Sample Private Security Company Business Plan Template

Sample Private Security Company Business Plan Template

Would you like to start up your private security company? If your answer is yes, then you are in need of a sample private security company business plan template.

Sample private security company business plan template

The rise in crime rate shows us that there is a need for beefed up security these days. As much as our security agencies are making efforts, there’s only so much they can do. It is obvious that there is a need for private security companies to augment their efforts.

Today in Nigeria, quite a number of private security companies are being established. To help you set up yours, we have written this post. When you are done reading, you will know to write a security services business plan.

Is the Private Security Company Business Profitable in Nigeria?

This is a very important question you need to answer before you write a private security company business plan. There are so many security threats in different parts of Nigeria. From Boko Haram and other terrorist groups to kidnappers, and armed robbers, people need protection.

A lot of people are afraid of being without efficient security personnel in their homes and offices. Of course, not everyone has access to getting military and paramilitary personnel. This implies that there is a huge demand for the services of private security companies.

Some of the major clients of these companies include banks, churches, mosques, educational institutions, corporate organizations, and even the government. Certain private individuals even hire the services of these companies to guard their homes and properties.

This makes it clear that if you invest in this business, you will be enjoying a lot of profit. Do you now see why you need to have a security services business plan pdf?

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Starting a Private Security Company in Nigeria

Many people have asked the question, what do I need to have in place to start a private security company in Nigeria? If you are going to start this sort of business, it is important you have the answer to this question. It will be important to writing your sample private security company business plan template.

In this section, we will take a look at the factors you need to have in place to start your private security company.

  1. This business requires a lot of technical ability which is why you must gain a lot of relevant knowledge. As such, you need to undergo security training courses and acquire the necessary certificates. Some of the things you will learn include gun handling, rescue and protection services, and self-defense, amongst others.
  2. Aside from the educational certificates, you need to acquire several other certificates. These include a certificate of business registration from the CAC, certificates from the Nigerian Police, and a few other paramilitary outfits.
  3. Office location. Administrative duties cannot be separated from the private security business. This is why you cannot do without a physical office. It is important that you get an office in a strategic location where you can handle administrative activities.
  4. Hiring staff. Based on your sample private security company business plan, you need to hire staff. You cannot run the security business without staff, therefore, you must hire people and ensure they are trained. Before hiring any individual, it is important that you perform background checks on them. Along with hiring individuals, you need to provide uniforms for these individuals.
  5. Insurance coverage. It is important that you get adequate coverage by an insurance company. This protection is needed in the case of loses that may require compensation.
  6. Marketing your company. After all of the above, you need to put your company in the position to get contracts. This means you need to bid for contracts and carry out marketing campaigns to put your company in the public eye.

Tools Needed For a Private Security Company

Before you can begin a private security company, there are certain tools you should have. In this section, we will give you a list of tools you should have:

  1. A means of transportation for your company staff. These include patrol vans, trucks, cars, and motorcycles).
  2. Bullet-proof vests.
  3. Guns
  4. Bullets
  5. Information technology gadgets including computers and walkie talkies.
  6. Tear gas
  7. Other security items like whistles, hand gloves, batons, etc.

Contents of  Sample Private Security Company Business Plan Template

To make it easy to get your business plan, we have put together a sample private security company business plan template. You can order this template and adjust the information to suit your own business. On the other hand, you can have us customize a plan on your behalf.

These are the contents of the security company business plan pdf.

Table of contents

This is the map through which anyone who picks your plan can navigate. It contains a list of the different chapters and the pages on which they can be found. Having a table of contents shows that you are organized which is a good sign to an investor.

Executive summary

Many people regard this section as the abstract of your business plan. If you have written an academic project before, you would know that an abstract simply means a summary. To write this section, you need to gather the juices of your business plan. This means it is the last part of the plan to be written, even though it comes just after the table of contents in the arrangement.

Company overview

When you invite a person to invest in your business, they want to know you. If they have information about who you are, then it makes it easier to invest. In this section, you provide key pieces of information about your company. Some of this information include company name, mission and vision statements, history, location, current status, etc.

Service description

The private security business is a service-based business and so you need to explain what services you will be providing. Of course, you are not expected to explain in full terms what your trade secrets are. However, you are expected to discuss what you are presenting to the market.

Market and industry analysis

How much do you know about the security industry in Nigeria? You provide the answer to this question in this part of your business plan. The reader expects you to be very explanatory in this section. Therefore, you need to provide the following information, market analysis, industry analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, etc.

Marketing strategy

You need to discuss how you plan to introduce your business to the market. This section of the plan must be detailed considering the fact that this business is very sensitive.


Operations basically discuss how you will be running the daily activities of your business. Therefore you will be providing information such as operations strategy, cost of operations, and scope of operations.


Who will be managing the business and holding leadership positions? You will be answering this question by discussing the different management positions and the required qualifications.


The financial section is seen by many as the most important part of your sample private security company business plan. It requires a lot of detail so you have to provide your income and expenditure statements, profitability indices, breakeven analysis, etc.


This is where you put together all the graphs and calculations you could not infuse into your business plan.

How Much Does This Business Plan Cost?

Usually, a sample private security company business plan should cost a lot. However, we have made it be very affordable.

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Now you know what your sample private security company business plan template contains. You also know how much it costs. Reach us for yours while the offer lasts.

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