on a structure. This is necessary to ensure proper coordination of activities and accountability at all levels as well as maintains order. Below is the descending order of their ranks

  1. Comptroller General
  2. Assistant Comptrollers General
  3. Superintendent of Immigration
  4. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration
  5. Senior Inspector of Immigration
  6. Assistant Inspector of Immigration
  7. Immigration Assistant
  8. Passport Officers

In trying to relate the ranks to a salary structure the officer told Ade that it is out of his power to say. Because all he knows about salary is the one he earns. In fact, he said he is waiting to get to the rank of comptroller general before knowing how much they earn. Lol

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment 2018

Ade went ahead to ask about the NIS recruitment 2018 and the Officer told him the agency carries out recruitment on a yearly basis. To ensure he has a chance of being recruited he will need to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Portal. To do this he will need to visit the official Nigerian Immigration Portal.

Ade was told that there are several requirements he must satisfy before he even thinks of applying. We shall look at those requirements in the next section.

General Requirements For Applying to The Nigerian Immigration Service

  1. The applicant must be a Nigerian citizen by birth or descent;
  2. The applicant must not be less than 18 years or more than 35 years of age;
  3. Applicants must not be less than 1.7 metres in height for male and 1.64 metres for female;
  4. The applicant must have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 metres;
  5. The applicant must be certified by a Government Medical Officer to be physically and mentally fit for appointment into the Service;
  6. Applicant must not be suffering from any form of physical or mental disability;
  7. The applicant must be free from any form of financial embarrassment;
  8. The applicant must be of good character and must not have been convicted of any criminal offence;
  9. A candidate with any of the following medical cases does not need to apply:
  1. Sight problem;
  2. Hearing difficulties;
  3. Previous major orthopedic operation;
  4. Flat foot;
  5. Fracture, stammering or any other natural disability;
  6. Pregnant women

Education Requirements For Applicants to The Nigerian Immigration Service

The applicant must possess:

  1. West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) – Credits in not less than three (3) subjects including English and at least passes in two (2) other subjects; or

National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level with passes in four (4) subjects obtained at one sitting or five (5) subjects obtained at two sittings including English Language.

  1. National Diploma (ND) obtained from a recognized institution.

National Certificate of Education (NCE) from a recognized institution; or

General Certificate of Education (Advance Level) in two (2) subjects obtained at one sitting or three (3) subjects obtained at two sittings.

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Currently no news is out about recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service 2018/2019. Kindly disregard any calls or text messages asking you to pay any money towards getting a job placement. It is fraud.

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