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Website Design Costs for Small Business
Website Design Costs for Small Business

Website Design Costs for Small Business

Website design costs for small business?

Website design costs for small business?

Every business needs to invest in a website regardless of whether they operate offline or online or both. It is your number one way to create an online brand presence. This brings us to the question, “what is the cost of designing a website for a small business?”

Website design costs for small businesses are relative. On average, you can spend between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on your website goals and features. A website with more features and complexities will always cost more. Without further ado, let’s discuss website design costs for small business.

Average Website Design Costs for Small Business

One common question among small business owners is “what’s the average cost to design a website for small businesses?” As mentioned above, the cost falls between $2,000 and $10,000.

This price includes purchasing a hosting plan and your domain name. It also covers the cost of building and designing the website. The amount you pay depends on its features, complexity, and size.

Factors Contributing to Website Design Costs for small Business

So far, we have explained the average website design cost for your small business. However, this cost is a culmination of several costs. What makes up this number? Several factors contribute to the design costs and we will discuss them in this section.

Domain name

If your website were a physical store, the domain name will be the “street address.” Apple, for example, has its online store at “” A domain name costs between $0.95 and $12 per name.

You can purchase domain names from an array of companies including Dreamhost, HostGator, and GoDaddy. In some cases, the name isn’t available for sale. When this occurs, you must choose an alternative name. Note that you can offer to purchase the name from its current owner but it is a costlier option.

Website hosting

If your website was a physical store, web hosting will be your “power company.” The only way to switch on your store’s lights online is through web hosting. It is web hosting that makes your website available online.

This aspect of the web design process costs between $24 and $24,000 every year. Of course, smaller businesses should go for lower costs. Many small websites often use shared hosting that costs between $24 and $120 every year. This type of hosting allows you to share a server with other websites. The good news is that you can always upgrade when the need arises.

SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It is a certificate that protects both your website and data from visitors.

This certificate is optional but essential for businesses. It boosts trust in your website and motivates users to purchase products and fill out contact forms.

SSL certificates provide protection from hackers as well. Receiving the certificate for free is possible based on several conditions. One such condition is if the web hosting service you choose adds it to your subscription. Note that this certificate can cost about $1,500 annually depending on your website.

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Design is one of the factors that varies a lot in website design costs for small businesses. The costs may range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on your requirements and the designer.

Usually, you’ll need several templates for certain pages such as:

  • Contact page
  • Service or the product page
  • Homepage

Always ask about design costs when meeting with web designers or design agencies. Ask to see samples of their different services. Doing this helps you to figure out a realistic budget.

Number of pages

Websites vary in size. Basic company websites may have fewer than 10 pages while e-commerce websites can have more than 100.

A lot of work goes into building each page depending on whether you want a basic or high-end design. Most web design agencies often categorize prices in tiers. Ask questions in this regard so that you can plan your budget.

Who Designs Your Small Business Website

One of the main factors that determine website design costs is the designer. Who will design your website? There are two options. We will show you both options along with their pros and cons.

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A professional

This option comes in handy if tech isn’t your thing or you are super busy with business operations. You can find design agencies online or freelance designers on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

A professional may offer several financing options to make payment easier for small businesses. You can take advantage of such options if you can’t pay at once. Another thing you must be wary about is that very cheap prices may be enticing but dangerous. You don’t want to give your job to a designer that offers substandard services.


  • Saves you from spending extended periods learning the ropes of building a website.
  • You get the best services.
  • A professional recommends the latest ideas to avoid pitfalls you wouldn’t recognize as a novice.


  • Costlier option.
  • Overdependence on the design after the job is done.


DIY stands for “Do it yourself.” This option suits you if you have some knowledge about web design or you have time to learn. The good news with this method is that you don’t have to spend so much money. While you don’t spend so much in cash, you’ll be spending a lot of time. Below are the pros and cons of this method.


  • Saves you money.
  • Several website builders are available to make your job easier.
  • No lag time.


  • Amateurish website design if you aren’t versed in the latest trends.
  • Incredibly time-consuming.

Website Design Costs for Small Business-Conclusion

That’s it for website costs for small business. We suggest that you hire a professional if you can afford it. There’s no point in spending so much in cash and time and not getting the best results. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section.

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