Npower Portal 2018/2019 Recruitment – How to Get it Fast

Npower Portal 2018/2019 Recruitment – How to Get it Fast

Recently, news making round the country is that Npower portal 2018/2019 is open for graduates and undergraduates. And many are confused or asking, is it really opened?

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Anyway, as at the time of writing this report the Npower registration portal is not open to Nigerians. But you can still check if it is open from this link portal  or the Npower official website

Our purpose is to teach you on how to apply so that you will be successfully recruited into one of the categories.

Before, I go into details of how to apply and succeed I will like to tell you a brief story of a young Nigerian who would have gotten Npower Nigeria but did the wrong thing, which you must avoid.


This is a story of a young man who was supposed to register for Npower online but decided to visit the Npower office in his state of residence. On getting there, the man on sit promised him of getting Npower employment but he has to pay N20, 000 as bribe.

As a Nigerian the you man is, he sharpaly paid the money, then the man ask him to go online and register and bring the I.D or Key he will generate after registration.

To cut the long story short, the young graduate did not get the Npower. Though, he was able to recover his money after a lot of threat from him. My question is, do you know how many Nigerians or youths that  man collected their money?

So, don’t fall victim to anybody promising you of being successful with your Npower registration. In other words, don’t bribe anybody to get recruited. Just move to Npower portal to register and do things found here you will surely get it.

How to Get Npower Easily

The fastest way to get Npower Nigeria is to register in the category you belong to. Yes, Npower is meant for every graduate in Nigeria, yet it is specific in its demand. So, if you just apply without a target, then your chances of getting it will be slim. There are four categories in Npower Nigeria and if your application is targeted then you will surely get it. The categories are:

  1. Agro
  2. Health
  3. Teach
  4. Tax

So, let’s look at each category so that you will know where you belong.

Agro Npower Portal

If you’re a graduate of agricultural science, agricultural economics, agronomy, animal science, crop science, food science and technology, and other agricultural related courses then you are fit to apply in this category.

Your job here will be to provide agricultural advice to farmers around the country. Also, you will share useful information that is coming from federal ministry of agriculture and rural development to farmers in the country.

Other jobs you’ll do if you succeed as Npower Portal employee are:

  • Serving as an agricultural extension consultant
  • Seed, fertilizer and other input aggregator
  • Public sector job provider in agriculture
  • Farming co-operative management and many more.

Click Here to Learn Everything about Npower Agro category from Agro Npower portal

Health Npower Portal

This Npower portal is for graduates of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, botany, microbiology, midwifery and other health science related courses. To apply in this Npower portal you must pass through any of the Nigerian universities, polytechnics, midwifery schools, nursing schools and schools of health technology. Unlike other categories where you must have HND or Bachelor’s degree, in this case you may apply with the following qualifications:

  • OND
  • HND
  • RN
  • RM
  • Tech
  • Sc

Learn everything About Npower Health Here

Tax Npower Portal

Preferential treatment are given to graduates of law, economics, finance, psychology and other social science related courses in this Npower portal. The role of the Npower Nigeria employees in this category is to encourage non tax payers and partial tax payers to pay their taxes promptly.

Other roles are to answer online inquiries, customer management and creating awareness about paying Tax in Nigeria.

Other factors that will make you get selected fast are having good knowledge of the following:

  • Microsoft office tools
  • Written and spoken English
  • Phone etiquette
  • Tax laws and administration in Nigeria
  • Analytic and Diagnostic aptitude

Visit the Npower Tax portal Here

Teach Npower Portal

If you did not fit in, in any of the categories above, then this Npower portal is for you. It is for every graduate from every discipline. In fact, even those with NCE can apply through the Npower registration portal

Your role if selected is to help develop and improve basic education delivery in Nigeria. So, be ready to works as a primary school teacher and other school related works.

Some special knowledge that will help you get Npower Nigeria under this category are:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer graphic design
  • Server administration
  • Data base management
  • Networking

If you’ve any of these special knowledge and add it when filling your form then be assured you will be recruited.

Click Here For Npower Teach Details

Things to do Before Applying Npower Nigeria

  • Make sure you’ve BVN data handy
  • Make sure you input your BVN date of birth correctly when filling the online form

Your BVN detail in filling your Npower form must tally with your bank detail. If you make any mistake here then forget it. Once more, make sure you bank details correspond to what you will fill in the Npower portal

Npower Portal 2018/2019 – How to Apply

To apply, you must first visit the Npower portal at portal. Register and after registration login and supply your bio data, which include full name, sex, age, choice of state, bank details  and qualification.

After filling all the necessary information, then hit the submit button, then a preview form containing your Npower I.D will be displayed. Print out the form and make sure you keep safe because you will present it at the point of documentation.

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