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Scholarships in Nigeria – Dates And How to Apply

Are you searching for post graduate scholarships in Nigeria? Or are you searching for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria 2018? Or are you searching for scholarships in Nigeria to study abroad?

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Anyway, whichever scholarship in Nigeria you are searching for, this article will guide you on how and where to go for it. Before then, let’s look deep into term scholarship.

So many students have heard the term scholarship used and have even used it severally without knowing what it means exactly. The truth is it will be difficult to even apply for a scholarship if you do not have an idea of what it truly means.

A scholarship is a payment or grant provided to a student to support education costs. This award is usually based on criteria; the most popular of such criteria is educational performance. There are two types of scholarships, merit based scholarship and need based scholarship. Now that you have gained this information let us take a look at scholarships in Nigeria 2018.

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I bet most students had no idea that different scholarships are available to Nigerian  students on a yearly basis and this has existed for as long as I can remember. These scholarships are for brilliant students with great  to have chance for bright future despite their financial status.

There are different bodies in Nigeria that awards scholarships in Nigeria, such as the Federal government, State government, foreign governments and Private companies.

If you’ve an idea of when and how to apply, you can become a beneficiary and enjoy funding for your studies. There are undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria, postgraduate scholarships, and even scholarships for secondary school students.

We shall take a look at a few of these scholarships and their regular deadlines in the next few paragraphs.

Federal Government Scholarships

On a yearly basis the application portal for this scholarship is opened to students of Tertiary institutions within the country. The scholarship is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all courses offered in Nigerian universities. The  Honorable Minister of Education receives the application and reviews them after necessary assessments. The deadline varies yearly but you can get necessary information on this website,

Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship Awards

This is scholarship in Nigeria to sturdy abroad. Only undergraduate and post graduate students of all level benefits from it. In case you are seeking for help to study outside the country, this might be what you have been looking for.

Federal Scholarship Board offers this scholarship, which is under the Federal Ministry of Education. Applications are welcome before the usual interview period which commences around 8th of March yearly. You could use this award to study in any of these countries, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Serbia, Cuba, China, Macedonia, Russia, etc.

PTDF Scholarships

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund scholarship is only open for studies in Nigeria, France and the United Kingdom. The PTDF is one of the parastatals under the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

The parastatals invite applications for this scholarship from eligible students from all over the country yearly. The postgraduate scholarships are awarded to students of universities in France and the UK as well as upgraded universities within the country.

The undergraduate scholarships are awarded to students studying within the country only. Previous deadlines have been 31st of October so you can apply before this date to better your chances of enjoying the benefits of this award.

State Government Scholarships

  1. Lagos State Scholarship awards. The government of Lagos State offers scholarships to both indigenes and residents for studies within the country and abroad. They are awarded as follows:
    1. Local scholarships. These are for students that hail from the state who study in any of the institutions in the country on a full-time basis. The only exceptions to the scholarship criteria are given based on the directive of the State governor.
    2. Foreign scholarships. These are awarded to Lagos State indigenes that have been given provisional admission to study outside the country. The students can be undergraduate or postgraduate as long as the program is on a full-time basis.

The previous deadlines were on the 13th of November and interested applicants can purchase scratch cards from accredited outlets and apply at

  1. Several other states within the country offer scholarships to their indigenes based different selection criteria. You can visit your State of Origin’s official website to find out details.

Private Company Scholarships

These are scholarships awarded by different private companies within the country. They can be grouped into Oil company scholarships and Non-oil company scholarships.

Oil company scholarships

Total Nigeria National Merit Scholarship Program

The Exploration and Production Company in conjunction with the French Embassy offers scholarships to Nigerian students based on merit. The scholarships goes for deserving students at secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. it is a yearly program and the previous deadlines were 13th February.

Agbami Scholarships Program

Only students in their first and second years in the university benefits from it on a yearly basis.  Star Deep Water Petroleum company provides the scholarship. This is to support the health and engineering sectors of the country’s economy. Previous deadlines were 9th of June.

Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships

The company offers scholarships to Nigerian students in their first year of study. Students have to be studying any of these courses to be eligible for the National Merit Award, Geosciences, Engineering, and Geology.

To qualify for the Host community award however the student must be an indigene of the oil producing states of the country. 9th of March is the usual deadline.

Mobil Nigeria Scholarships For Nigerian Students

This scholarship award is open to all Nigerian students at undergraduate level in all states of the federation and the FCT. Deadline is December 1st.

Shell Scholarships For Nigerian Students

This scholarship is open to Nigerian undergraduate students to handle their tuition fees for the rest of their academic program. It aims at promoting academic excellence and increasing the quality of graduates in the country. Deadline is September 18th.

Non-Oil Company Scholarships

MTN Foundation Scholarships

This is scholarship by the MTN Foundation to Nigerian undergraduates in different fields of study. Students can always reapply as long as they maintain a grade point of 3.5 and above Deadline is September 6th.

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is for students of African descent with the aim of improving skills of young leaders. The scholarship offers students to study at both Covenant and Landmark universities without cost. Deadline is March 31st.

Other Scholarships Include:

  1. Nigeria LNG Scholarship Scheme
  2. Addax/NNPC National Tertiary Institutions Merit Scholarship Program
  3. NWAG Nigeria Scholarships for Female Nigerians
  4. MUSTE Scholarships
  5. Merry Hearts Scholarship for pre-university students
  6. Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund

Scholarship in Nigeria – Conclusion

I’ll conclude this article on scholarships in Nigeria by sounding a warning to all those seeking for scholarship in Nigeria today. Never pay money to anybody in a bid to secure scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. Once you meet the academic criteria and apply for it you’re sure of getting it. The list of scholarship in Nigeria above is not all the scholarship platforms you can apply for. But they are the basic and easy to access scholarships here in Nigeria

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