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Peace Corps of Nigeria – Is There Any Hope?

I believe you must have heard about the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) and that is why you have sought out this article. Several people like you are in constant search of information as to the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

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If I am correct, you must have been questioning if Peace Corps of Nigeria is approved? You are not alone in asking such a question. It is one of the most search facts about Peace Corps of Nigeria.

You might also be seeking for the latest information about the Peace Corps of Nigeria bill or the latest update on Peace Corps of Nigeria. Well there is a lot to know about the Peace Corps of Nigeria and we have brought you relevant information to help your quest.

To help us understand more about the Peace Corps of Nigeria I visited the Peace Corps of Nigeria Lagos chapter and met with one of the officers on ground. Below are excerpts from our interview with him.

Can You Tell us About The Peace Corps of Nigeria?

There is a lot to know about the Peace Corps of Nigeria so I think I will start from who we are and a bit of history. The Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) in a nutshell is a nongovernmental or nonprofit uniformed youth organization.

We focus majorly on the youth working to understand them while helping them to achieve their aspirations and dreams. We find out their fears, challenges and failures as well as their past successes and passions.

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All this is with  the hope of harnessing their energies to improve productivity and achieve Political and Socio-Economic advancement of the Nation.

The founder of Peace Corps of Nigeria is Amb. (Dr) Dickson A. O. Akoh, FCITr, FCPA who is a youth strategist and a former Army Cadet Officer. The body was came into existence on July 10, 1998 in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria.

Since the body is committed for Peace and Youth Development and National Creativity it was registered under the Nigeria Company and Allied Matters Act 1990, Part C.

The founder discovered Nigeria was in need of a body that will be a social mechanism to solving current challenges faced by youth. This was the major reason why he set up the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

What is The Mission And Vision of The Peace Corps of Nigeria?

Just like every organization with well-defined goals, the Peace Corps of Nigeria has its own mission and vision statement. These are wrapped up in the aims and objectives of the organization stated below:

  1. Training, educating and reorienting youths for the leadership roles they are expected to take in the nearest future.
  2. Perfecting the art of nation building among youth.
  • Teaching youth to show respect for constituted authority.
  1. Imparting a sense of patriotism and citizenship in youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.
  2. Helping youth understand the rule of law and democratic principle.

What Does the Logo of Peace Corps of Nigeria Stand For? 

The Peace Corps has three colors which are Red, Green and Yellow. These colors are used in the logo of the organization. The logo is made up of a torch, an open book, a red flame and a wreath. The meaning of the different components are stated below:

  1. The torch. This symbolizes national unity and integration.
  2. Red flame. This signifies discipline which is a must among the members of the body.
  • Open book and wreath. These signify the excellence in academics of Nigerian youth and the law of modification.

Is the Peace Corps of Nigeria Approved by The Government?

This is one question I get a lot. People want to know the latest about the Peace Corps of Nigeria bill before the House of Assembly. There have been several things said in the news in a bid to answer the question “is the Peace Corps of Nigeria Approved?”

Earlier this year, precisely on February 27, the incumbent president of Nigeria declined assent of the Bill for the establishment of the Peace Corps. His major reason for this being lack of funds to support such an organization presently. Asides this he stated that the body is duplicating some responsibilities already carried out by existing security agencies.

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Some of the members of the House of Assembly felt the bill should be sponsored as it will help abate the current challenges in unemployment faced in the country. It has been quite a battle to establish the Peace Corps as a Government Agency. Currently it seems the organization will continue its operations as a nongovernmental organization till the bill scale through in all area.

Since the Peace Corps of Nigeria is an NGO How Does it Get Operational Fund?

The PCN is constantly in need of funds to run the several programs it organizes as well as for operational purposes. The body depends on the following sources for funding:

  1. Donations from both local and international bodies.
  2. Grants for special projects.
  3. Subventions from the government and other private organizations.
  4. Enlistment fees.
  5. Identity card fees.
  6. Weekly development levies by volunteers.
  7. Camp fees.

To find out how all of these is being spent you can click here.

How Can we Know More About The Peace Corps of Nigeria?

To find out all you need to know about the Peace Corps of Nigeria just visit the official website. On this website you get all you need to know about Peace Corps programs, the founder, how to become a member, photos, and lots more.

Finally Sir, Is There Any Hope For Peace Corps of Nigeria?

Our hope is very much alive. As you know nothing great comes easy. So, our dreams for Nigerian youths are great, therefore our vision and mission may not come easy. We will keep on struggling, pushing and lobbying until the government give approval to carry on with our aims.

Thank you very much sir for giving us part of your precious time. To all our readers we hope this interview has been helpful in providing you information about the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

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