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Phone Answering Service for Small Business
Phone Answering Service for Small Business

Phone Answering Service for Small Business

Whether you are searching for a cheap answering service for small business, or best answering service for small business, or affordable live phone answering service, this post is for phone answering service for small business.

Whether you are searching for a cheap answering service for small business, or best answering service for small business, or affordable live phone answering service, this post is for phone answering service for small business.

Does your small business get calls during business hours, after hours, or at high volume? Then phone answering services can provide you with live receptionists who answer when your team needs help handling overflow. As a small business, you want to go for the most affordable options that best fit your workflow.

Live receptionists from answering services transfer calls, take messages, and record contact information. They also give your callers a positive experience. There are many phone answering services out there, which you can choose from as a small business. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best phone answering services for small business, based on our research.

1.  Phone Answering Service for Small Business- Ruby

Ruby or Ruby Receptionists offers a full-featured mobile app with usage alerts and voicemail transcriptions. It is a good choice for small businesses because there is no extra cost for after-hours services. Ruby provides custom script support and has special capabilities like HIPAA-compliant options. Its auto-attendant comes with both call whisper and barge features to ensure high-quality caller experiences.

You also get Ruby Chat services and the ability to bundle chat and Call Ruby plans to save money. But, they charge extra if you want outbound calling services or need bilingual agents outside of standard business hours. If you are not okay with this, consider an answering service like Map Communication or VoiceNation.


  • Ruby 50: $219 per month for 50 receptionist call minutes
  • Ruby 100: $349 per month for 100 receptionist call minutes
  • The Ruby 200: $629 per month for 200 receptionist call minutes
  • Ruby 350: $1,049 per month for 350 receptionist call minutes
  • Ruby 500: $1,499 per month for 500 receptionist call minutes

Ruby’s Money-back guarantee: 21 days


  • Discounted rates available to Grasshopper phone system users
  • Option of 7 on-hold music
  • No setup fee and after-hours calls answering does not cost extra.


  • It has more expensive subscriptions and per-minute fees than other options
  • Its bilingual agents are only available during business hours, Monday-Friday
  • It does not have as much integration as other services like Abby Connect.

2. Map Communications

Map Communications is a virtual receptionist provider that offers an on-demand, per-minute plan. In their standard plan, you only pay for the minutes used. Though, you have to also pay a low monthly subscription fee. Their phone answering services are available all year round.

Like Ruby, Map Communications bills in 30-second increments, but they offer the lowest subscription fees. It is very affordable for small businesses, with its standard plan costing just $43 per month in addition to on-demand minutes used. Compare this with the Call Ruby 100 plan which includes 100 minutes for $349 per month.

Map Communications Pricing

Standard Plan: $43 per month for on-demand use billed for $1.27 per minute (no extra minutes)

Business Plan: $164 per month for 125 included receptionist minutes plus $1.20 per extra minute

Executive Plan: $274 per month for 225 receptionist minutes plus $1.18 per extra minute

Free trial: 7 days


  • Its services are available all year round with no price difference for after-hours service
  • They work with businesses to devise a custom script for greeting callers
  • It offers U.S.-based bilingual teams in several locations.


  • It does not have a mobile app like other phone answering services
  • It does not offer instant activation, service setup may take up to 24 hours
  • Businesses cannot upload custom hold music.

I used ararosestudios in the early stage of my business for live phone aswering service

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3. Voicenation

VoiceNation is one of the oldest phone answering service for small business, with more than 20 years in the industry. The best thing about VoiceNation is its instant activation. While some take 24 or more hours to activate, VoiceNation can start taking your calls immediately after signing up. VoiceNation’s plans include a dedicated account manager, message delivery by voicemail, email or short message service (SMS), text, and custom call scripting.

In addition, VoiceNation offers lower prices than Abby Connect or Ruby. It also provides more analytics than other live phone answering service providers. Analytics is very helpful for forecasting and performance management of calls and messages. However, VoiceNation does not offer professional scriptwriting, though you can use the script wizard to customize your greetings yourself.

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VoiceNation Pricing

Basic Plan: $69 per month for 25 receptionist minutes

Business Plan: $99 per month for 50 receptionist minutes

Pro: $249 per month for 150 receptionist minutes

Executive Plan: $449 per month for 300 receptionist minutes

Enterprise Plan: $799 per month for 600 minutes

Free trial: 7 days, for a total of 30 minutes


  • It offers cheap answering service for small business all year round, with no extra fees for holidays or after-hours
  • No charge for activation
  • It features virtual receptionists that are based in the U.S. and you can ask for bilingual agents at no added charge


  • It charges 10 cents per minute for outbound calls when using the mobile app
  • There is no scripts optimization like in Map Communications
  • Agents answering the phone calls may not give the same quality of response as your team.

 4. Abby Connect

Abby Connect stands out as one of the best answering services for small businesses as it offers a dedicated team. Each dedicated team is a group of five to seven receptionists. A business may be given two teams for expanded hours and three for all-year-round phone answering services. This means that customers and callers will consistently talk with receptionists who are knowledgeable about your business.

Abby Connect allows businesses to upload custom tunes for customers on hold. It also offers the longest free trial of 14 days for you to interact with your dedicated team. Also, all the features of Abby Connect are present in every plan. In addition to a dedicated team, a success manager will also help you get the most from the service.

Abby Connect Pricing

Plan 1: $299 per month for 100 minutes and $2.99 per extra minute

 2nd Plan: $549 per month for 200 minutes and $2.75 per extra minute

Plan 3: $1,199 per month for 500 minutes and $2.40 per extra minute

Free trial: 14 days


  • It offers a dedicated team and success manager
  • It features custom-built integrations and connects easily to Zapier
  • Abby is easy to activate call recording
  • It provides a warm transfer of calls


  • It charges extra for all-year-round services
  • Their plans cost more than others like Map Communications, Davinci, and VoiceNation
  • It does not have advanced VoIP features like call barge and whisper found with Ruby.

5. SmithAI is an advanced all-year-round virtual receptionist service. It is designed to specifically capture and convert new clients who call, text, or chat on your website. features professional, friendly North America-based receptionists who do much more than answer calls and take messages. They screen potential clients based on your criteria, schedule appointments on your calendar, and take payments for consultations and services.

This phone answering service for small business offers many other services to deliver a complete, multi-channel receptionist solution for your business. This lets their agents sound just “in-house,” when making outbound calls to online leads and for outreach campaigns. Features:

  • All-year-round handling of phone calls, webchats, Facebook messages, and SMS
  • Bilingual services
  • Options to handle all calls, after-hours, or overflow
  • Lead qualification and intake form completion
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payment collection
  • Text and email follow-up after calls
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager integration
  • Call Intelligence and analytics.

Phone Answering Service for Small Business-Conclusion

With the list above, we guarantee that the phone answering challenges your business may be facing will be brought down to the barest minimum.

As a small business, you need to free yourself some duties so as to have time for those thing that move the business needle.

So, use any among the five best answering services for small business mentioned above to grow your business today.

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