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Pig Farming Business Plan – 3 Years Financial Analysis

Day after day, pig farming is gaining more and more popularity. If you are a farmer and you are seeking a pig farming business plan, you just picked the right article.

pig farming business plan

There is so much to learn about the pig farm business and we will be looking into most of this in this post. Pig farm business is an amazing business idea, if you understand it, you would see reasons why you should invest.

Pig farming in Nigeria is a very profitable business as you can get returns quite fast. The success of the business depends on how you approach it. This is why you need a pig farming business plan doc.

Benefits of Invest in Pig Farming Business

In case you are wondering why you should invest in the pig farm business, we will discuss that in this section. Pigs happen to have one of the most prolific reproduction rates among animals. At a go, a pig can birth up to 15 offspring.

This is one of the major reasons why the sector attracts lots of investors. They also grow at a fast pace. You must have heard of pork, the meat from pigs. It is one of the most demanded types of meat today in Nigeria.

In a year, you can get as much as 200 piglets depending on the size of your farm. This number is the estimate for a small to a medium-sized farm. It could be a lot higher with bigger farms. When you consider how much each piglet will be sold, you know that you are in for a huge profit.

The mortality rate in pigs is very low compared to other livestock. This should have made you smile as now you know you wouldn’t be losing too many of your animals. Pigs are generally stronger and more rugged and do not require much care. One of the best things about them, especially those reared in a free-range system is that they can do without feed for days.

From the point above you must have guessed that pigs are cheaper to raise than many other classes of livestock. This is because they can eat just about anything including human food. Their feed is even cheaper than the feed of other animals.

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The risk of theft of your pigs is almost zero and the reason should be obvious. Most people do not want to come close to pigs not to talk of touching them. Apparently, the only comely thing about pigs is their meat.

A pig has a higher immune system than many other animals which is why their mortality rate is low. You only need to give routine vaccines that come up a few times a year. Do this and feed them with nutritious food and they will remain healthy.

Finally in this section, pigs bring you huge amounts of profit. Whether you want to kill them for meat or you want to sell them whole, you really cannot lose.

Ideal Content of Pig Farming Business Plan?

Our pig farming business plan contains several pieces of key information to ensure that you get investors. Here is a brief summary of its contents:

  1. Business model – Several factors affect the business model of pig farming in Nigeria. All these factors together form the basis of your business model. If the plan is written to get a loan or investment capital, then certain elements need to be highlighted. These will include:
  • Land for business location
  • Equipment to run the business
  • Management team
  • Marketing plan
  • Financials

Most of the time, pork is sold to butchers directly or at local meat shops. Some farms that have the equipment process the meat further to sell at supermarkets.

  1. Operations model – This aspect discusses how you should run the pig farm in terms of structure and manpower. With respect to manpower, you will be discussing:
  • The number of people needed
  • How much they will be paid
  • Management policies in relation to staffing
  • Roles to be filled

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We can help infuse all of this into a specialized pig farming business plan designed for your own farm.

  1. Financial projections – In this section, you have to go all out to be detailed. Anyone who wants to look at your business plan is seeking to know what the financials look like. You have to consider the income and expenditure as well as profit and risk analysis. In our plan, we consider how much it costs you to raise one pig to table size. We also consider overhead costs with the aim of providing information about the profitability of the business. Finally, based on these projections, we are able to decipher the breakeven point of your pig farming business.

Other pieces of information included in the pig farming business plan doc include:

  • Profitability analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Automated 3-year financial model in MS Excel format.

How Should Your Pig Farming Business Plan be Arranged?

Many people make the mistake of not arranging their business plans properly. This could be a reason why they haven’t gotten any funding all the while despite submitting to several places. Here is a basic arrangement of how your pig farming business plan pdf.

Table of contents

which shows your reader around the plan.

Executive summary

This summarizes the rest of your plan so that the reader has a vivid picture of what to expect. It is also known as the abstract of your business plan.

Company overview

this section presents information about your company. Some of the pieces of information here include a mission statement, vision statement, history, current status, objectives, etc.

Product description

here you tell the reader what you want to present to the market. You don’t need to go into too much detail so that you can keep the juice of your idea to yourself.

Market and industry analysis

in this section you discuss an overview of the market and the piggery industry. You have to be as detailed as possible in this section. Some of the information here include industry analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.

Marketing plan/strategy

This section shows the reader how you plan to penetrate the market with your products. You discuss the target market, pricing, sales strategy, distribution strategy, advertising strategy, etc.

Operations plan

here you talk about how the business should be run. In essence, you talk about your operations strategy and the scope of operations.


you answer the question of who leads your company in this section. To do this, you need to state the positions of leadership and the necessary qualifications. If you have people filling those positions, then you can state who they are and their responsibilities.


this covers all the assumptions and projections regarding your business finances.


This section contains all the pieces of information that are important but cannot be put into the plan.

How Much Does a Pig Farming Business Plan Cost?

You are probably wondering how much this pig farming business plan doc would cost considering its contents. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t cost so much. We understand the state of the economy and have decided to present it to you at an affordable rate.

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Pig farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today. We have shown you what the contents of a pig farming business plan should be and how much it costs. You can reach us for further discussions should you be interested in one.


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