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Nigerian Newspapers – The Fakes and The Real

This post on the Nigerian newspapers is to educate my esteem readers the need to know where to find genuine and educative information on Nigerian print media. Before now, our parents always urge us to read at least one the Nigerian newspapers daily because of its usefulness.

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But today, opposite is the case, with the advent of internet, almost everybody became a journalist. News are no longer verified and edited, so we are exposed to fake news daily, which poses great danger to our society. Above all, no any educational points to pick from them.

The question is, are there Nigerian newspapers that are really educative today? Or are there Nigerian Newspapers that we can confidently ask our children to read today?

Anyway, before proving answers to the questions above, I will like to expose you what fake news are and how to identify them.

Fake News

Those that specialize in fabricating and publishing fake news are known yellow journalist. Therefore, fake news is a type of yellow journalism that centers on intentionally fabricating false information and spreading via traditional print, broadcast news media or social media.

As long as the information is fake or untrue then it directly or indirectly pollutes the mind and learning system of the reader. Therefore, we need to distance ourselves from fake newspapers or media.

So, what are the genuine Nigerian newspapers and what makes them stand out. Detailed research and analysis produced 8 Nigerian newspapers that have stand test of time. Also, they have maintained quality use of grammar, which is one of the reasons we were then encouraged to read Nigerian newspapers back then.

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8 Real Nigerian Newspapers

The 8 established Nigerian newspapers are:

  • The Punch newspaper
  • Vanguard newspaper
  • The Nation newspaper
  • The Tribune newspaper
  • Business day
  • Guardian Newspaper
  • The Sun
  • The Daily Times newspaper

Please take note, some of these Nigerian newspapers may be biased in their report but cannot produce fake news to the public. That is why they made the list of genuine newspapers in Nigeria. We considered one by one the features of these recognized print media.

Nigerian Newspapers- The Punch

Punch Nigeria limited came into existence on August 8, 1970, under the companies Act of 1968. Two friends by name James Aboderin and Sam Amuka were the brain behind the company. Their sole aim of registering the company was to inform, educate and entertain Nigerians and the world at large.

Since 1970, the company has gone series of transformation till date. But one thing remains unchanged, which was the vision of registration, to inform and educate Nigerians in particular.

To prove really this Nigerian newspaper has been educating the masses with genuine information, for two consecutive years -1998 and 1999 survey by research and marketing (RMS) show that it is the most widely read newspaper.

The consistency of this newspaper till today is as a result of being unbiased in their reports. You can find the comprehensive history of the Punch newspaper Here. Or Click Here to visit the punch official website.

Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria

Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria is among the Nigerian newspapers that is politically independent. They are pure and just in their report. Vanguard Media is the publisher of this newspaper.

It came into existence in the year 1983 and since then has faced a lot of challenges mainly from the military head of states. They are one of the Nigerian newspapers to have full online presence, which means they have a solid online edition. You can check the Wikipedia report on Vanguard Here. Or click Here to visit the official website

The Nation Nigeria

To some Nigerians, The Nation Newspaper is usually biased in its publications. In fact, some refer to it as an APC newspaper. But the question is, have they ever reported any fake news? The answer is NO. Therefore, it is one of the Nigerian newspapers to reckon with.

The nation is a daily newspaper published in Lagos. According to survey conducted by Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVANS), The Nation is the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.

They cover almost all area of life in their report such as health, sport, public policies, democratic process, business and economy.

The Nation Newspaper came into existence in the year 2006. They said it clearly that they stand for freedom, justice and the market economy.

Visit the Wikipedia Page Here to learn more about The Nation Newspaper. Or click Here to visit the official website

Nigerian Newspapers – Tribune

Tribune is one of the  oldest Nigerian newspapers. It came into existence in 1949 and the man behind it was Obafemi Awolowo. It is obvious that tribune newspaper was in existence before Nigerian independence, so it served as mouth piece to Awo’s populist welfare programmes.

Also, it was a medium through which the interests of the Yorubas’ were protected when other ethnic groups were struggling to be heard. The only reason the Tribune newspaper has survived till date is its uprightness in reporting.

Click Here to Read every detail about tribune. Or Click here to visit the official website

Nigerian Newspaper – Business Day

If you’re searching for real time information on business issues, economy and investment ideas then business day is the leading paper in Nigeria. It is the only newspaper that operates both in Nigeria and Ghana. It is a daily business newspaper with headquarters in Lagos.

Business Day came into existence in the year 2001 and since then it has leaved up to its vision and mission. Which is to educate Nigerians on all about economy and entrepreneurship. There reporters are unbiased in their reportage on economy, politics, governance, social and economic trend.

Comprehensive information on the editor and series of changes the company has undergone is found Here. Or you can visit the official website Here

Nigerian Newspaper – The Sun

Do you know that the sun newspaper is the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria? According to reliable source, as of 2011 the sun has daily print of 130,000 copies and 135,000 copies for weekend titles. Over 80% of these numbers are sold out, which is why it is considered to most sold newspaper in Nigeria.

It was incorporated in the year 2001 with Orji Ozor Kalu as the chairman of the company. I will authoritatively say, if you really want to learn how to write in simple words then read a Sun newspaper daily.

Since 2001, the company has gone series of changes and many challenges. To know more go Over Here to expand you knowledge. Or Visit the official website now.

TheGuardian Newspaper

Among the Nigerian Newspapers, the Guardian newspaper is described as the most respected newspaper in Nigeria. It is an independent daily newspaper published in Lagos Nigeria. It came into existence in the year 1983 and the man behind it was Alex Ibru a seasoned entrepreneur.

Stanley Macebu was the journalist behind the smooth establishment of the media house, which is why it finds its way to the Nigerian market easily. They maintain a high writing standard that is why it is the darling of the high educated ones in Nigeria.

The founder and the newspaper have escaped death in various instances in the hand of the military head of states. It is really a long story that you can continue reading Here. Also you can visit the online version of it Here.

The Daily Times of Nigeria

This is the oldest daily news print in Nigeria. It came into existence on 6th June 1925. The Nigerian printing and pushing is the producer of Daily Times. It has its headquarters in Lagos Nigeria. The Daily Times of Nigeria has undergone series of challenges and transformations.

There are a lot to write about this oldest Nigerian newspaper, which you can find here. One thing is sure, the paper has been seen by many as educative but not completely independent in its reports. Because various governments have been involved in the evolving of the newspaper to what it is today.

Nigerian Newspapers – Conclusion

There are other Nigerian newspapers that are independent, reliable and educative like the ones published above. Such as Nigerian Newspapers Leadership, Nigerian newspapers daily independent, Nigerian newspapers daily trust and few others.

These Nigerian newspapers have one thing in common, the report real news. They all have real time editors, which are why they have withstand test of time.

So enjoy reading from anyone above.

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