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Social Media Manager Responsibilities
Social Media Manager Responsibilities

Social Media Manager Responsibilities you need to know

A social media manager is an individual that leads their organization’s social media strategy. They aim to boost visibility as well as client and customer engagement. What are a social media manager’s responsibilities?

A social media manager is an individual that leads their organization’s social media strategy. They aim to boost visibility as well as client and customer engagement. What are a social media manager’s responsibilities?

While they have so many responsibilities, everything they do focuses on managing their organization’s presence online. They achieve their goals by producing great content, developing efficient strategies, and analyzing usage data. Other things they do include managing social media campaigns and facilitating customer service.

Some organizations consider social media management as a distinct role. In smaller organizations, this position is combined with other communication and marketing responsibilities. This post will focus on the responsibilities, skills, education, expected salary, and experience requirements.

Social Media Manager Responsibilities

One question that has made the rounds since the rise of social media is, “what are a social media manager’s responsibilities?” Truth be told, this job seeks to increase the awareness of a company via social media platforms. However, the responsibilities of a social media manager can be broken down further. Below are some of the most popular responsibilities of social media managers:

  • Build and maintain an organization’s brand with the help of social media marketing tools.
  • Using the organization’s social media platforms as a means of communication and interaction with stakeholders and customers.
  • Developing social media campaigns on behalf of their organization in conjunction with other marketing professionals.
  • Setting up key performance indicators for each social media campaign. These KPIs may include the number of likes, shares, or follows within a specific period.
  • Researching the latest social media trends, analyzing them, and educating organizational management of changes to be made to marketing activities.
  • Frequent analysis of their organization’s social media strategy and digital marketing plan. Doing this helps them figure out strategic weaknesses so that they can provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Analysis of competitor activity and how to make improvements to attract more social engagements than the competitor.
  • Create and manage social media budget for their organization.
  • Encouragement of collaboration across departments and teams.
  • Liaise with clients over email, conference calls, and physical meetings.

Social Media Manager Required Skills and Qualifications

Who can apply for the role of a social media manager? For you to be considered for this role, you must possess the following skills:

Use of social media

The individual must be proficient with the use of social media. They must understand how to build and maintain a brand via different social media platforms. A social media manager must understand the algorithms of different platforms, post regularly, and follow up on social media conversations.


One of the most important skills that a social media manager must possess is “creativity.” They must understand customer trends and be able to create content to align with market changes for different audiences.


A social media manager must possess very strong written and verbal communication skills. They must have the ability to interact with designers, writers, and developers. Also, they must be able to relate with senior management personnel and customers. They must have the ability to understand different market needs and share relevant content that aligns with the social media strategy of the brand they represent.

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This includes the ability to research social media trends, competitor behavior, and the latest social media tools. A social media manager should understand the newest social media techniques and how to use them to the company’s advantage.


Every social media manager must possess strong computer skills. They should identify and understand how to employ social media tools and other pieces of digital marketing technology. All of these are necessary to satisfy the goals of their organization’s media campaigns.

Time management

Organization is one of the top skills required of a social media manager. They must understand how to organize tasks so that they can meet deadlines. This job is mostly time-bound and they need to work with schedules to meet business and marketing goals.

When it comes to qualifications, there aren’t any specific qualifications for a social media manager. While many companies require degrees, they do not specify the discipline. However, research has shown that it is helpful to possess degrees in the following disciplines to be considered for social media management roles:

  • Public relations.
  • Media and communications
  • Marketing (particularly digital marketing)
  • Journalism
  • Business management
  • Advertising

Most employers look beyond these degrees to look at existing knowledge, experience, and personal qualities. We suggest that if you want to go the educational route, you can pick up postgraduate qualification in any of the areas below:

  • Social media and interactive technologies
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Business intelligence and social media

Social Media Manager Expected Salary

It is impossible to discuss a job without getting to the “salary” aspect. How much should you expect to earn as a social media manager?

On average, a junior or assistant social media manager should expect to earn between $23,000 and $27,000 annually. More experienced individuals may expect between $37,000 and $50,000 annually. You can earn a lot more with more experience in this field.

Freelancers earn varying amounts for social media management. The rates fall between $20 and $40 per hour. Several factors may affect these rates including the sector, location, experience, success, and the organization.

Social Media Manager Responsibilities – Conclusion

In today world, social media has become part of us. Therefore, learning the skills of and applying it is a good way of making a living.

Social media manager responsibilities listed above are what makes the difference at any given time in today’s business.

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