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Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles
Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Have you or any of your loved ones been hit or injured by a truck in Los Angeles? If your answer is yes, it is difficult to let go of the hurt because trucks are large and dangerous. This brings us to the question, “why do you need truck accident lawyers Los Angeles?”

Have you or any of your loved ones been hit or injured by a truck in Los Angeles? If your answer is yes, it is difficult to let go of the hurt because trucks are large and dangerous. This brings us to the question, “why do you need truck accident lawyers Los Angeles?”

The thing with truck accidents is that the pain is almost always unbearable. With a truck accident lawyer on your side, identifying the liable parties is easier.

They also help you gather evidence, negotiate with your insurance company, and speak to witnesses. Your truck accident attorney will even help you take the case to trial when the need arises. With their help, you can focus on your recovery or that of your loved one.

Reasons Why You Need Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire truck accidents Los Angeles:

Saying the right things

When you are in an accident that involves costly damages, insurance companies will try reaching you several times. The reason is that they need to gather as many details as possible. Picking multiple calls is pretty stressful and may lead you to say the wrong things. One wrong fact could make the insurance adjusters consider the accident as your fault.

Some of the best adjusters out there will ask questions purposely to push you to say the wrong things without your knowledge. They tend to play on your inexperience, trauma, and financial situation.

Once you hire a truck accident lawyer, you don’t have to speak to any of these adjusters. All you need to do is refer anyone that calls to speak to your lawyer. This way, you have rest of mind before the case is resolved.

Insufficient compensation from the insurance company

Have you heard the phrase “do not sign” in relation to personal injury law before now? This phrase is a cliché that is common in the industry. You may have even heard it in TV commercials without knowing what it means. Let’s explain.

Insurance companies speak to drivers, witnesses, the police, and other parties to gather as much information as they can after an accident. They aim to find who is at fault as well as how much they should be compensating the other party. After doing this, they send you a letter offering a compensation amount based on their assumptions.

If you have no experience, you may consider this as a good thing and rush to sign. However, signing this offer means that you lose the right to take the case to court.

Sometimes, this initial offer may come across as a lot until you speak to a truck accident lawyer. Certain injuries don’t manifest immediately so it is difficult to determine the compensation amount immediately afterward. You need to wait a while to figure out the extent of injury and damage before settling your claim.

Trucking companies and their trucks are bigger

You cannot compare the size of a truck to your car. It could be as much as 18 to 20 times larger. Because of the size, there is always a higher chance of serious injury to the car owner involved in a truck accident. The truck may not even have a dent and the driver will like come out unscathed.

You likely want to rush to sue the trucking company after an accident with one of their trucks. However, you must understand that they are bigger and have more experience than you. As such, if you have to sue, we suggest that you work with one of the experienced truck accident lawyers Los Angeles. These individuals are more knowledgeable and know the right steps to take.

Of course, trucking companies possess sufficient funds to compensate you to fix damages and help you recuperate. They also have huge budgets to handle legal representation so that they won’t need to pay compensation. As such, you are already an underdog if you don’t have professional representation.

Recovery of non-economic damages

As mentioned above, insurance companies may offer huge amounts to cater to your medical needs after an accident. Again, we maintain that you shouldn’t sign without having a truck accident lawyer evaluate the situation. The reason is that your losses may be far more than just injuries regardless of how much you spend on medical bills.

Filing a lawsuit gives you the opportunity of recovering damages to your income during the period you were away from work due to injuries and trauma.

You might even get compensation for future losses if you are still unable to work at the time of case settlement. If you were left with a permanent disability, then the compensation will help you get training for a different career and support your family.

All of the damages above are economic but you can get more. You can enjoy compensation for non-economic damages such as emotional distress, loss of companionship (should someone die in the accident), and suffering. Truth be told, there is no cap to the amount you can get on non-economic damages in most regions.

Further digging

You should be able to request compensation for negligence leading to the accident that caused the injury. To get this compensation, you must show how the other party was negligent and how it led to unsafe conditions. A typical example is when the trucking company did not train its driver sufficiently.

While the truck company is regarded as the main defendant, the manufacturer may also be liable if the accident results from a manufacturing defect.

Also, if the truck was overloaded or loaded unevenly, then the loading company may be liable. If the accident was a result of bad roads, then the city would be liable. Without help from your attorney, it will impossible to dig further to find out all the other possible liable parties.

Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles-Conclusion

There you have it for why you need truck accident lawyers Los Angeles. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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